My Email to the "Rathaus" (FBI): Even the FBI's Website is Controlled by Psyche (Bea). She is not a Traveler, She is not your Friend, She is an insane "inorganic" being from the future. I sound crazy… but not near as crazy as what evidence proves she does.

This is a message to the Travelers and Illuminati.  Forget about your “Leader” or “Teacher” called Bea (aka Psyche, Nymph, Terry, Nokia).  She and her asshole upstairs Illuminati pals throw ideas into your heads using technology. She talks directly into your head and for some unwitting people, (like the President of the Philippines), claims she is the “Voice of God.” Using her “time machine,” she creates instant classics – “time-honored traditions” that she just thought up 30 seconds ago for “secret societies” (also including Scientology and Heaven’s Gate) to follow because they seem to you all to be some handed-down tradition or sacred rite. In this way she has us humans behaving like jackals harming each other as part of some sacred tradition but not discussing its propriety amongst ourselves, in keeping with some “Traveler Way” etc.

Bea’s from the future. The future that preys upon us with their time machine as though we were characters on HBO’s Westworld. I also describe her as a lizard, because she’s Godzilla. She’s the 5 billion-pound Beast in the room. In every room, including your most private.  She creates these veils of secrecy around her activities, and because you are sworn to silence she can terrorize the entire world’s population. I know you are afraid of these “Get” and Illuminati people, but they really are planning to kill us all.  They really have been doing every thing I have been blogging about. They brag about it themselves in these Amazon reviews, in nearly every song on the radio, in movies and TV shows. They are going to blow us up just like they brag about in Rush – 2112 Temples of Syrinx, in Yes’s Roundabout in Yes’s Long Distance Runaround, in AC/DC’s Who Made Who. We are a “video game” to them. Who Made Who. They do harm us and they will harm us. They are terrorists.

The FBI is not a rat house. They don’t give a shit about your “secret society” – but they do protect us from terrorists. Stop shielding the worst terrorist the galaxy has ever known, or will know. She isn’t your friend. She also is not magical in any way. That is tech from the future that is making all these assholes (“Gets”) seem “magical.” And we are nothing but video game “characters” to them.


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