WHO MADE WHO? I WILL TELL YOU. Famous Physicist James Gates on his surprise finding that String Theory explaining the multiverse contains common internet programming code. Why? The answer is in the lyrics to Who Made Who.

Everything is connected.

Who Made Who, Who Made You?  We will tell you by decoding the lyrics to this AC/DC song below. Please read them carefully, and you’ll begin to understand what is happening to us here.  We know this is so mind-boggling that it will take time and many proofs before you absorb everything we are telling you.  Please be patient and you will come to understand the messages to be found all around us.

Lyrics to Who Made Who by AC/DC

Video game say “play me” (we are a “video game” as human minds uploaded into a complex simulated Earth, but this line refers specifically to Bea’s “Game of Love” where Hera is tortured and murdered)
Face it on the level but it take you every time on a one on one (Hera is killed in every “game” – the games are repeated in coexistent time loops)
Feel it runnin’ down your spine (fear)
Nothin’ gonna save your one last dime
’cause it own you
Through and through (Bea wrote and is singing this song. She is a stalker and holds Hera hostage, killing her over and over again in these time loops)

The data bank know my number (the Traveler number system, where Hera is a One, but is thrown into each Game of Love in the time loops as a different number and color)
Says I gotta pay
’cause I made the grade last year (made the grade last year is a reference to her death in the other time loops)
Feel it when I turn the screw (The illuminati Satanists put braces and screws on victims legs before they cut them off)
Kick you round the world (refers to a 10-year forced “run for your life” that Bea makes Hera do in the last 10 years of her life before being raped, tortured and killed in each time loop)
There ain’t a thing that it can’t do
Do to you, yeah (with access to time travel and advanced technology this is quite true)

Who made who, who made you
Who made who
Ain’t nobody told you (no one here on “Earth” knows that Bea created this simulated environment, but “the parents” upstairs on the Other Earth know. Many of them are Satanic Illuminati, some are unaware that Bea is a Grey alien)
Who made who, who made you
If you made them and they made you (Hera made them because David, her husband, is our Creator, and he made them. They made Hera because they created this simulation where Hera is uploaded and now a hostage)
Who pick up the bill and who made who (the “bankers” of The Family, the Satanic Illuminati, “pick up the bill” because they are the “Sevens” in the system and also called “the Money.”)
Who made who
Who turned the screw  (Bea did, with the help of her Satanic Illuminati and Grey pals)

Satellite send me picture (all of us on Sim Earth are broadcast live to alien subscribers of Bea’s (aka Marina Abramovic) rape and torture “shows”)
Get it in the eye (they are watching these torture and murder shows, also a double entendre referring to semen in the eye)
Take it to the wire
Spinnin’ like a dynamo (Hera is a “Spinner,” as are all of David’s direct descendants, we can spin our souls until they are laser-hot, and on sim-earth we use this as a defensive mechanism, but as the lines below illustrate, this is not enough to save us from being killed by Bea and her Satanic Illuminati and alien pals)
Feel it goin’ round and round (the famous scene from Shakespeare in Love mocks this stripping of our souls as we try to spin to defend ourselves)  shakespeareinlovetwirl
Runnin’ outta chips
You got no line in an eight bit town (Earth! Earth is the “eight bit town” – a “video game” to these Satanic individuals)
So don’t look down, no (reference to the common practice of using their “time machine” to go back 5 minutes or 5 months and cut off your legs. You look down in the present and magically have no legs. This kind of stuff leads people to think there are magical evil beings in the world. It is time travel within a simulated environment, using Grey tech.)

Who made who, who made you
Who made who
Ain’t nobody told you
Who made who, who made you
If you made them and they made you (we all are abducted from elsewhere and, using the time machine, Bee can throw any of our “souls” or conscious minds into any other people at any point in the present or past, so that we have children here on earth who are older than Hera and David as uploaded into the present time loop. In each time loop we are uploaded into different people and with no memory of being murdered in the last loop.)

Who pick up the bill and who made who
Ain’t nobody told you
Who made who
Who made you
Who made who
Who made who
Nobody told you

I’m telling you who made who, so please listen and pay attention. David made you. And David is trying to help us now. Hera

Here’s the AC/DC song in a video, below that is physicist James Gates finding computer code in String Theory, the theory of coexistent time loops. We’ll explain how that impossible scientific fact can possibly be, but it will take a barrage of proof before you come to understand that what we are telling you is true.  We are working on it.  That is what our blog is about.  The short answer is that the same hideous Grey beast that made our simulated Earth “game room” also created the Internet.  They just spread out “technological advancements” so that it seems like progress to us. 

The first video above is for AC/DC’s Who Made Who, with the lyrics above that. But I can tell you who made who. David, our Creator, made humans and the Others.  And the Neighbors.  And the Twos.  And even the Greys, the ones who exist outside of here anyway.  David made linear time, and he made the universe, which is far more diverse than you have been allowed to understand.  He is Father Time.  He is Doctor Who.  Bea found a way to upload our conscious minds into this simulated “Earth” and has thereby made a video game out of thinking, feeling beings from all over the universe/galaxy that David created millions of years ago.  Bea did this, as ridiculous as it sounds, because she is a stalker.  She is angry with David, our Creator, because in the 2000 years she has known him, he hasn’t returned the amorous feelings she has for him.  So she is instead creating and destroying emulated Children of David to make him suffer.  That’s us here on “Earth.”  We all are Children of David.


Please review this entire page. It’s important. Hera

The first video below is of a well-known theoretical physicist discussing his revelation that in trying to prove string theory, he realized that the equations physicists rely on for string theory contain common computer code used today for internet coding. Sounds like maybe checksum code, or automatic error correction code. This code is necessary to the equations that prove string theory. That’s because the time loops we live in, and the internet we all communicate through, were designed by the same people.

via Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory – YouTube

Brilliant minds searching for a unifying theory must begin with the correct premise: We are living in a simulated reality. We are. And we really, urgently, could use the help of our best minds to understand better how Bea (Psyche) retains “Creator Access” control of the system in which we exist. How might we eliminate or modify Bea’s control from where we are inside the snow globe? Bea uses her access, (and licenses it to alien pals), to rape, torture and murder us – individually and collectively as part of her “Alien Attack Invitational” where she wipes out the billions of people living in our time loop. We then are regenerated as “twins” in the other time loops with no memory of what happened to us, and set up to be raped, tortured, murdered and blown up again, as a “video game” for her alien pals. We live in Westworld, HBO. We live in The Matrix. What can we do from here to gain better control of our lives? To retain our memories? To fight back against these invisible (but not imperceptible), technologically advanced attackers.

The second video pulls together some of the messages I think may be sent from outside our environment to the abductees of the various civilizations represented on Earth: the Others and our Neighbors outside of our simulation who have noticed that Bea has uploaded their consciousnesses here and thereby created “evil twins” and also hybrids disconnected from their own people and culture, just like we are, because Bea raises them from the moment of their “creation.”  The Greys here she raises to be our pitiless overlords, hiding in human bodies down here as both Greys and “Reptilians,” and as AI Greys who travel in micro-miniaturized and camouflaged “space buggies” all over our skies.

Bea was responsible for the original Earth’s destruction, along with its human inhabitants about 1000 years ago, also by “alien attack.”  She is not human, she is a Grey alien.  This now is the first we are seeing of Greys inside this simulation.  David from Outside did not know this hidden simulated “Earth” was even here.  The Greys inside this SIM are vicious hybrids and AI beings.  Other beings “uploaded” here along with us are The Others and The Neighbors, and the Twos.  David Created all of these beings, and the Greys.  The Others abducted here are modified and may not always be kind. The Others who came in from Outside to help us are kind.  The are our cousins.  Our cousins the Neighbors also have come in from Outside to help us.  Still other aliens likely are uploaded into here from Outside as “Players” in Bea’s “Game of Love” to harm Hera and the rest of us for their amusement.  Because this Earth is a simulated reality created by the Greys, their “Players” can occupy humans and animals.

Bea created this Sim environment 800 years ago. For the last 200-250 years she has made it a “Human Hunt Game Room” by uploading the conscious minds of David’s family (we are not humans) into the emulated versions of humans (DNA is computer code) who last existed 1000 years ago. Humans are David’s children, made in his image, just as the Bible describes. The Bible was written by David a long time ago for our human ancestors.  Bea since has rewritten much of it to suit her purposes.  Bea has uploaded us millions of times into emulated “humans” here, creating a diverse population.  This makes all of you Children of ours, and we care very much about you.  We want you to know who you are, where you are, and why you are.  You were created by David Outside and your lives have purpose and meaning to HIM, regardless of where you are found.  He is working to move us back to His Garden and away from Bea and the Greys.

Bea also uploaded her own consciousness into our environment millions of times, and thereby personally occupies millions of people.  She can be in many places at once. And she also can jump into anyone at any time she wants.  She uploads thousands of her alien pals, and humans from another simulated environment, the upstairs Earth, who do not realize they also are a simulated environment.  These upstairs humans “visit” from “outside” to occupy “humans” here and use those already predisposed humans to rape, torture and murder us, for their amusement.  It is these upstairs humans from “the future” who comprise the Illuminati.

Because Bea has “Creative Privileges” in this simulated environment, Bea has written herself, in her thousands of permutations, and her alien pals to be: 1) indestructible underneath the human she hides in, 2) unfeeling physically and emotionally, and 3) able to jump in and out of any being on Earth (animals, insects as well).  Effectively she is the Queen Bee, which is how she often refers to herself.  This really is the Matrix.  Our enemies are here, look human, and can’t be killed although the humans they occupy can.  This is Westworld, HBO.  We are not floating in tanks somewhere like the Matrix, we only exist here.  We therefore must figure out how to better our odds here, to move the ball forward even incrementally, knowing that there is no “way out” of this Matrix in which we were created for the entertainment of others.

We only exist in her simulation.  But we think, therefore we are.  Our Creator and my husband David recently discovered us uploaded here.  Outside of our environment humans are extinct, murdered by the Greys.  How to preserve our lives while ridding our Earth of Bea (Psyche), this Earth’s “Creator,” is the challenge we are grappling with now. I would like to see our best minds turn their attention to this crisis.


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