This Queen album cover depicts exactly what I have been telling you. We are in the clutches of Grey Aliens. They are controlled by Bea, aka Psyche, Nokia, Teri, Jean, Taylor Swift, Samantha Bee, Corinne (the Bachelor), Mrs. Pozner of Sandy Hook, Ivanka Trump, Jeffrey Dahmer; and her husband Kodiak, aka Gene, Bill, Robert, Neil, Charles Manson, Ariel Castro, OJ Simpson, Jim Jones of Jonestown, also Donald Trump,Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Anderson Cooper (human persona shared with Bee), George Bush Jr., AlienHunter007, David Miscavige, L.Ron Hubbard, and more. Together they also were Ti & Do, aka Bo & Peep of Heaven’s Gate, Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele. Bands Rush and YES, the Rolling Stones, and Taylor Swift.

Understand this. George Bush Jr is Saddam Hussein. Same guy. These “wars” are generated by the Satanic Grey Illuminati for their amusement, as part of a game of Risk played with live human game pieces, called the Illuminati Card Game.


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