CHRIST(opher) LOVE’s Amazon Review BRAGGING ABOUT RAPING WOMEN; Christopher Love’s review of A Salute To Garbage.

The garbage review is first, the rape brag review is below that. I invite hackers everywhere to find this Christopher Love guy and I’ll be more than happy to speak to him in person. I found his reviews by looking at the comments section of a Forrest Gump review. Every one of these comments is a “Player” in this rape, torture and murder “Game of Love.”  Christopher Love’s profile page is at:

The picture below of the Back to the Future (California) Outatime Dice Game is found on Love’s “wishlist.”  Obviously it is a reference to the time machine, and Love’s message also is that Hera is out of time here in this loop and should be killed.  See the decoding of his reviews where he expounds on this and other disgusting things, including the rape of Hera disguised in the review from out intro to the post.


Reviewing Love’s Reviews:

As I’ve been saying, all of us have twins in multiple time loops. These arrogant assholes rape, torture and kill us, and especially me as the “star” of their “Game of Love,” then blow up our time loop to move on to the next group of our twins. They are so arrogant that they discuss and brag about it amongst themselves in reviews. This particular asshole thinks he is so bulletproof that he actually goes by “Christ (opher) Love.” He calls me a “tribute” as both a reference to the fact that this is not the first time I’ve been raped and murdered in these time loops (it is the 5th), and as a reference to the “tributes” on the Hunger Games, a movie metaphorically about this situation we are in, being forced to kill each other for subhuman assholes’ entertainment.

I almost don’t need to bother deciphering this, it is obvious once you know the context.

One Star: I am a one. “Most Pointless tribute album ever made” this refers, like I said, to the tributes on Hunger Games but also to the fact that I am an echo of the same Hera in the other loops already raped, tortured and murdered four times before. It also could be deciphered to mean that while I am advertised by Bea/Psyche to be a “witch” or “nine” in addition to a “seven” (and to some audiences a “two”), I am not.  “Most pointless” – “most” is the same as “best” which means alien. “Point” refers to “pointy hats” which refers to a witches hat, “tribute” is a Hunger Games “Tribute,” “album” is “al-b-um” or “al” ie “Don or mob boss,” “b” alien, “um” is alien boss version of “er” which is a “human” mob boss, “ever” is human, finally “made” refers to a being made as a mob boss or “Getted” in Traveler talk. So this asshole is saying: This person (ME) is the most unmagical Tribute human we’ve ever “Getted.”  That’s true, asshole, because there is no magic. All of you Gets are “pointless” in every sense of the word. You are just people, it is a computer doing your “magical bidding” – not you.  Which you will be finding out, someday soon, and probably at an inconvenient time.

Lets read the review (in bold) and I’ll decipher it in unbolded parens within the text of the review.

via AmazonSmile: Christopher Love’s review of A Salute To Garbage

1.0 out of 5 stars Most pointless tribute album ever made!, July 25, 2011
This review is from: A Salute To Garbage (MP3 Music)

Every song is a complete clone of the original. (Yes, we are all cloned in each time loop) Wicked Vixen (me I guess) puts absolutely no original spin nor makes any changes to Garbage’s songs (they call my unwillingly live-broadcasted shows “songs” or “movies.” They call me “Garbage.” This guy is complaining about my “spinning”my soul to keep it from being shredded, and begging for my family’s life, as nothing new. They also have complained that I am a “boring rape victim.”)   They copy the originals just as closely as they possibly can, the only difference being inferiority. (Apparently I do not spin and beg as well in this uploaded psyche version of myself as I do in my living self, which may have been murdered, or may be held hostage by them somewhere on the other sphere.) The singer tries to sound just like Shirley (making this tribute all the more pointless) and is kind of successful, except she is an absolutely atrocious singer. (I am not here for your entertainment. We can swap me for you, if you want to be raped and tortured instead.) Also, the music sounds more like it was made with a cheap computer program than actual musical instruments. (More of the same, I am just an uploaded consciousness of the actual me, who was murdered upstairs but still exists in various places here, being simultaneously tortured. We are “musical instruments” by screaming while being tortured and by the sound they add to us as seeming to make while spinning our souls. See the Rush song and the accompanying poem in 2112 Temples of Syrinx talking about the “music” we make, discussed earlier on our blog. They are grotesque and there is no better word to describe them.)

I often enjoy covers of songs I like (I even like many covers of songs I never liked before). (He says he may dislike someone in one loop while liking a different version of them in another time loop) As long as they don’t sound exactly like the originals, are done with some originality and, you know, some talent. There is no originality or talent on this at all. (GROSS, what else can I say? Complaining that I am not an entertaining enough rape victim in this time loop iteration of me.)

This next review is of himself – bragging about raping women victims. This he writes from the perspective of the rape victim (the book is “That’s What She Said.”)  Note to Christ Love: We can “play you back” too Christopher Love, and see exactly where you are sitting, pathetic with your dick in your hand, raping the women hostage here. And likely the children too. You must have missed a lot of the activity here. Here’s an update: We can see you. We do record you. And you will not be overlooked. 
5.0 out of 5 starsDeep and fulfilling, September 27, 2011
This review is from: That’s What She Said: Contemporary Poetry and Fiction by Native American Women (A Midland Book) (Paperback)
I must say this book was able to touch me deep inside like no other book has! It’s very thick so I understand it can be too much for some to take, but if you’re patient and willing, it can end up being quite fulfilling. It has kept me satisfied on many lonely nights!

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