"The Heat" that Follows Me Everywhere Follows EACH OF US, ALL THE TIME. This is 1984.

To those of you, which is nearly all of you, who cough when I enter a room, actual or online, understand that this has been going on all my life, and we all are watched and recorded. So if I am to learn anything or speak to anyone, ever, in my entire life, it will have to be while “bringing the heat” to you. But listen. We all are under the same heat lamp. It’s not the fuzz or the feds. Psyche (Bea) created this Earth and controls every single person in it. She is “the Heat.” She is “the Grid.” And there is no way off of her! For anyone. So lay off the coughing, sneezing, bumping at me with your cars, whatever. There is no way to stay away from you, even in the woods. And I’m 46 years old and have spent the last decade trying for various reasons to avoid people, and it helped me not one bit. Or you. She kills every last one of us, then restarts us and does this whole thing over again.

You really need to understand that this is NOT A SKIT. I have not fallen prey to Bea and Kodiak’s funny “prank.” They have been using their fucking time machine and their “adjacent strings” and mini-tech torture devices on me since I was an infant. They record all of our lives. They are not “magical” in any way! It is Grey alien technology that allows them to do what they do. It is the fact that we are both, upstairs and downstairs, living in simulated environments created by Bea (aka Psyche) that allows them to do what they do. Between the tech, the simulation, and the time machine, they can make anything happen. It is not magic. It isn’t a skit.

We don’t know how to explain this to you so that you’ll understand that you are looking at the picture upside down. I am not being toyed with. I won’t wake up one day only to find this was a prank I fell prey to. Psyche is Bea down here but is in reality a Grey alien who resides in the future, where my husband resides way way upstairs. Psyche is not in either of the two simulated human environments in actuality and therefore “can’t be killed.” She is a hologram. She is every “agent” in The Matrix. This Traveler stuff, in fact just about everything you know, is a lie. Listen to the music like I am telling you. Watch the movies. The news is fake, many movies are real. Most songs are instructive one way or the other. There is no magic. The parent thing is bullshit. We are all equals and there are no such thing as “Gets” except that these humans in particular Bee allows for the COMPUTER to actualize their thoughts, which it can do because this is a SIMULATED ENVIRONMENT we live in. So they can “think” up all sorts of stuff. But the computer makes it happen. They can “jump” out of their bodies, because the computer is programmed by Bea to give them these “privileges.”

Ironically they complain that they also are hostages upstairs and yet they seemed to us to be enjoying their ability to bully and frighten, rape and destroy. Now they seem genuinely to be realizing that we are all in this shitty situation together, but no one really knows how to convey what we’ve learned to you. They are here, they have been speaking to you at times on this blog, via me on the tether with them.  The problem is that we get you all up to speed and then Psyche (Bea) comes around and KILLS YOU ALL mercilessly, then restarts you with your memories of what recently happened to you erased. Then you begin again to hassle me and threaten me. The torture is real. It is horrible for us and I have no reason to believe it is not also happening to you as reported.

I have memories of physical, real, living human beings throughout my life who they have harmed and killed. I have memories of things they and their “Get” pals have been doing to me since I was a very small child. This is happening. The music on the radio only confirms what I already know. They are such assholes that they brag about this stuff in their music. Kodiak is “Cat Stevens” which should not surprise you as he likes to claim he is both human and “Martian” and obviously a “Get” or a “Cat.” – “I’m being followed by a moonshadow . . . moonshadow, moonshadow.” Who do you think he is singing to? ME. I am being followed by the “Moon Shadow.” Moonshadow, Moonshadow  – that’s THREE moonshadows, short for 666. “And if I ever lose my legs, I won’t moan and I won’t beg.” – you know they cut off people’s legs in these shows by going back a week, or an hour, in the time machine so that during the show you look down and “magically” have no legs. You “won’t moan or beg” because they paralyze your vocal cords, and the rest of your body. It is not magic. It is Grey Alien technology and a simulated Earth environment. So WAKE UP.

Now listen to Yes’s Roundabout and to Long Distance Runaround. Listen to 25 or 6 ’til four by Chicago – “flashing lights against the sky, giving up I close my eyes.” This shit is happening. Read my blog not just the part of it that appears on the screen while you are able to see me. READ THE BLOG – herasblog.com – they already know what you are doing anyway. They know what all of us are doing. Don’t “follow” my blog and draw attention to yourself maybe, but read it.

Wake up. And stop bossing me around. Some asshole 7 came in today at my Doctor’s Appointment and told me that “people who can’t speak English shouldn’t be allowed in this country” because I ignored other assholes telling me to leave that office. You all are not the boss of me. In fact you all are children of David, my husband and our Creator. It is a long and surreal story but true nonetheless. We are trying to help you and trying to inform you. It is incredibly important to us that you know you have a Creator. That you are loved by him and that originally David created humans – in his likeness – with the intent to live together in our own Garden of Eden and with the purpose of being his family. You were not created by Bea. You were abducted by Bea. She is demonic and horrible. We are so sorry you are going through this. Please stop deluding yourselves into thinking this is some cruel Traveler skit. Bea is an alien and she does all this crazy stuff. She uses mind control tech and you think this stuff is valid. It isn’t. Look for yourself. Think for yourself. Realize you have been misled by everyone, whether intentionally or not. You’d understand much better if you were on the tether with us.

Be nice to each other, this stuff gets old after decades of garbage and especially knowing that Bea is behind it. That Psyche is a Grey. That they only want to harm us because they hate our Creator. We all are his children and therefore she will do anything to harm us and especially enjoys watching us buy into her stupid delusions and run around harming each other.  Stop doing it. It’s exhausting to me to work so hard to reach all of you and then as soon as you are wide awake and understand what is happening she kills you and starts you back in this simulation a few months earlier so that you are assholes once again! Wake up. I am running out of energy to keep shaking you.

That photo above is from Melancholia. Watch that movie as it is Kodiak’s and Bea’s. I am “the Bride” in that one so maybe you’ll recognize the plot points. Pay attention to the dialog. And especially see how “the Movie” that is my life, is going to end. Note at the end “the Bride” proposes to sit on the patio and listen to Bach’s Fifth, which was in reality written by David and which he dedicated to Bea in friendship a long time ago. For 2000 years “Bea” has been calling David “Dad” upstairs of here, while for the last 250 years also secretly torturing his family down here. Note that “the Bride” is portrayed as unstable and a slut and disinterested in her husband and careless with the gifts he gives her. That’s Bea talking about me. She is insanely jealous of me. Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge” song. “She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think, she’s an actress. She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.” – That’s Bea, talking about me. “Soon she’s gonna find stealing other people’s toys on the playground won’t make you many friends. She should keep in mind, she should keep in mind, there is nothing I do better than revenge.” I don’t “keep in mind” anything because after she kills me and then you all, she restarts us to do it all again with only a few “bosses” upstairs retaining any memory of what she is doing, over and over again, to all of us.  (I am able to retain all of this new information now because my family from the future learned my whereabouts and came down to get me. Now that they are here they have played back the entire situation here and can see what is going on. The bosses confirm, the music and movies confirm. But we don’t need their confirmation because we can play back a lot of it. And I remember a lot of it in this time loop, this lifetime. Since I was a small child! Horrific.)

Bea’s “Hera skits” about her being the real Hera and me stealing her husband (Kodiak and/or Jim Cramer) aren’t true either. Bea is in love with David, my husband, who goes by Jim Cramer in the real world far upstairs of here. I am Hera, that’s my name. David’s name upstairs is Jim Cramer. That’s why all these skits of insane Bea’s are about Hera and Jim Cramer. That’s why she makes Kodiak pretend he is Jim Cramer, and why he’s always attacking Jim Cramer. Bea is nothing but an insane stalker, and a Grey. She is a DALEK who is in love with Dr. Who! And she has stolen the tardis. That’s the situation we are in. She’s a Dalek, not at all a “Traveler.” Kodiak has lost his fucking mind and in the moments he is lucid she will electrically shock him back into insanity. That’s the situation.

You have a real Creator, and we are his family. Bea’s “Family” is a hideous lie. David started the Travelers as a meaningful way for us to be connected and share common interests. Bea has perverted it into an endless series of rape, torture and kill skits and a whole bunch of bullshit about territories, “Gets” and “Bosses,” the result of which is that all of you are prisoners to your own areas and your own randomly assigned “numbers” even as you are prisoners within this larger Earth simulation of Bea’s! So much of this stuff they tell you is a lie. It is sickening. You are human beings and maybe some other beings, mostly human beings, with intelligence. You are far smarter than Bea, and a lot of these “bosses” too. Do not let them enslave you! They can throw any idea back in time, with the time machine, and it becomes in reality here an instant time-honored tradition. Want to rape or kill someone? We know she wants to rape and kill me, Hera. So let’s use the time machine to throw back in time this “idea” that Hera tried to steal Kodiak from his real wife, Bea, and therefore has to be raped and killed as punishment.  They can, and do for entertainment, change all the numbers around on you with the time machine. Today’s 7 is yesterday’s 2.

David is doing everything he can to help us. Hang on to hope and know you were created for far better things and someday soon we all will be a real family. – Hera (the real one and the only one there ever has been)

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