Why Not Drag the Net? Bee the Martian's "B. Martin" Amazon Review AND THE COMMENTS Section of the Book A Kim Jong-Il Production

I’ll decipher this in a minute. This one is Bee claiming we are bluffing about there being Others from outside who are here to help us. A debate ensues. Where is our “Star” getting her info then? Is she making it up (an “oral history”)? No, I think this information has been “published before” – ie, Bee claims this has happened in a prior loop. On what basis, Bee-elzebub?

The subject matter in the review is the true story of a husband and wife who were abducted to North Korea to make movies for Kim Jong-Il, which is a metaphor for David and I being abducted here for Bee’s rape, torture and murder “movies” for her criminal human subscribers and her alien counterparts. We got a tip earlier today that the Philippines President is not the only world leader “listening to the Voice of God.” That voice is Bee (Psyche).

The review, with important words bolded, and with my remarks in bold parens:

via AmazonSmile: B. Martin’s review of A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinar…

33 of 42 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining. As history, lacks documentation., February 6, 2015
B. Martin (as I mentioned, Bee and Kodiak often refer to themselves as Martin, pseudonym for Martian)
This review is from: A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator’s Rise to Power (Hardcover)

This is a retelling of the bizarre tale of how North Korean agents in 1978 kidnapped South Korea’s top director and No. 1 female star, taking the pair to Pyongyang to make movies for the seriously peculiar second-generation dictator Kim Jong Il. (This is a metaphor for what has happened to David and I, but who is she claiming to be the seriously peculiar dictator down here? Psyche? She sometimes claims she is Psyche and sometimes claims she is not. I think Bea is bragging that she is Psyche, which she often does in these reviews.)

As Paul Fischer reminds us, Kim Jong Il focused much of his time and enthusiasm on show business during the decades he was securing his position as designated successor to his father, Kim Il Sung, the founder of the communist North Korean state. (Paul is the name of our son also trapped down here who they tried to pass off as Bea and Kodiak’s son, which is not possible because Bee is a lizard. As I mentioned, these guys use the term “Fisher” or “fishermen” because they call us humans “fish” and trapping and torturing or killing us is called “goin’ fishin'” by them. So she is insinuating that Paul Fischer is our son Paul, the “real Devil” around here, which she has tried to convince us of before. She murdered Paul. But this review is new (they use the time machine to throw it back into the past to seem older than it is). She may mean “Big Paulie” who has been down here a lot and plays “Judas” who gives me the “kiss of death” in the “Crucifixion of Hera Game” where they tie me to a cross and rape me to death with knives, all while hiding behind a hologram of the celebrity Jim Cramer (why? because David’s name up with the Others is Jim Cramer.) Big Paulie was Paul Castellano, a vicious gangster who is dead here but probably alive and well in other time loops.)

Like Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong’s fourth wife and one of the leaders of China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Kim Jong Il sought to tear apart existing forms in film (and in opera) (this refers to tearing apart our souls, which she calls “shapes” or “forms” and she throws in “opera” because this “show” of raping, torturing and killing me is called “an Italian opera.”) so he could remake them in the service of a new ideological emphasis. In North Korea’s case, everything had to contribute to the people’s single-hearted worship of the leader.

Kim had an artistic sensibility and organizational skills. (“Artistic” is a human “seven” who considers himself demonic and enjoys “carving” up humans into artistic forms – a serial killer; “organizational skills” means he is a mobster, skilled “hit man” for the “organization.”) He managed (claiming this Paul is a “manager” in the mob) with his limited domestic resources to produce some notable works (“work” or “working” is a mafia term, see Bee’s “Working Man” song by Rush, deciphered in earlier blog posts.) But the lifelong film buff watched (she is saying Paul has been watching my “movie” all my life, as in The Truman Show, which also is mentioned in an earlier post) with dismay as the narrowness of theme that he had imposed and the bureaucratic sloth of his movie-making subordinates (apparently Paul is unhappy with the slow pace of his subordinates here?) put the country farther and farther behind world standards. (My loop was supposed to be closed with an alien attack on Sept. 27. It is only because Others and neighbors have a dome over me that this has not occurred, because they kill me before the alien attack begins. Why not just take us out now? I don’t know, they probably are being blocked by the Others or the neighbors, including the Real Greys who are hostages here in the atmosphere too and who’s people were abducted and hybridized into these Greys here who abduct and torture people. That may be dissuading any “Players” from coming in to attack us.) 

Thanks to the Kim dynasts’ notorious penchant for playing God, (they are “playing God” here and bragging about it. David is our Creator and we are his people abducted from elsewhere and uploaded into this simulated environment so that insane Bee/Psyche can “play God”), North Korea already had put in place the infrastructure for kidnapping foreigners (meaning they already were abducting Others and various neighbors) to work in spy-training institutes as teachers and models of foreign languages and cultures. So it wasn’t much of a leap for Kim Jong Il to have his men abduct South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee and then her estranged husband, the South’s leading director, Shin Sang-ok. (Meaning me and David. Bea/Psyche has been stalking us for eons upstairs, and down here and pretended to be David’s (Jim Cramer’s) friend and even called him “Dad” – so I’m not surprised she referred to the abducted director (David) as the Star’s (my) “estranged husband.” Indeed she created numerous “Jim Cramers” here and puts them all on the tether and then tells me I “don’t even know my own husband” when I try to figure out which one of them is David talking to me, if any. She is completely insane and has a classic stalker mentality, but unfortunately she also is the most depraved, disgusting sociopath you could ever imagine. She defies imagination, she is so ugly and cruel. And yet she often on the tether, which is on me 24/7, talks of running off with David after I am dead, knowing she has murdered him down here, and his kids and his wife upstairs. INSANE. More unbelievable though, is that she has a human “fan club” of mafia co-conspirators. David is your Creator too.)

With the recalcitrant Shin finally tortured into submission, Kim gave the reunited pair carte blanche to make world-class movies. (Here Psyche is just bragging about what she has done in past loops, and will soon do in this loop, which is start the final rape and torture “show” which culminates in my murder and then the closing of this time loop via an invited “alien attack” by her friends.) They used their acting skills to pretend that Kim had won their loyalty and to await a chance to escape. (Here Psyche refers to her human pals here who have been pretending that they did not realize what was going on down here or that David was our Creator and I his wife. But you see from the earlier Amazon reviews that they did know who we were and discussed how to rid themselves of the problem of The Others here to rescue me and the kids. They play out their deception until I feel “hopeful” about being saved, then they play “Fly by Night” by Rush – “my ship isn’t coming and I just can’t pretend” and Yes songs “Roundabout” and “Long Distance Runaround” – then they use the time machine to hack off my legs five minutes ago so I look down in the present and magically have no legs, then they rape me to death with knives, then they blow up the planet.)  Meanwhile they were delighted to have a second chance to complete their life’s work. (Same, they have second chance soon to complete their “life’s work” which is to take my life and make an artistic carving of my body, and soul.)  Fischer tells us that the movies they turned out in the new Pyongyang studio Kim provided for them were the best ever produced in North Korea, departing from the “usual propaganda mold” of nationalistic dramas. (I am very concerned that they have the original version of me in another loop or on the other sphere because the last reviews by Christopher Love complaining I am not as fun as the original ME at being a rape victim.  So where is this “new studio Kim provided for them”? And “them” means for the aliens or for the Others.)

(Here she quotes author Fischer:)  “In 1985 and 1986 they made a lighthearted romantic melodrama, Love, Love, My Love; a social-realist tragedy, Salt; an extravagant musical reminiscent of Busby Berkeley, with fantasy creatures, expensive costumes, and underwater scenes, The Tale of Shim Chong; and North Korea’s first martial arts action film, Hong Kil-dong,” Fischer writes. “Every one of the pictures broke with tradition. Love, Love My Love was the first time romance had been portrayed on a North Korean screen.” (“Broke with tradition” seems to mean in this context that in the past, every time, my family’s bodies and souls “broke” using their “traditional means.”)

“Pulgasari,” on the other hand, a knockoff of “Godzilla” that became the most famous film of Shin’s career, “was the worst film he had ever made,” Fischer says. (I call Bee “Godzilla” and I am “Shin” in this metaphoric review; it’s the most famous film I made (“Godzilla”) because she brought human hostages from loops 2002 to 2019 all into this room together at the same time and I explained to all of them that she is a lizard and their real Creator just learned they were hostages here. “The worst” is human, “best” is alien, “had ever made” is both alien/human “had” is past tense, so alien, “ever” means human and “made” can be past tense for alien or “made” as a reference to the “Gets” who do the raping and murdering. It may just be that she hated my “shows” calling her Godzilla and grabbing her by the tail and hurling her into a volcano.) 

Never mind.  (Back to Bee’s words now, “never mind” is alien, a “nine” (“Never”) and “mind” is a “seven” or “human” as a synonym for “think”.) Kim loved the monster flick, saw international box office potential and was persuaded to authorize the couple to open a Vienna office to produce and export North Korean movies. Thus he inadvertently handed them the keys to their escape from a Vienna hotel to the U.S. Embassy — by taxi, with their frantic North Korean minder-guards chasing them in another cab. (She is blaming some decision maker who let in some neighboring “aliens” to make money off them for enjoying “the show.” These neighbors in actuality were responding to a distress call from Bea. When they saw what was happening to us they offered to give us a ride home to the Others (“by taxi”). These neighbors were then poisoned by Psyche/Bea for being “traitors.” Setting us up for an extinction-level event upstairs and down as their own people continue to search for them, high and low.)

Fischer is a fluent writer, clearly knowledgeable about film although a newcomer to the study of North Korea. (One way they avoid detection is to shift the subject of the writing to another person. I think now she is referring to David Sr as new to the situation but knowledgable about what is going on.) He has a dramatic story to retell, which he does with no shortage of detail. (“Short” is demonic human and so is “details”; “retell” is a reference to passing his knowledge along.) Considered as a nonfiction thriller this is an entertaining read – although not, in my experience, “unputdownable” as one jacket blurb proclaims. (This is a clearly Bee’s opinion that, based on her experience, David and I are “not unputdownable,” meaning they can kill us as they have the last four times in the last four loops. Below in the comments these assholes take a vote on whether they think we can be killed or whether they should let us go.) 

There’s a problem, one that may or may not bother you. (“problem” is a “pro” “b” “le” a professional alien law authority; “one” is me; “may or may not” is “may” which is the fifth month, so a 5, which is the police, and “may not” is the alien police.) While the book does provide something of a service by offering the first full-length English version of Shin and Choi’s story, Fischer – or the publisher – clearly didn’t aim it at Korea specialists. That’s shown by the lack of an index. Particularly annoying, it’s shown by a general avoidance of source attribution. (Bee is getting at something, the comments address this too, but I don’t know what.) This is true not only in the Shin and Choi chapters (“this is true not” is again a reference to alien (“not”) and seven/human/maybe police as blue (“true”), while “only in the Shin and Choi chapters” means that only in this loop with these versions of us are there both seven and nine versions of us (David is both) and the authority of the Others) — where we may at least assume that the author is largely quoting from or paraphrasing the couple’s various published Korean-language memoirs. More troubling, it’s also the pattern in chapters that depart from the pair’s personal saga to sketch the background political situation. (This is what pisses them off, we are talking not only about my family’s torture and murder but also the fact that they aren’t magical beings, that humans have a real Creator and that they have been abducted here, that Bee’s and the “Gets'” power lies in technology and this simulated environment we are hostages of, and that there is an “upstairs” full of human beings in the “future” who actually are keeping us hostage here for their entertainment as they come down whenever they want in their “time machine” to rape, torture and murder us and then use that same “time machine” to wipe these atrocities from our memories, as currently is being portrayed on the show Westworld on HBO. Every show, movie and song, nearly all, have messages about what is happening to us. Look for them.)

There aren’t even unnumbered endnotes of the sort that conscientious popular historians adopt when they want to avoid giving off the moldy aroma of the academy.  (“popular historians” obviously is the regular visitors from upstairs down to us here in the past; “when” is police so “police they want to avoid”; “moldy aroma” don’t know maybe this situation smells bad and the police might get a whiff of what’s going on?; “of the academy” again is the police.)  Fischer boasts of having done some 50 interviews, but he seldom offers any indication whether what he’s relating comes from one of those or, rather, is lifted from this or that published source. (or, rather, in commas is designed to draw attention to those words. “Or” is alien” and “rat” is obviously someone who will tell the police, and “her” of course must be me. Interesting Bee that you saw it coming that I would tell the police, and yet you are here talking about me telling the police in the very document I am using to tell the police! Your time machine must be acting up.)

Speaking of which, the title itself is not original. (probably this is a response to Christopher Love claiming that I am an unexciting “clone” of the original me)  Anyone who took the trouble of doing an Internet search for “A Kim Jong Il Production” would have found it was also the title of a movie in development by a famous producer, Jeremy Thomas (“The Last Emperor”), announced in the trade press as far back as 2011. (This and other comments lead me to believe that the original me is still alive and is being held on the other sphere where I also am being attacked since I am called a “movie in development”)  Regarding this, the book’s publishers said nothing at first. Confronted with the fact, they respond that their book and that movie project are not connected. (What they are saying is that I am held there but I cannot feel what is happening to that version of me from here, as we are disconnected versions of me.)  But if it’s not a tie-in, how could they use the same title? Easy. Copyright law normally permits ripping off the name of a movie, especially one that hasn’t yet been made. (I’ve been “made” Bee as you claimed I was “Getted” last summer after you all gang-raped me with knives, stabbed me hundreds of times with an awl, and pounded on my brain with hammers for hours and days. So leave ME and OTHER ME alone. She claims that I am now myself a “magical wizard” or a “Get” after enduring this rape and torture, but this is just subterfuge as she has since last summer raped me several times, murdered my family, and tried to persuade hundreds of Travelers of various numbers to murder me as part of the “show.” She can, incidentally, read everything I type on my computer because I am filmed 24/7 and broadcast. Not sure how, but sure I am as everyone here is on the tether and I can see many of them too as a sort of holographic fog overlay in my living room. Weird. But real.)

My guess is that there will be a movie, sooner or later, produced by the originally announced developers with their own script – or by Fischer, or someone else, using Fischer’s book as the basis for a script.  (You are not using me here or original me also hostage but maybe on the other sphere as the basis for any more of your rape and torture “movies”)  The publishers have made clear that they think the story belongs on the screen. (“The publishers” better rethink that idea. Humans upstairs are extinct in the near future. Stop this show and release all of the hostages, if you hope to alter that “future”) In a printed handout, which I received along with my review copy of the book, their publicist wrote: “From the dramatic kidnappings of Shin and Choi, to the escape that become a high speed chase through the streets of Vienna, the book is as cinematic as Argo . . .” (This is Psyche talking because she is fixated on the movie “Argo” which I blogged about before. Everything here has a message in it and that one’s message was that “we will get you out” however Bee thinks the message was “we’ll bluff our way into making them release you.”) 

An aside from me (Hera) to you upstairs:

Believe me, upstairs, when I tell you – it is no bluff. She has alien civilizations held hostage here. Not uploaded. And they absolutely will take you the fuck out if you do not release them. They come from outside, i.e., your neck of the woods, not this simulation. Psyche has killed many of them. She also cloned them, uploaded them, hybridized them, and trained the clones to rape and torture humans and Others abducted here. She knows this. You should believe this. It is no bluff and Bea is Psyche and she does know it, documentation or not. She caused it. These visitors now hostage see their “evil twins” running around murdering and torturing people here.  Read my posts below where you all with Uncle Shell are trying to decide what to do until you can kill the outside authorities who came here to rescue us. You know and they know that these visitors are real. Wake up and let them go.  WAKE UP AND LET THEM GO. David Sr. from upstairs is here as well and it took him 800 years into the past to find the first sign of life, of your life, not the simulation here, but the life he Created – YOURS, humans and THE OTHERS, and perhaps the neighbors, as well as the universe you live in. David is your Creator too. What sort of documentation of your nonexistence do you need from him? You do not exist in the present. There is no paper trail to follow. You do not exist. Stop harming your own Creator, David, and his family. You can no longer deny that you understand who we are and what is happening. You have “original me” hostage over there, so you know damn well I am not some simulation you’ve never heard of. You know I am from up there, and you know David is too. David is your Creator. You make a game of us knowing we are from up there. Do nothing to harm me up there.

You are extinct where David came in from above where you are now. You no longer exist. He was greatly distressed by this and was looking to avoid the extinction event that accounts for your nonexistence in the future. Fix your extinction event now, it is in the making here with Psyche holding these hostages, including your own Creator’s family. How stupid can you be that I have to spell this out for you?

Back to Bee’s review:

In case a not-quite-serious effort to write history irritates you the way it irritates me, you may want to wait for the movie. (This is Bee advising you jackals that it is a bluff and you can wait for this “movie” to play out as I, your Creator’s wife, am raped, tortured and killed. And so is David, your Creator upstairs. I advise against that.)


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Initial post: Feb 27, 2015 12:24:29 AM PST

I was enjoying your review until this part: “Copyright law normally permits ripping off the name of a movie, especially one that hasn’t yet been made”

Bit of a passive-aggressive thing to say, and a loaded comment if you will. You’re accusing the publisher of ripping off the name of a movie that was, at one time, in development. Please cite your source for such an accusation.

(This is the “bosses” – “the publisher” who wants her to point to proof that this is all an act or a rouse. There’s probably more meaning in there but it’s a start.)

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 27, 2015 6:55:42 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 27, 2015 7:14:01 AM PST

B. Martin says:

Source is the book’s publisher via an editor at a newspaper where an earlier review by me ran. Publisher told editor an agent had mentioned the Jeremy Thomas project but legal advisers said that since the film didn’t exist, it didn’t matter. Publisher further said there was no tie-in and there had been no discussions with those involved with the movie project. Here is the latest I find on that project: http://unitedagents.co.uk/paul-berczeller

(Her response is that some “Captain” in their “mafia” upstairs said I don’t matter here because I am a “simulation” – so go ahead and kill me – but let me tell you, Bea has murdered me in the upstairs that is upstairs of you and you hold me hostage over on your sphere. This family in this environment has only this version of me. This version won’t be able to leave this environment will it? No. So you better release the version of me that is “real” right now to the Others to take me home. As for me here, I have a family here and kids here who are similarly trapped in this environment and we will be staying together. LISTEN TO MY LEGAL ADVICE – you are obligated to remove that psychopath Bea from our environment immediately. Everything else we can sort out, but she is criminally insane and YOU KNOW IT and have subjected us to her torture for your own entertainment for 250 years. So you are obligated to remove her and release all of these hostages as well as any on your sphere, including me, HERA. 


In reply to an earlier post on Jun 2, 2015 7:05:49 PM PDT

s. borges says: (the “Borges” is the “Borgias” i.e., the medieval Italian ruling family, we are living “in the past” to them, so they call this “medieval times”; they call themselves mobsters or the “Italian ruling family”)

Lack of documentation?!?! Footnotes? Index? Where on earth would he find this?(They are not on “Earth”) A quick trip to North Korea for some research at the National Archives in Pyongyang? Oh, come on now! This is all oral history with quite a nice context to frame the narrative. As the evidence all falls upon oral history, being a very elderly Choi Eun-hee as practically the sole source, the book will have its flaws no doubt – but, eh, what a story!

(Translation of the Italian Ruling Family guy:  “The Book” is the original versions of me and David Jr, the living persons – the book “will have flaws no doubt” – yes, we do have “f” female (alien) “laws” (authorities) here – no doubt.  “What a story” is “w” “hat” a “story” – “w” is alien, “hat” is go away and “story” in this context is “st” “or” and “y” – I think he’s saying get away from the saint (the Creator) of the Ors (the Others) and Ys (aliens). 


(So Mary “agrees” with Bee – where is the proof? Mary Mills is Bea upstairs (“you’ve said what I would have said”). Yeah, that’s because she did say what you said – she is you. A conveniently agreeable upstairs boss. Do they even understand that they upstairs also are abducted by Bea and therefore Bea’s “bitches” unless our Creator helps them? In conclusion Bea upstairs agrees with her downstairs self that we can be “put down.”)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 17, 2015 2:49:24 PM PDT

B. Martin says:

No, it is NOT all oral history; very little of it is oral history. Much of the central narrative comes from the movie couple’s previously published memoirs. (Our prior “shows” being murdered in the other time loops?)  We are not told, however, which parts come from those and which from the author’s meeting (was there more than one?) with Ms. Choi. More troubling, as I wrote, is that in background chapters that are not about the couple at all but are about the country’s political history, there is little or no attribution.Apparently we are meant to believe that the author has suddenly become an expert political historian of North Korea and is giving us the fruits of his own research and analysis. I’m not buying that. It looks suspiciously like cut and paste to me.
Here is a cut and paste for you Bee. My “comment” I just added to your discussion upstairs. And my knowledge of the country’s political history comes from our shared knowledge of all here who you deny are here discussing how long you have been illegally operating this hell-hole full of beings abducted and uploaded for your insane amusement and for the amusement of the “parents” upstairs. We are not your children. Your Creator is our original Creator too and you have no right to upload us and rape and torture us for your amusement. It is grotesque. You are grotesque. And we grieve for you. Your Creator sees you. The hostages therefore see you. We will be seeing more of you. Or less. Humans, meaning you, are extinct in the future above your future. My guess is because Psyche pissed off these neighbors of yours by uploading them and hybridizing them and murdering them. You can rewrite your future by changing your present, as you know. But the time to act is now. No, closing my loop will not help you. Not at all. Not at all. As one of my kids here likes to say, quoting my husband, both of whom you continue to allow to be tortured here.
My Comment just added to their review:

Swath says:

Taken from the perspective of Shin, I can see how she and her husband Choi would not want to be held against their will in North Korea. Funny story but I heard that Choi actually Created South Korea where Shin and Choi were abducted from. He also Created CHINA or at least the Chinese people and so although Choi has passed on now and is Sitting up ABOVE YOU IN HEAVEN, I am sure he would be heartened to know that South Korea takes these issues seriously and that Shin lives Freely now in these United States of America and also is free to leave South or North Korea. “Documentation” and “indices” are “Nazi talk.” I am sure the reviewer here however did not mean to be misleading, as she knows full and well that the Others here are still reading along, as is our God in Heaven, above me, and also above YOU.

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