Rare photo of The Family (Illuminati and Travelers) High Council.

Yes, that’s it, just Bea.  Everything else about “bloodlines” and Councils of 13 is decorative. This is true. Everything we are telling you is true. If you are a friend of Bea’s (aka Marina Abramovic aka Kim Noble aka Pedestofiles), then you get access to her time travel and other technology. But ultimately the only person whose counsel she keeps is her own.

We’ve been posting about Bea sending her hidden messages buried in reviews of Amazon.com products.  In looking back at a lot of the Amazon reviews and responses, it appears that Bea has written both the review and the response. Just like she does on the tether with these “Skits” or “Shows” within the larger “Magic Movie” that is my Truman Show life (Hera speaking).  Marina (Bea, aka Psyche, aka Nymph) is totally, totally insane. Perhaps traveling through time for the past 2000 years has warped her mind. She was nuts to begin with.

In her responses to her own secret message posts on Amazon, Bea sometimes agrees, sometimes disagrees and sometimes questions, but always in the end there is a consensus of “individuals” who agree, in majority part, with Bea’s conclusions and proposed course of action. But always after a lengthy well-reasoned debate amongst professionals about the implications and ramifications of the most minute and idiotic of issues raised by Bea in the first instance. For example, I (Hera) have been the subject discussed in great High Councils and “Tribunals” ad nauseam by the sophisticated “inter-stellar judicial committee,” regarding my grave offense of “stealing Bea’s husband.”  The dialogue goes somewhat like this and is no exaggeration:  “Well we understand that Bea has a valid complaint, and so we are not sure yet what we should do about this very serious issue.  You have stolen Bea’s rightful place, her rightful throne as Queen, and in complete disregard for her relationship with her rightful husband, Jim Cramer.  This is a serious offense, and we will all confer on what is to be done about it.  (nonspecific sounds of conferring)  You realize this is a death penalty offense….”

She does this all day on the tether, which is a video conference call that goes on entirely inside an individual’s head.  It is advanced technology, not schizophrenia.  Not magical either.  Bea is like a lonely child who is playing with finger puppets and thinking they are her group of friends or business associates. Facilitating this is the fact that she has uploaded herself thousands if not millions of times into our Earth (simulated) environment and allowed those replicants of her to remain attached to her while also developing their own individual personalities over time. She really can play with herself all day long. And these versions of herself can’t be killed off.  And of course after much conferring, they always agree with Bea in the end.

We’ll have to wrestle her creative access back and delete every instance of her. Unless she herself comes to the realization that it is better to have actual people care about you and not just clones and drones. We are being quite serious about this.  The Grand Conspiracy.  The “underlying theme” as Bea sings herself in Limelight by Rush, is that this insane, infantile Grey alien being has advanced technology and singlehandedly rules the world with it. He who “has the time” as the time-travelers say. Bea always has the time. It is her tech, and it is her sim we live in.

Bea in her performances as “Bert” the “Working Man“:



Those of Bee’s “Captains” Whose Vote Actually is Counted:


That’s right.  Bea’s own right and left hands.  That’s it!  Actually this is two right hands pictured, but that’s okay, she doesn’t even have opposable thumbs.  She’s a lizard!

It might all be amusing if it wasn’t for the fact that she really is raping, torturing and murdering us over and over again. Killing billions of people for the amusement of outside alien invitees to the “Human Hunt,” and for the accolades of her own humanoid clones and her AI Grey drones.

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