"Tie up some loose ends" -Chel K's Amazon review of One More Sunrise

As I have demonstrated many a time on this blog, my lifespan in each time loop is referred to by these criminals as a “day” or “daydream,” while my life in each loop spans from “sunrise” to “sunset.”  Here is Chel K, a commenter on the Forrest Gump book page, calling for a new “sunrise” to “tie up some loose ends.” In other words, he wants his colleagues to kill me.

Dear Chel: I am going to call out and identify, “point” at even, every single one of you fuckhead gang rapists and pedophiles. I have not even begun. This is just a superficial “once over.”

“Chel K” means “Ch” which is same as “sh” which means “Get” or “wizard,” and “el” means “boss”; and “K” means king. So Chel K fancies himself a “wizard boss king” overlord of the rest of us. Try the wand now, Chel. (And he just did, to no avail.) Chel will be left holding his useless wand in his hand, like the rest of you. See my note at the bottom. Humans are extinct. That means you. You are not a magical being. You are only a computer upload here, with software that actuates your thoughts. Technology can be countered. And the humans upstairs are extinct. You are not at the top of the time stream. You are not at the top of the food chain.

The review:

via AmazonSmile: Chel K’s review of One More Sunrise

3.0 out of 5 stars Fell flat at the end or you might say crash-landed., April 10, 2015
This review is from: One More Sunrise (Audio CD)
(“One More Sunrise” refers to killing me to start a new “sunrise” on my lifespan, “Audio CD” is to tell his pals here that someone from outside is listening to the tether, which is a conference call playing live in our heads, weird but true.)
It was ok. (“It” alien, “was” alien, “ok” authority.)  I felt (“I” – the “eye” of a “f” female, aka alien, “el” boss, and “t” is “time” which is authority: the eye of an alien authority is on us) like some of the story lines were left hanging (past tense “were” and “left” both mean alien, “hanging” means kill them) so much so I wonder if there (“so much so I wonder if there” means that the Grey authorities are watching: “so” and “wonder” are authorities, “I” is “eye” and “if” is left, “there” means here now) is sequel to tie up some loose ends. (he wants a new “sunrise” which occurs when my sun “sets” – to tie up loose ends by killing me and the alien authorities). I don’t want to give away too much (he doesn’t want the alien authorities to know too much), but I’m curious to know what happened to Luke. (Luke is fluff for distraction – he wants to know why the authorities from another planet are watching us).  Also curious to know about Joe’s relationship with his dad. (He says the “al” mob boss “so” of authority – wants to know what the relationship is between David Jr and David Sr, our Creator and his son held hostage here).  After listening to this (“after” is alien – alien is listening to this, i.e. watching us), I learned (past tense = alien) that I may have been (“I” the eye, “may” of a 5 or police, “have been” alien) listening (authorities are listening) to an abridged copy so perhaps the answers to my questions lie in the unabridged version. (He wants the full story and thinks the alien authorities only got some of the info by watching a different time loop instead of mine; and listening to the tether while they had it partially blocked.)
Along those lines (different time loop) it also seemed some of the subplots were laid well but lacked depth. (some of the loops are “zombie loops” in that there are few people in them and those people have had their thinking abilities removed, essentially, so they don’t have much going on – they are spare loops and spare parts and the Others would not learn much by watching them.) They sort of wrapped up quickly. (“They” is alien, “sort” is alien “or” and “t” for time, “wrapped up” may be that they stop listening but in fact these Others were murdered by these guys so that is why they “wrapped up,” and “quickly” also is “swift” or “alien” or “witch.”  So he is saying those aliens are taken care of.)  I’m also not a fan of big, crazy scenarios that often find themselves toward the endings of books. (He doesn’t want my loop to continue so long that our family upstairs becomes aware that they all have been uploaded as victims here – “find themselves” – so wrap it up.) Plot twists, sure but not crazy events tossed in like the author lacked gripping material to keep the story flowing. (Get moving and stop sitting around, it is time to advance our “story line” by blowing up this time loop. What are “crazy events”?  Is he voting against the “alien attack invitational” and saying just quietly close our time loop?) I felt like the last scene with Joe, Luke and Meg sort of came out of nowhere and was simply strange. (Don’t know which part of raping, torturing and killing us he is talking about, probably the point a few months ago when David from upstairs and the Others let their presence here be known.) So I liked the story up until that part and then was left hanging. (Yeah, he is talking about when David and the Others let it be known they were here, David is the “part” – “p” alien, “art” seven, “and then was” – past tense means alien; so David (“p-art”) “and the aliens” or the Others, “left” – again refers to aliens, “hanging” – they killed numerous Others and other neighbors of Earth who are trying to help us (“hanging”).  The title of his review is “fell flat at the end or you might say crash-landed” and that refers to them murdering David and Robert, Carolyn, our kids, and Jim’s girls, and Others, by poisoning their space ship when they came to help all of us here by freeing us of these evil overlords. In addition they poisoned 2 pilots who were neighbors of ours, and are holding others hostage.
All of these civilizations you screw with by murdering their people, holding them hostage, and bragging about it on Amazon.com, surely will not take this lightly. They aren’t uploads, which you know since you don’t want them to see their uploaded counterparts who are hostages here in the loops. They know. And there are more of them – out there. So killing them is not going to solve your problems. Read my blog. Humans are presently extinct. Now we know why.

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