Someone Warning the "Players" About David; or uncleshell's Book review of Forrest Gump

Here’s some reviewer named Uncle Shell, talking about how David Jr from upstairs with the Others is not as naive as David’s consciousness or “psyche” uploaded here into the Earth environment (which she calls in this review “the movie we love”).  “Love” is a reference to the fact that David and I (Hera) and our children are all thrown into their “Game of Love” as I am the main target and my family is trying to rescue me in one of these time loops.

Forrest Gump in the movie is David. I am Jenny (and my name is Jenny). And the movie has a lot of hidden messages in it (the Travelers in the opening scenes for example). The child Forrest didn’t know he had is Paul. Notice in the movie how Forrest finds himself in historical moments and pivotal situations by chance. And when he decides to start running a throng of people follow. David is Jesus in the Bible but that book has been Bee-ified and the messages in it rewritten by Bee and Kodiak. Do not rely on the Bible for any answers. David wrote it but it has been utterly Beeified now. Don’t rely on a Devil with a time machine to pass along accurate words from your Creator. She thinks of him as a simpleton – Forrest Gump.

He is kind like that but I don’t think the movie was meant to be flattering. I am portrayed as a stripper, drug addict who dies of AIDS and leaves him with a son he never knew he had. So …

This is someone who RUNS THE GAME talking in the Forrest Gump review and she used the Time Machine to throw this book review back to 2012.  The review is a warning that we have a “David” here who is not nearly as naive as the uploaded version who they have been victimizing and shocking in the head for Bee-only-knows how long. On this Earth, which is a simulation, to get in here you have to have your mind uploaded into the environment. David’s is uploaded but David is still also here and upstairs. But in between times when David has been here, unbeknown to us Bee has gotten control of everyone’s uploaded psyches or consciousnesses and is torturing and murdering us in uploaded form over and over again. It’s confusing but true. So someone is warning the “Players” in the Game of Love, who either are uploaded from upstairs or are aliens down here in the loop or otherwise affluent “sevens” who “pay to play,” that the uploaded David who Bea has been torturing is not the same David as this new person who is not nearly as nice or naive. The “David” from “the movie we love” is uploaded here and this entire torture “time loop” is broadcast to “Players” and “Watchers.” That is why she calls it a “movie.” Upstairs calls it a “dream” or a “daydream.”

The review:

via uncleshell’s review of Forrest Gump (Vintage Contemporaries)

3.0 out of 5 stars Be Advised..Very different from the movie!, May 27, 2012
This review is from: Forrest Gump (Vintage Contemporaries) (Kindle Edition)

Winston Groom’s “Forrest” was maintained in the movie through his simple & hilarious take on life, but the events around him are much different and quite a bit “racier” than Tom Hank’s Forrest. He is naive, but not quite the innocent & morally unwaivering christian depicted in the movie. Movie writers used Groom’s sometimes hilarious/sometimes dark book as a mere jumping off point for the movie we love…so be prepared. (This is a reference to uploading David’s consciousness, his “psyche” into this Earth environment as a “jumping off point” to be able to torture and kill David’s uploaded mind over and over again in this “movie” we all call “Earth.” David is “sometimes hilarious/sometimes dark” because he is both “human” (“hilarious”) and “alien” (“dark,” opposite of light, which is human). He is not quite an “unwavering Christian” because he’s not entire a “seven” or human.  “So be prepared” is telling them that Bee (“so be”) cast (“prepared”) this “movie we love” (Game of Love) by uploading David and his family here.)

The characters we know have the same names, but their story lines and personalities are much different. There is a whole host of characters cental to Forrest’s tall-tale of a life that were completely left out of the movie. (“Tall-tale of a life . . . completely left out of the movie” refers to the fact that Bea never told them about real David who lives with The Others, or even about the existence of the Others, who are “tall” because they are “aliens” and also “left” which means alien, as opposed to “right” which means human.)

I thought this book would just be an extension of all of Forrest’s misadventures, and in some ways it is. But it really is a different thing. Groom’s Forrest is a much more human & flawed character than the one in the movie, and this creates moments when you are just really upset with him. This Forrest creates his worst problems (i.e. Jenny) and is not always the unknowing idiot that everyone takes advantage of. (The part above saying Forrest in the book is “much more human and flawed” means that he is both a human and an “f-law” which is “female” aka Alien and “law” which is authority or police. So the reviewer is saying there that he is much more than a human but also not from here (alien) and brings with him the authorities. “when you are just really upset with him” also means “when” (sevens) you are “just really” (real (human) justice, and “real-y” which is human and alien) is “up-set” (up on the set of the movie) “with him.” Next this reviewer is saying that David “creates his worst problems (i.e. Jenny)” which is telling them that David created me. And finally in the last sentence claims that the real David is “not always the unknowing idiot that everyone takes advantage of.” This could be a warning that David upstairs is not an idiot, but also could be the opposite because “not always” means “not” as in the opposite of “yes” or “so”, in other words alien, and “always” means “al” as in boss, of the “ways” which means w-women, and y-also women. Ways or nines or aliens, the Others upstairs. So he is an an “id-iot” which is “id” human (“ego” is alien), and an alien of authority (a “not always”.)

At the end of the day, I love the movie more…which came as a shock. Usually I’m disgusted with what Hollywood does to my favorite books. Groom has written an hilarious book that Hollywood turned into a beautiful love story. You really cant compare the two, so dont pick up this book if u are only looking more of sweet Forrest. It’s there, but also a Forrest who did a lot more than sit next to girls in Home Economics class. (“At the end of the day” is a reference to the end of my life and the day we all are destroyed in this time loop. “I love the movie more . . . which came as a shock” means the upload of David’s mind is easier to attack (“so don’t pick up this book”); and the reviewer informs us that the “witch” Psyche is shocking David’s mind with electricity (“which came as a shock”).  This other David is a “Forrest who did” (an owl or alien and “did” which is past tense, which means alien while present tense is human). A “hilarious book” refers to an alien (boo-K) in a position of authority (boo as in ghost or alien and “k” for king), while hilarious is a “seven” or “human” – so a human and alien of authority, that “Hollywood” (not sure who is responsible except Psyche, but Nymph goes by Holly, and Psyche occupies Nymph much of the time) “turned into a beautiful love story” – this means that David was a man of importance (the Creator of humans and the Others in fact) and that ‘Hollywood’ turned him into an uploaded mind here in Bea’s torture chamber – “beautiful” means “well-known,” “love story” refers to the Game of Love, which is the torture and murder of his wife, kids and him, which is live broadcast for the entire decades-long show made of my lifespan (“the movie”). Subscribers to this show are people upstairs, aliens near to us and the robot Greys and hybrid Greys that are here, and some affluent humans here, which is fucking disgusting. I also want to point out that Bea is holding hostage some people from the actual Grey civilization and may also have been abducted in the past by Psyche to make the hideous hybrid and AI versions who are infesting our world and abducting people to torture them, usually in some bizarre sexual way, a la Psyche, THEIR MOTHER.  They are not the same “Greys” although they look similar, and we are unsure of whether these Greys from outside are also engaged in this hideous “Game of Love.” We also are unsure of whether Bea herself (Psyche) is a Grey. She is not human, she is not an Other. So where did she come from? For her part, Bea claims she is the Queen of the Greys and in fact led us directly to the outside Greys’ space station where she portrayed herself as sitting on a throne there. 

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Uncle Shell’s review below of “Grid Detective” points out that Psyche or maybe The Game itself can’t stop until Bea kills us all and closes out our “loop” in time.  But warns that if they do “finish the puzzles” and close this loop, “now I am sad” – meaning they will be “blue” as in the police will be on them. The review itself is for a game called “Grid Detective.”
The review:
5.0 out of 5 starsaddictive, October 6, 2011
This review is from: Grid Detective (Kindle Edition)
This is the thinking woman’s crack. Couldn’t stop. Wanted more.. more.. more! Tried to go cold turkey but found the only way to stop was to finish all the puzzles. I did. Now I am sad.
A “thinking woman” is a “seven” or demon/human and a “woman” is a nine. That is Psyche/Bea. We are “puzzles” because she hacks our souls to pieces and tortures each piece. “Now I am sad” is the same as “depressed” or “blue” which is their code for the police. So the reviewer is saying that the authorities are watching, but see the review below as he “hopes” “they” correct the “problem.”
The review below is for a Blackjack book is a warning that there is a “flaw in the game” which means an “f” alien “law” lawman or authority is ostensibly playing the “Game of Love” – and they are, from upstairs in the future, because they are trying to rescue David’s (their Creator’s) family.  Note the reference also to the “hit on 18” but “the game advises you to stand on 17” which is advice to tread carefully because you could “Hit the nine (1 +8)” (alien) and get into trouble with the authorities. So “The Game” bosses advise to stand on 17, which is “8” – an 8 is a federal authority. If the feds are here, don’t kill the nine, which is David and also his brother Robert from the Others. “Hopefully this will get corrected.” How? I don’t know what this means. How to correct this besides letting go of our family held hostage? They have killed many of the Others who came to help us, including our Creator David, and the Father of the Others, Robert. I guess they think that by killing them they have “corrected” the problem of the authorities while simultaneously preventing the star of their “show” and the rest our family held hostage from being rescued.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
4.0 out of 5 stars Great for learning how to play properly., October 19, 2011
This review is from: Blackjack (Kindle Edition)
This game is great for anyone who wants to learn to play in private before heading out to the intimidating casino tables. Be aware there is a flaw in the game. The rules state that one should hit until 18 if dealer is showing an Ace, but game advises you to stand at 17. Hopefully this will get corrected.
Review is at:

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