Bea's space station and our Grey Alien prison guard tower. Footage of the holographic overlay that they tell Us is "the Moon."

Amazing. These three videos are great at showing the simulated nature of our physical environment. Our outside family and neighbors have been here for a relatively short period of time. And we have been so busy comparing notes to sort out what has happened personally to us, and to figure out where our human family has sprung from, that we haven’t had much of a chance to look at what it is people already know about this environment. As we learn more about the technical details we will continue to revise our descriptions as best we can.

When you are within this environment, even coming in from the outside, you are subjected to heavy mind control and memory control technology. It is hypnosis, among other things, and the best way to counter it is to be aware that it does happen all the time. They can control the minds and bodies of the entire population of Earth at the same time. We don’t remember many ordeals we’ve been through. The best we have been able to do in the past is to make our future selves messages to be understood in the next loop. Nearly every movie and song has a message, either from ourselves in earlier loops, the Others upstairs, the humans on the other sphere, or from Psyche/Bea/Kodiak themselves bragging about what they are doing to us here. So listen to the music and pay attention to the movies. TV shows too, such as Westworld, and don’t leave out old stuff, it is: 1) more likely to be from a prior loop and thus informative; and 2) can be from the future even if it is 30 years old because many have access to the “time machine” to bury pertinent current information deep into the past. Do not assume because something is “2000 years old” that it doesn’t contain relevant information.

This person has a great You Tube channel for more footage. In the third video below, he has footage of the displaced background in the sky in the shape of an aircraft, which demonstrates that there are these “invisible” aircraft in our skies. There actually are millions of very very tiny space buggies driven by miniaturized AI Grey Aliens and possibly others hiding in human bodies. They can miniaturize anyone or anything, and are so hideous that they make movies bragging about it – “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” and “Innerspace” – and they do both – shrink people in our environment, and shrink themselves and move inside of our physical bodies. It’s insane but true. We are in a simulated environment and they can do just about anything that occurs to them, same as writing code for a video game.

I have seen a space buggy that resembles the Jetson’s plane or an old-school UFO with a rounded dome but smaller, and that is probably why they look that way in the cartoon – to inform our future selves as to what we have seen before. I’ve also seen a larger “space grey” metallic octagonal ship that looked like faceted coal. They told me on the tether to look up and then they uncloaked and recloaked it in about 2 seconds time. I’ve also seen three space jets that look like this picture drawn in the clouds, and they have afterburners on the back. I am told that is what most of the AI Greys fly around in, most often while miniaturized:


They do not care what we know, generally, because they blow up our time loop and start us over in a new one, with no retention of memories. So they brag about what they are doing in many many songs and movies.  Anyway, these space buggies fly at low and high altitude, are metallic and reflect their surroundings, and they are very small, so at best you can see the background displaced. They can move faster than the naked eye can see. Sometimes you can see them if you look at super high zoom at footage of the sky, in slow motion. They will look like gnats in the sky but move in a straight line or zig zag pattern. They are there. But this footage below is of an aircraft in the usual shape of a plane. Still, this is how to see what is otherwise invisible to us, by looking for the displacement of the background that we can see. The plane is on the back half of the third video.

The other two videos show the holographic wave that sweeps over the surface of the moon every few seconds. It is used at times to disguise some particularly visible activities that take place up there. They do this with the internet too actually. You may notice a wave like this on your computer screen, or notice a page looks oddly “shiny” – like a flash video or flash element except it is the entire webpage. You may have noticed on television some people look slightly holographic, because they are. I have also seen them, numerous times, move stars around in the sky. Nobody notices! I don’t get that but they don’t. For a couple of years of my 10-year run they would throw a shooting star across the night sky as a signal to turn around and drive some other direction, as though there was trouble ahead. So it is a snow globe. A simulation. They control the stars, and the weather. They can make an earthquake. Once when I ignored their demands to turn around and continued driving to my summer family reunion, I came upon a town in the middle of nowhere and the entire town was covered in fog that felt like a fog machine, like dry ice, and the entire town was blanketed in hail and snow – about 1/4 inch of it. It was about 45 degrees maybe. Not a single creature was stirring in this town. Passing the single stop sign and leaving town, the fog lifted, the sun was out and it was back to 95 degrees as it had been. A micro-climate spanning about 1/2 mile.

They can waft in smells or poison, or just oxygen-poor air, floating in the air molecules we breathe and target them to just your house. Within the molecules as some sort of nanotech. Remember this is a simulation we are in, so even if we cannot reproduce these things ourselves, that does not make them impossible. They can write whatever “magical” stuff in that they want. And they do, mostly to our detriment. For example, why not code us in some more rain here? Because they do not care. Notice all of the animals are going extinct! Because they do not care. Why make things nice at all here in our prison then? Because we are sufficiently placated and preoccupied with our lives, sufficiently controlled, and distracted by smart phones and TV sets and other stuff. Note that getting yourself “off the Grid” does nothing. The entire place is itself a Grid. There is no way off of it.

via 9 Lunar Waves (Hologram?) Filmed – Game Change – YouTube



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