An excellent video explaining the science behind our simulated reality, the "Time Machine," and our quantum entanglement with our "Twins" in other time loops

This video is great for explaining the physics and quantum mechanics principles behind our simulated reality here on Earth. These same principles, mainly that all objects are equidistant from their source (the computer mainframe where we are housed), and are aware of being observed and thus change when they are observed, but change all the way back to their creation, are used in the video to explain quantum entanglement and Heisenberg’s principle, and Schrodinger’s Cat.

All of these principles also readily apply to time travel. When all objects are equidistant from their source at the main frame, then travel amongst them at any point in time is permitted. Moreover, when Psyche and friends use the “time machine” to change things in the present, all instances of the same object also are changed in the past. I have explained this before, that they can change the words to a song as it plays on the radio and yet it will change the lyrics in all instances of time where the song exists. In this way people are unaware that there ever was a prior version of the song with different lyrics. Suddenly, it always has been that way.  In this way they can create thousands of years-old societies and beliefs, like those of the Illuminati and the Travelers, or even the Catholic Church.  The words in the Bible, anything can be changed today using the time machine and thereby made to always have been that way.  Note: People recently began noticing more of the changes made with the time machine, which they are calling the “Mandela Effect.”

Fascinating that someone has made such as great documentary explaining these principles. The video is lengthy but is completely on point and adds the science to what it is we are trying to explain to you based on physical observation, what you can see and feel in everyday “reality.” Great job. The sooner we acknowledge that our reality exists inside a simulated universe, the sooner we can turn our attention to finding ways to alter parts of the Code from within to block Psyche and her pals from victimizing humans for their entertainment. .

Bea brags about holding us hostage on this Simulated Earth in Who Made Who by AC/DC.

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