Scary. But squint and look at this picture. That is what Illuminati Grey alien mind control and hologram technology causes you to see. Open your eyes a little and see who IT really is. Notes on the Lizard behind the curtain.

Bee is the Grey alien holding the world hostage with advanced mind control, hologram and time travel technology.  Greys are hive-minded, and therefore Bee inhabits thousands of people by sending proxy Greys and controlling them all remotely.  They use their advanced technology to keep your eyes squinting at what is really going on here. At who it is. She can be very attractive. The above photo was taken from an anti-drinking website. The mind control chemicals wafting through here have the same effect. 

The Greys are just like the myths we’ve all heard, just like the abductee stories we all laughed at growing up.  They look just like the conspiracy theorists have been claiming. They mutilate cattle just like we read about in the Inquirer. The Greys’ control of our media are the reason these abduction reports are dismissed by the general public.  They use an “Illuminati Network,” a “Traveler Network,” and the Scientology Network, along with those organizations’ Codes of Silence, to prevent information about their activities from being disseminated.  They don’t have to have a grand “SECRET” that accounts for who they are and what they are doing here.  They just rotate the hiding of this activity, or that activity, around amongst the secret societies, having one sweep away this bit of information, and another sweep away another bit of information, so that because of the Code of Silence, none of us are putting our individual puzzle pieces onto the same table.  You know this is true. You sweep your bit under the rug and don’t even put it up on your own table to examine.  By having different groups do different things, hide different activities and bury different puzzle pieces, there is no human to put the puzzle together and see the BIG PICTURE:



Now that you see with open eyes, pay attention and look for the messages all around you. Especially if you are a Traveler, you might also recognize the below presentation of this ubiquitous Grey alien, Bea, in the Wizard of Oz, as Glinda the “Good Witch” moving in a “magic bubble.” There is no good witch here. There’s only Bee presenting herself as the “good witch” and at other times, especially at the end of this “Movie” they call our Time Loop, revealing herself to be the “wicked witch” and a Grey Alien all along.  “Fooling” you, and fooling me.

Here’s Hera depicted as Dorothy trying to find her way home to Kansas, while the “Good Witch” Bee descends on her to “help.” The “Ruby Slippers” placed on Dorothy by the Wicked Witch are the invisible chains that Bee keeps locked to my wife Hera’s body and soul, keeping her trapped here on “Earth,” a place she is not from.


We wear technology-driven rose-colored glasses here on this Earth that to Travelers seems as “magical” as Oz. It is much more like Oz than you realize, with nothing but a man pulling levers behind a curtain, drugging the air we breathe and the water we drink, and duping us into believing we are in hell or in a magical Oz and have some super secret sacred society such as Travelers, Illuminati or Scientology, that requires us to rape and kill each other as a Rite of Passage, or pay ongoing financial tribute. As we told ourselves in Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey“: “It’s even worse than it appears.” “Every silver lining’s got a ‘touch of Grey’ (alien).” There is nothing “sacred” about what Queen Bee of the Traveler Nines, secret Head of the Illuminati, has done to the Travelers and other secret societies, and religions like Scientology.

Listen to the music! You know that song, “Listen to the Music”?  It is a message to you to Listen to the Music. Listen for the messages in our music. Look closely for the messages in our movies. The Wizard of Oz tells a true story. Touch of Grey sings a true tale. But be aware that the Greys communicate through the same means, thus not all messages are for you, for good.  Don’t follow instructions to harm yourselves or each other in any way. You cannot fight the Greys. They are very advanced (though not very smart), and hard to kill.  Avoid them and know that we are Outside of Earth working to move them away from you.

What you’ll see in this image below is a version of Bee you Travelers may recognize – a “Get” or the Leading Witch or aka “Queen Bee of the Nines.” She even has the black hat, the bow tie, the umbrella, and the bicycle that tells Travelers that she is a “Get.” Soon Bee will abduct Dorothy’s dog and hide it in that basket, luring Dorothy (Hera) away from the safety of her home:



A picture of a Get.

It should be obvious to a lot of you by now that The Wizard of Oz also is all about what is going on here. Watch the movies and TV shows, they tell you what is going on here on “Earth.” To pick up current additional messages, pay close attention to odd words inserted into dialog, and especially to the activities and images show in the background of movies. Even old ones. We can travel through time and do change old movies and songs to send messages about current events. When we change something this way, it changes it all the way back to its origin.  This is creating “The Mandela Effect” that many have noticed.  It’s important to throw current messages back in time because then they serve as warnings about future events. Pay attention to the messages all around you.

And watch our for Bee and the Greys.  Just as Bea is the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, Aunti Em, and the Wizard of Oz, be aware that Bea is hiding behind many human exteriors.  Try to recognize Bea in her many human personas and avoid her.  She is Taylor Swift, Samantha Bee, Corinne on the Bachelor, Marina Abramovic, Kim Noble, Mrs. Pozner from Sandy Hook.  Her “husband” is called Kodiak and he is: Trump, Putin, Jimmy Comet, Anderson Cooper, George Bush Jr, and others. They are Anton and Zeena LaVey.

Bea’s Aunti ‘Em persona, also depicted as “Aunt Bea” of Mayberry, is the image Bee displayed to the Outside universe, including our family the Others and the Neighbors for 2000 years, while simultaneously she was surreptitiously cloning and murdering us and our human children down here while she occupied various “human” facades.  Humans are a race of beings originally created by David, in his likeness. And all of whom David loves as his own children, his own family. All of the evil here perpetrated by Greys, Reptilians (also Greys), the Satanic Illuminati, and the Pizzagate people, is all at the bidding of Bea, and calculated to cause David the maximum amount of grief and pain. The Greys are evil, they started and head up the Satanic Illuminati, Scientology, and Heaven’s Gate.  As for the Travelers, you over time became Grey “occupied” by their cloning of the humans in charge, occupying the cloned “human facades” or “human suits” as they call them, while pretending to be the original humans.  They changed the Rules and the Ways using their “Time Machine” and now we have humans attacking each other for the amusement of the Greys.  We implore you to set aside your Secrecy Promise for as long as it takes. The Greys are hiding under your hat!  

Below is Bee the Witch with her “Gets,” painted in the sky. There are no coincidences. It is not “magic” but technology. You Sevens with Time Machine privileges, this is Grey technology, which we also have access to. Your leader is in fact, Bee, pretending to be a human. Same with the Fives. You Sixes and Fours, your leader is Kodiak, a Grey and Bee’s husband, pretending to be human. You alien Fours and Sixes, also your leader is Kodiak. You Nines, your leader is Bea. Not all Nines are Greys, but many are.  Many are not and Bee creates a holographic impression to you of who is a Nine, and who is a Two, so that you will attack them. Don’t. Many are not actually Greys or Twos. What you are looking at is a hologram.

Bee and her Gets, in this cloud painting, a product of technology, not “magic.” Other of our cloud paintings, can be seen here and here




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