Happy Halloween – Beautiful and Amazing Artwork in the Sky

Image above is real and there are no coincidences in our simulated environment labeled as “Earth.” I try to post something each day just to verify we’re still here.

Below are more images. They are beautiful. Some artwork can only be described as magnificent masterpieces of fine art, with the clouds as a medium and the sky as a canvas. AMAZING.  Sometimes they also will make a cartoon out of numerous clouds in the sky all at the same time. We are living in a snow globe here and they paint the sky just like putting a transparency up on a projector screen back in grade school.

These most beautiful angels, birds, animals, witches, spaceships were done by our kids and the Others. They have made a lot of the beautiful artwork (and music) here on the ground too. Masterpieces. “Old Masters.” You can see that just by looking at the angel below. Look at the dolphin. Don’t some of these brush strokes look familiar to you? I tell my family that I am happy to be “the Fridge” – I haven’t made any amazing paintings here but I am so privileged to have these amazing works of art from the Others and our children to display.

This is a snow globe we are in. A fish tank. That is why there is such a hodgepodge of stuff all over the place. None of it is older than 800 years, and most much newer than that, the last 200 years. We are hostages here but our family upstairs with the Others, and our kids down here, have done a lot to bring beauty into our lives here. It’s recent. (No one is speaking up as to who did the demonic Hurricane Matthew satellite image.)




































witchysky2     Dragon2.jpg


smileysky           dragonHalloween Sun.jpg




































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