Things You Can Do To Help Yourself in This Environment, (Advice I've gotten from various of the nicer people over the years)

Some suggestions I’ve received over the years from a number of different people for things you can do that might be helpful to you while we are in this situation. They were ideas to help me and I’ve tried them. I’ll add to this list as I think of things.

Things you can do

There are a few things in the environment that I’m told slow us down mentally and physically:

Stop All Gluten. Avoid gluten. Cut it out completely and it is easier for helpful people to communicate with you directly inside your mind. This substance blocks that connection, not sure why. I’m not at all good at following that advice but I can vouch for it as true. A few days off of it and you’ll be able to hear the phone ring, in your head! (If they are calling you, I mean.) Try it for awhile. I’m on “the tether” which is a conference call in my head going on 24/7 with numerous people and so I have gotten lazy about the gluten and should probably give it up again for awhile to see who else might be trying to reach me. Give it up completely for 2-3 weeks and see what you may see or hear. If anything major goes down here, give it up completely so you’ll be able to hear when they do call us.

Cut out Sugar if they are bothering you. I am told but not sure exactly why or what, that sugar supplies energy to these aliens when they are inside your body in miniaturized form. So if you have specific sharp pains and think they may be screwing with you, cutting off their energy sources may help.

AVOID High Fructose Corn Syrup. Robs us of energy and makes us sludgy and fat. Slows our thinking. Slows our bodies. Avoid it.

About Smoking. I do it and I am stressed out. They force me to triple my intake sometimes. Gross. They created this domed “Earth” and they also created Hitler, slavery, and smoking. Assholes. They love to see us addicted to things. They love to weaken us any way they can. Drinking, drugs, smoking, high fructose corn syrup. If you have their attention, they can and will hypnotise you and create addictions such as to sex or gambling, drinking. They exploit weakness but also create weakness so be aware if you are doing things you don’t actually want to be doing. They are the “angel” and the “devil” on your shoulders. They actually are those arguing thoughts in your head. Both sides. Guess which side most always wins?

Tin Foil Hat: I do try this when I am desperate and it may be helpful to interrupt signals. I get heavy duty Reynolds Wrap and line the inside of my hat with it. They do this awful thing to me that feels like they are slicing up sections of my brain and then attaching car jumper cables to the sections. It is horrible and I am told that sometimes it causes my brain to bleed. I believe it because a few months ago they caused my step-father to have a brain hemorrhage which led to a stroke, while I was there. So it is more than perceptions, they are doing physical damage. They have killed a bunch of people in my life with these “sudden unexplained deaths” and also “suicides” of very stable people. Anyway, try foil on a spot that they hit and it might help. So far the only thing that really has helped is narcotic painkillers but I only get about 15 of those a year, so they give me only a weekend of freedom from torture.

PAY ATTENTION. You could be missing a helpful message meant for you or for all of us generally. Some of the nicer people may help you now and then by signalling you when you are in danger, etc. I just read about a lady who was told to get off the train going under the WTC on 9/11, which saved her life. Follow good advice. There are no coincidences in our controlled environment.  They can talk in your head. They can talk through the mouths of everyone around you. Yes, they can even talk through animals. Some lady’s cat told her “out!” when she had some haunted house incident (this also is Psyche and friends). So listen. They can talk through the TV, through a billboard, through an arrow in the clouds. Whatever. They do it. So don’t think you are losing it and ignore them. On the other hand, Psyche and friends do this too and if you are not careful you will be doing things like the President of the Philippines just did such as holding a press conference to announce that you have the “Voice of God” in your head. Don’t do things that will get you arrested or harm anyone. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t think you need to “ascend” to a higher level or “free your soul” or any of that. Don’t die! As they say in The Revenant – “just keep breathing” – just do your best to keep going. And filter any advice with common sense! We are trying to hang in there until David upstairs can remove Psyche from our environment. This is difficult because Psyche created this environment. It may take time.

Things you can buy

Antibiotics. They don’t like them. I think it’s the “twos” more than the “nines” of the aliens that are most affected. If you have any reason to believe you are being occupied, try a pack of Zithromax or whatever broad spectrum and see if that helps to force them out. They can do most of the stuff remotely but they do occupy people. Same with “demonic possession” – that is them, being insane assholes – try antibiotics. I also want to note that both the Wizard of Oz and the movie Signs say that water works to kill them (witch in Oz, and aliens in Signs). I don’t see how but want to make a note of that.

Ozone Machines and Ionizers: Ozone machines turn O2 in the air temporarily into O3. This means it adds electrons. I was told that these miniaturized space ships use our positively-charged air as a power source.  I was told that our air has a positive charge and also carries poisons. I have experienced this so I know it’s true. They can create a microclimate right in your own home, of oxygen-poor “air” or air that sedates you, or air that smells like garbage, or pressurized air which they use to give you the sensation that they are molesting you, sexually or otherwise. The use pressurized air bubbles to move miniaturized objects, just like those airjet vaccinators they used to use to inject shots. They can miniaturize just about anything down to microscopic sizes. Once it is in you they can expand it up if they want and give you a brain hemorrhage or cause mysterious pains that the doctor can’t find because they shrink it and remove it when you go for help. The spaceships can do this.

These sociopathic AI Grey aliens on the ships also have vacuums and they use them to vacuum your soul. You may wonder how you can tell you even have a soul. One way is to feel them vacuuming it out. AVOID. Your soul is pure energy and sits spread out just beneath your subdermal layer. The Greys hate that we have them. They aim to destroy them. They may use them for energy, they told me they do and they all hide behind a sheet of human soul for some reason. So maybe they do use it for energy.

Anyway I bought an ozone machine because with O3 the extra electrons float free in the air until they attach to something else, causing the new molecule to drop like a stone. This leaves you again with breathable oxygen and some new molecule made with the thrown off electrons.  I am told by folks on the tether who can see very small particles and also see in my house that my ozone machine works and that these space ships trapped in the room with it do drop to the floor when it is on. This is great because having my soul vacuumed is hideous. And being molested by objects miniaturized and moved around with pressurized air is disgusting. The ozone machine helps immobilize the ships in your airspace. I am going to try a personal-sized ionizer soon to use at all times because a primary target for me is my brain. So the personal ones that hang around the neck might help.

I also heard that they communicate through the waves already in the air, basically this simulation we live in is a grid and they can piggyback communications onto existing airwaves. There is human tech coming out right now that does the same, so that you can turn a cell phone into a walkie-talkie essentially. They also use the airwaves to send electric shocks and pain signals to your body and your brain. I am hoping the personal ionizer might help interrupt those signals.

Face Mask with Carbon/Charcoal Filters for VOCs and Fumes: I think these help with the poison air but when I use it they switch to oxygen-poor air and then it just makes it harder to breath in the mask. They also can block your airway so that you breath in but the air doesn’t quite reach your lungs. They are awful. This is torture. Get a mask anyway, you never know what you might encounter. Just get one with a good filter at Home Depot and get a refill too. One for each family member.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones Haven’t Helped: They blast my ears with tones and music too. I got the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and they did not help. My guess is it’s because the sound originates internally. Those little ships are actually in my head, and when they aren’t, radio devices remain there. The Bose detect a sound and then meet it with an opposite sound inside the headset to negate the effect, so many of my sounds must originate internally if Bose cannot detect and counter them.

Water Filtration: We all know that the public water supply has detectable levels of common drugs like antidepressants. Other drugs we don’t know about because they aren’t drugs we manufacture (and so don’t test for) also are in there to keep us more subdued, I am told, and also I have seen Bea asking for an increase in chemicals in her “Amazon product reviews.” I use the water supply to make coffee. Not sure how bad the water is. The folks on the tether are telling me I should use the filter now, and skip the “mountain spring bottled water.” I bought a high-end, high-capacity Katadyn Pocket Filter (they are about $290, on a good sale) just in case of emergency (that I should start using). They filter 50,000 liters as opposed to the cheaper ones which filter about 13,000, so they are cost-effective. I’d get a filter of some kind if I were you. Not the UV ones they won’t remove stuff – they just deactivate viruses.  Remember that even “mountain spring water” originates in a “spring” that is simulated by Psyche.

Bug-Out Bag: Not a bad idea in a world where Psyche can do anything she wants at any time. I wouldn’t bother being too elaborate, but get yourself a decent backpack, light tent and sleeping bag, water filter, water bottles, a few weeks worth of freeze dried meals and instant oatmeal, plastic jars of peanut butter, a camp stove, a small pot, a spork, a few Bic lighters, camp soap, headlamps and lots of batteries for them, and some quick-dry clothing and comfortable sneakers. Keep your car’s gas tank reasonably full. Psyche makes the earthquakes, tsunamis and weather. I’m not sure how many occur “naturally” in this sim environment, if any.

Home Emergency Supplies: Keep some canned food around, more freeze dried meals, oatmeal, and peanut butter for protein, extra bottles of water, make sure you have washable warm clothes and blankets, anything you’d need if the power was out for weeks. We don’t know what will happen but anything can happen, especially if we are trying to hunt down the very creator of our prison. Also bandaids, neosporin, toothache gel (which is good for numbing anything), motrin, tylenol, other first aid stuff, flashlights, candles, playing cards, and board games for the kids. We also got folding bicycles with flat-resistant tires. Maybe a solar charger. Keep some cash somewhere on hand in case systems go down.

I’ll put more stuff up as I think of it.






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