WHO MADE WHO? I WILL TELL YOU. Famous Physicist James Gates finds that String Theory explaining the multiverse contains common internet code. Why? The answer is in the lyrics to Who Made Who, which we decode here.

The video for Who Made Who tells humans their real “origin story.” Unfortunately it is hideous. We explain and decode it.

Who Made Who, Who Made You?  We will tell you the answer in the words of the Greys, by decoding their lyrics in this AC/DC song below. Please read carefully, and you’ll begin to understand what is happening to us here.  We know this is so mind-boggling that it will take time and many proofs before you absorb everything we are telling you.  Please be patient and you will come to understand the messages to be found all around us.

Lyrics to Who Made Who by AC/DC

Video game say “play me” (the Earth itself exists in a mixed-reality environment, like a holodeck on the Starship Enterprise. The “video game” is comprised of human bodies cloned into here form an outside environment, and the memories of humans who have been uploaded into this complex simulated Earth. Nonetheless, this line refers specifically to Bee’s “Game of Love” where Hera is tortured and murdered)
Face it on the level but it take you every time on a one on one (Hera is killed in every “game” – the games are repeated in time loops. This is Bee and Kodiak’s idea of the epic battle of “Good vs. Evil”)
Feel it runnin’ down your spine (fear)
Nothin’ gonna save your one last dime
’cause it own you
Through and through (Kodiak wrote and is singing this song. Kodiak is a stalker and holds Hera hostage, killing her over and over again in these time loops, which he calls “the dream”)

The data bank know my number (the Traveler number system, where Hera is a One, but is thrown into each Game of Love in the time loops as a different number and color. The Greys’ databank tracks all humans on Earth, it is their environment)
Says I gotta pay
’cause I made the grade last year 
Feel it when I turn the screw (The illuminati Satanists put actual braces and screws on victims’ legs, arms and head before they eventually cut off their limbs and torture their torso until the victim dies, at which time they torture victims’ souls until they are destroyed)
Kick you round the world (the Greys have time travel and can move a victim right out of their own bed and into an empty time loop where no one can hear them scream for help)
There ain’t a thing that it can’t do
Do to you, yeah (with access to time travel and advanced technology this is true)

Who made who, who made you
Who made who
Ain’t nobody told you (no one here on “Earth” knows that the Greys created this simulated environment, but “the parents” upstairs know. Many of them are Satanic Illuminati, some might be unaware that Bee is a Grey alien. They deal mostly with Kodiak upstairs, and “Tim” but some claim Bee is upstairs as a human too)
Who made who, who made you
If you made them and they made you (Hera made them because they blasted her soul to bits in here and used those bits to create the human population on Earth. The humans made Hera because she is born to a human being anew in every time loop of Earth)
Who pick up the bill and who made who (the “bankers” of The Family, the Satanic Illuminati, “pick up the bill” because they are the “Sevens” in the system and also called “the Money.” Some of them gave Kodiak money to build this Human Farm. But in reality the Greys created it)
Who made who
Who turned the screw  (The Greys did, with the help of their Satanic Illuminati human and Reptilian pals)

Satellite send me picture (all of us on “SIM Earth” are broadcast live to alien subscribers of rape and torture “shows”)
Get it in the eye (they are watching these torture and murder shows)
Take it to the wire (the shock Hera and other victims with high voltage via wires attached to their skulls, to incapacitate them, but also to blast their soul to pieces)
Spinnin’ like a dynamo (Hera is a “Spinner,” as are all of her direct descendants, we can spin our souls until they are laser-hot, and on sim-earth we use this as a defensive mechanism, but as the lines below illustrate, this is not enough to save us from being killed by Bea and her Satanic Illuminati and alien pals. The Greys are fixated on torturing us and watching us spin, so do not spin your soul if you are attacked or that will prolong the attack)
Feel it goin’ round and round (the famous scene from Shakespeare in Love mocks this stripping of our souls as we try to spin to defend ourselves)  shakespeareinlovetwirl
Runnin’ outta chips
You got no line in an eight bit town (Earth! Earth is the “eight bit town” – a “video game” to these Satanic individuals)
So don’t look down, no (reference to the common practice of using their “time machine” to go back 5 minutes or 5 months and cut off your legs. You look down in the present and magically have no legs. This kind of stuff leads people to think there are magical evil beings in the world. It is time travel within a Grey-created, simulated environment, using Grey tech. We are on a Grey holodeck)

Who made who, who made you
Who made who
Ain’t nobody told you
Who made who, who made you
If you made them and they made you (the Greys also harvest Hera’s eggs in each time loop and fertilize them with the humans here, creating biological children who they often raise themselves and train to rape and torture Hera and other women. Many of Hera’s attackers in this time loop are children of Hera’s taken from the previous time loop.)

Who pick up the bill and who made who
Ain’t nobody told you
Who made who
Who made you
Who made who
Who made who
Nobody told you

I’m telling you who made who, so please listen and pay attention. Kodiak and the Greys abducted you. They did not Create you. You have a real Creator and he is trying to help us now. Hera

The AC/DC video itself tells the entire story of Hera’s soul being blasted apart by energy weapons, and the pieces being inserted by the Greys into cloned human DNA, creating an army of human attackers of Hera, all of whom are powered by Hera’s soul. Watch the video carefully and we’ll explain a few still frames below the video.

By the way Physicist James Gates finds common internet code to be integral to String Theory equations because the same people who use time travel, who made the multiverse strings of time, also created the internet. Both are a form of virtual or SIM reality.  

Here are a few important images form the AC/DC video, explained:

1. A Grey Alien has Hera hostage and straps her into their machinery:

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.53.47 PM

2. The Greys have time travel and have opened numerous time loop versions of Earth, and they are so hideous that they opened them from the center of Hera’s body (and soul). Hera’s existence or form resembles an onion, as a result, with the center being in present 2017, but several outer layers existing at points in the future of now. Some layers are only a few milliseconds ahead of the present. They Greys (and humans too) attack Hera in this advance time layer sitting in the immediate future. They are moved to that future layer. That way, they can see and attack Hera, while Hera’s soul and the center of her body, which remain in the present, cannot see the attackers. Hera can’t see them in the future, but they can see Hera because they are sitting in that future. The few milliseconds of delay between their actions and the effect on Hera is imperceptible. Many Travelers are involved, and they believe that they are invisible by magic means. It is not magic, it is Grey time-shifting technology. In this image below the Greys are inserting metal probes into Hera’s skull, from a future layer. It is very painful, even in the present, because Hera is constantly moving into that future. So even though she can’t see the attacker in the future, she can feel the torture. Often the Greys will grab victims and move them decades into the future, where there are tortured and killed, but unaffected in the present. The closer in time that the attacks occur, (the nearer the onion layer that is attacked), the more pain the victim feels in the present, to some extent.  The Greys do this to all humans here hostages in their Farm. You all are being tortured in this way. This is what “targeted individuals” report as invisible attacks. This is what is actually happening to you. Mouse over to read descriptions:

giphy (1)

Incidentally the same idea of cutting off limbs is depicted in the Simpsons, another of Kodiak’s message vehicles. They cauterize the wounds and keep the victims alive for weeks, months and even years. Notice the emphasis on “Three” on the chalkboard. That is Kodiak’s calling card in many videos and songs. The episode is “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” and that is Code, as Kodiak is head of the Church of Satan, a “black magic wizard” and “Evergreen” is a reference to Hera’s perpetual murders in the loops (see the Barbara Streisand song). While “Terrace” is a word play on “terror.”

giphy (2)

3. The guitarist is playing the role of Hera in the AC/DC video. The video focuses on his legs a number of times. The Greys are fixated on cutting off human victims’ limbs. Notice the lead singer, Kodiak, smiles and smiles through this video.

4. Next shows Hera in a water tank, which is conductive of electricity. The Greys send electric jolts through the metal probes in her skull. They are actually doing this to Hera now. And this is how they split up her soul to distribute it to their cloned human population, bringing them life and allowing the Greys to “play God.” 

giphy (4)

Hera is similarly restrained by three beings while being moved into this Earth environment, in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video. One of Kodiak’s human personas is Taylor Swift. 

Other images of Hera trapped in the water tank (and being shocked in the tank) can be found in the movie “The Cell” and in Taylor Swift’s video “Ready For It?” – both of these are Kodiak vehicles. His movie, and he is Taylor Swift. “The Games” below and in the song refer to Kodiak’s “Game of Love” where Hera is raped and tortured to death in numerous human bodies in each time loop.

5. Next Hera’s soul, blasted apart by the electricity, is distributed into human DNA being cloned into this environment by the Greys, to give them actual “life force”:

giphy-downsized-large (1)

These same clones will be trained as “Travelers” to be the humans who rape and torture Hera to death in the time loops (the Panda Club), believing they are torturing a “witch” to death because Kodiak is their Traveler leader and “Grand Wizard.” He’s head of the Travelers, Illuminati and Scientology. He’s Baphomet. He’s Satan. Notice the same posture of the cloned humans above and the attackers here below:

Burning the Witches - Let the Games Betin

6. Being hit with electricity is very painful and the Greys try to make Hera, and her children, spin their souls to dull the effect of the shocks. They can spin them inside their body. Hera can spin everyone’s soul in fact, because all of your human souls originate from her soul. If you are attacked, do not spin your soul, the Greys fixate on this and will torture you longer. Here the guitarist represents Hera spinning her soul, and the Greys enjoying the show and trying to force her to spin her soul:

They actually also shred her soul as she spins, and as a result Hera’s soul is now diminished to the size of two grains of sand, disconnected from one another, and the Greys are in her human body holding these two pieces of her soul together. The Greys must pull her back together in order to release her from this environment. Here are other images of shredding Hera’s soul, mouse over them to see the sources explained:

Once the soul is shredded, the Greys and Reptilians consume it. As do some of the humans here both from upstairs and downstairs. These humans know that they are following Kodiak’s Satanic, God-hating rituals. They perhaps are too stupid to realize they are destroying their own Creator. But of course they should know better than to follow Satan. Whatever horrific things you can imagine Greys combined with Satan would have the human race involved in, it’s much worse.

7. Here the Greys hit Hera, the liberty bell, with electricity and inject the broken pieces of her soul into their assembly line of cloned human bodies.

giphy (7)

This image from the movie The Cell depicts the harvesting of Hera’s human body’s eggs in each time loop, so that the humans here not only have her soul, but many are her biological children. The humans attacking my wife are her own children.

Barbie and her eggs - Chickenman reference

8. A final gloat by Kodiak about cutting off Hera’s legs, which is done by having humans move up to future time layers from Hera’s present. The cut off her limbs, cauterize the wounds and gang rape her until she dies. Then the Greys collapse that “future” into the present, which is set for Christmas morning (the birthday of her “soul” being released from her body by being ripped out). At which time the Greys and Reptilians turn their attack on Humanity itself.

giphy (8).gif

“Let There be Rock” by AC/DC shows Kodiak as “the Creator”:

Physicist James Gates’s finding of internet programming code in the equations for String Theory, Which is an imperfect formula for opening adjacent time windows from the present. This is being done by Greys, Reptilians and humans here commonly, but that official “String Theory” formula is shared with the public at an imprecise “Theory” stage.  

The short answer to the questions of where you come from and what you are doing here, is that the same hideous Grey beast that made our simulated Earth “game room” also created the Internet.  They just spread out “technological advancements” so that it seems like progress to us.  The time loops we live in, and the internet we all communicate through, were designed by the same Greys.

via Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory – YouTube

Brilliant minds searching for a unifying theory must begin with the correct premise: We are living in a simulated reality. A sort of 3-D, interactive holodeck. We are. And we really, urgently, could use the help of our best minds to understand better how Kodiak and Bee retain control of the system in which we exist. How might we eliminate or modify their control from where we are inside the snow globe? Bee and Kodiak use there access to rape, torture and murder us – individually and collectively as part of their “Alien Attack Invitational” where they wipe out the billions of people living in our time loop. We then are regenerated as DNA “twins” in the other time loops, with new pieces torn from Hera’s soul, and with no memory of what happened to us, only to be set up to be raped, tortured, murdered and blown up again, as a “video game” for the Greys and Reptilians to play with live game pieces. We live in Westworld, HBO. We live in The Matrix. What can we do from here to gain better control of our lives? To retain our memories? To fight back against these invisible (but not imperceptible), technologically advanced attackers. We may not have to escape to end this situation. We may only need to disable the electro-magnetic fence around this environment, which is what prevents the outside universe from seeing the human life force held hostage within. That fence appears to be the Aurora Borealis. And the fence extends to what astrophysicists call the “Karman Line.”


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