The Greys are Attacking The Other Simulated Sphere at this Moment; Kodiak Likely is a Grey Hiding Behind an "Empty" Spinner's Soul

The other sphere also is a simulated environment, and is being attacked at this moment by The Grey Aliens led by Psyche. There are other species invited into the environment by Psyche for the “Human Hunt” and “End of the World” scenarios orchestrated by Psyche (Bea may be a different person but also is a Grey).

The other sphere is comprised of humans and hidden Greys. They are on the tether here as “Parents” to the “Children” who live on Earth. Many in this pseudo “upstairs” environment are aware that they are hostages to Psyche but by no means all. Just the parents on the tether. The people on the other sphere do not know they are in a simulation. Many know we are here and view themselves as superior “non-emulated” versions of humans. That is not the case. They also are emulated.

Psyche’s (Bea’s) plan for us here is known upstairs on their sphere to be Psyche’s broadcasting of David’s family’s rape, torture and murder, with some participation by some of those humans who claim they are forced to act as “bosses” to us on Earth, followed by blowing up our 2016 time loop via the invited alien attack. The upstairs sphere watches this occur over and over to the “inferior children” on our sphere. This is their memory. But in fact, they are attacked first on their sphere. That is what is occurring now. They will be resurrected by Psyche after they are all killed, but will have no memory of what has happened to them. Then they will witness the attack on our loop.

Although we do not remember, we do know the attacks are brutal. They sing about blowing out our ears, and our heads, with sound guns. They sing about poking holes in our atmosphere so that we die over hours and days from irradiation. The songs talk about the swirling winds and out of control weather. These are the Yes songs: Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround. There are others. And there are movies: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Melancholia. And others like the Batman movie with Heath Ledger I think or Aaron Eckhart, two plots – one informs us of the Joker poisoning our water supply and the other is a scene where there are two boats in the harbor and the passengers on each are given a detonator (by the Joker) to a bomb placed on the other boat. The passengers can save themselves by pulling the trigger on the other boat’s bomb. We know Psyche and every promise, every deal, is a lie. In that movie, the passengers on each boat elect to destroy the detonators by throwing them overboard. If only such a solution was available to us.

But the lesson is this: do not buy into Psyche’s lies and attack our fellow humans in either environment. Do not harm each other for the entertainment of the Greys in these hideous live broadcast “shows.” They are going to rape, torture and brutally murder all of us in the end, as part of the show, so let them do it without our help. Hold on to your compassion, dignity and integrity, your humanity. Handing it to them will not make your suffering any less. We know this from 250 years of experience, the past suffering that the Others have been able to “play back” from our memories inaccessible to ourselves, and from the many messages to ourselves in songs and movies.

On Kodiak:  Kodiak is nothing but dishonest, deceptive, and incapable of lending a hand. He has lied throughout. He sincerely regrets. He sincerely apologizes for the hideous things he’s done to me throughout my life, for lying to David throughout, for attacking me, for pretending to be Jim Cramer and also David, posing as my husband, raising children of mine without my knowledge knowing they will be murdered, luring David here with a request for help with the Greys (see the movie Signs). Yet he continues to do these things. I can remote control him and recently tried spinning him remotely and he freaked out, which caused me to finally conclude that he is a Grey hiding behind a Spinner Soul that is not “alive.” We first strongly suspected this when he asked David to “take him home” to his maker (bring his soul back to its origin, putting Kodiak himself to rest). We did this for him and he was up again in no time. So this had no effect on him. So he had to be a Grey behind a spinner soul, or, alternatively, we may have succeeded in putting him to rest and Psyche simply revived him again in this simulation. In any event he is utterly beyond redemption. He is a lost cause. DO NOT LET KODIAK ANYWHERE NEAR OUR FAMILY AGAIN. HE PROMISES HELP. HE SEEMS SINCERE. NO MATTER HOW DIRE THE EMERGENCY HE CANNOT DELIVER ON ANY HELP HE PROMISES AND WILL SHRED OUR SOULS AND HARM US IRREPARABLY. AVOID KODIAK AT ALL COSTS. 

The song describing Kodiak is “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. It is about Kodiak. “But it was only fantasy (i.e., the Dream). The wall was too high, as you can see. No matter how he tried he could not break free, and the worms ate into his brain.” Tragically this is what has happened to Kodiak. And what will happen to us if we continue to be victimized and “wiped” for hundreds of years more in these “Movies” for the Greys. Whatever Kodiak once was now is gone. In past moments of lucidity even Kodiak has given me this same warning. Stay away from him. The “son” of ours in there is unreachable no matter how much he may plead otherwise. He is 800 years old. The simulations are 800 years old. The Game is 250 years old involving me, David and the kids, as far as I know. David came in from the Others, and with the Others only the last time around, when I was called “Gwen.” David Sr never has been here before as best we can tell with such skewed perceptions. Both David Jr and David Sr have been uploaded during their time here, and Robert, Carolyn and the Others possibly too, so be careful. There are now numerous versions of David and I, and the kids in these loops, all with different memories and therefore differing understandings based on different facts, history, lies and misperceptions. Bea/Psyche swaps versions of us out constantly, which is hard for us to notice and figure out, in an effort to keep us in a state of constant confusion.

We can do nothing to help the other humans on the other sphere. And since they probably will be resurrected by Psyche after the attack, it is unlikely that anyone on Earth will even be aware that the attack on them is occurring now.

To our Human family on the other sphere:

We are so sorry that we cannot help you. We think you will be okay when you wake up but we understand that this is extremely frightening, painful and horrific. We also realize we are next. Collectively all we can do is try to remember what we have learned about our mutual enemy and what we have gained by knowing who we are to each other. We must in the future try to be as kind to each other as we can be, as we all are hostages of Psyche. David, your Creator, is urgently trying to locate Psyche’s base of operations in the real upstairs – outside of our environments – to remove Psyche and the attackers from our environments and bring your suffering and ours to a rapid conclusion.  All of us here who know what is happening to you are praying for you. 

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