Kodiak Sending a “Covert” Message to His “Subscribers” to the “Human Hunt” we Call Earth via: Documentary: Ex CIA Operative No Alien Races, Just Different Models

via UFO Documentary: Ex CIA Operative No Alien Races, Just Different Models – YouTube

Wonder why he looks like Burt Reynolds? 

“Burt” is one of Bea’s names and “Reynolds” refers to Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, which is silver, which a euphemism for Grey Alien. So probably Kodiak. Kodiak and Bea may be the same person, but if not they always travel together (“Bo and Peep”). Oh, yea, Kodiak also is “Walker Texas Ranger”! But I am getting off-topic.

I’ll completely decipher this audio “interview” below as soon as I get a chance. I wanted you all to have an example to see how it is that Kodiak and Bea/Psyche communicate with their followers under our dome and also outside of our dome. Here’s a cut and paste of the Comment I just left under the video on the You Tube page.

Here’s my Comment:

Listen to the first minute of Derrel Sims, which by the way is Traveler Code for “Der el Sims” which means “Der” – I am human, “el” I am a “boss” around here, and “Sims” I am also alien as in simulated, which in Traveler code means Alien, (real means human). Now listen to what he calls his job as a “CIA Operative” – which he also claims on his website. On here, in minute 2 he explains that he was a military MP assigned to guard the CIA base where they trained CIA officers. A military MP. But Kodiak is so self-aggrandizing that he calls himself a “former CIA operative.” That’s 2 years as a military MP guarding a CIA training center, not an operative at a “highly secret CIA base.” Now, listen at minute two and also look at Derrel Sims website, alienhunter.org, he is from “Midland, Texas.” “Midland” means human/alien hybrid (as in “in the middle”) and “Texas” is Code for a guy named Kodiak. He’s always from Texas or Denver to let his pals know it is him talking. In short, within one minute I can discredit this asshole as Kodiak, the self-proclaimed Mob Boss and alien/human hybrid who believes he runs this “earth” simulation we live on. Look at his website and see he’s a “Master hypnotherapist” – that much is true, since he also is Bill Cosby. This IS KODIAK, this Der el Sims. And this “interview” is a vehicle Kodiak is using to communicate a message to his alien pals. He tells a story which is really a complaint about it being “freezing” – and the alien “didn’t have any clothes on.” This is Kodiak letting them know that he is “out in the cold” and is feeling exposed. See our blog for more deciphering of the lies and nonsense that Kodiak, Psyche, Nymph and Bea would have us believe. We are the REASON he is out in the freezing cold with no clothes on. We are pointing out that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES. We are at herasblog.com — HERA, or “The White Captive” you two are bragging about as a “Captive Audience.” We will turn the spotlight back on you.

This is a very long recording and it is very full of coded messages. It will take me a few days and a few tries to get it deciphered correctly. I will publish my drafts anyway, just in case something happens to me, so that someone else will have a frame of reference.

After identifying himself to his friends by calling himself Derrel Sims from Midland, Texas, Kodiak’s message to them is that someone not in their “club” is “very white” (as in bright, but also not “of the dark” or “evil” like them), and he doesn’t know how this visitor got in. Kodiak and the Greys, and even some humans, view these environments as a personal Satanic playground and do not give a shit that the people trapped here were abducted and uploaded original Children of David. Let them go, Kodiak, and you and your Satanic Grey pals can rape and murder each other until the mutilated cows come home. We don’t care.

I’ll type a transcript and decipher this as soon as I can. Beware though I have seen these assholes in lots of places spreading disinformation and even lending an ear or offering false sympathy, empathy and encouragement. But mainly they are just sending messages to each other and using whatever topic is handy as camouflage.

Update: Kodiak or his crew Der-el Sims’s website even has a blog entry on the right called “Travelin Man.”  What an asshole. He has commentary below on the main page, thanking Kodiak for the “information” from “George” which is another term for “mob boss” from “Central Michigan University,” which is code for “central” – alien/human, “Michigan” refers to Traveler “sevens” aka “blue” aka “human bosses” and “University” refers to our sim universe which they also call “the school” or just “school,” probably because they are using humans here to learn which of their Grey weapons works best, to take that knowledge upstairs to the real world and kill us there. They also use this earth as “Spy School” where they practice their surgeries on the rest of us – cutting off legs, torturing people, etc. They really don’t put a lot of effort into hiding who they are or what they are about. It’s easy to decipher this stuff and the messages are everywhere. Let’s wake up now.

This dialog has tons of coded messages and is nearly 2 hours long.

The radio host first asks Sims “where’s  Derrel Sims?” and after a pause, Sims replies that he is here, John.” John the host says “I was afraid you’d been abducted” and Sims replies “not lately.” We are trying to figure out which sphere this guy Sims is located on.  Sims also notes that “they kind of went in the other direction,” which sounds like a report on our whereabouts. Sims, however, “stayed in country.”

He notes twice in recounting his tale that he was “four years old” and also that he was a “little boy.”

Okay, after establishing that it is Kodiak, or one of his crew, and that people “are out spying in the field,” (yes, we are), Sims next claims he “didn’t have a choice” and was a “captive audience.” This may sound like he’s claiming his involvement is against his will. It isn’t. And “captive” we have established earlier in a blog post refers to me, The White Captive who was sculpted by “Erased Us (Erastus) Dow Palmer” and that sits at The Met gallery in New York. So he’s noting that he is one of the guys who has watched me every single second of my whole life without my knowledge until last year – the “Captive’s Audience” full of perverts, rapists, murders, pedophiles. Noted. (They had contests and bets on who could win my affection, and jumped into humans to “woo” me, have sex with me, or rape me, while my memory of who I really was was blocked.) It’s also remotely possible that this guy claims he just escaped being held in captivity – because below it becomes clear that the host is trying to pinpoint Sims’s location. UPDATE: Kodiak acknowledges that this is him talking but wants me to stop giving away all of his communication secrets. This while it turns out what he is doing in this interview is broadcasting to his “surgeon” pals – the location of my family here to rescue me. 

Ha, next he uses the time machine and changes his interview to say, rather frantically, that “the story is on my website at AlienHunter.org.” This is a new warning to his pals that I, (the “Story”), am perusing his website right now so it’s “burned” for future correspondence, and also they should use the time machine to scrub the site of obvious information. In response, jackass, I am downloading your entire website. Notice how flustered he sounds! Nice also to note that this radio show announcer “Gets it” when Sims claims to be part of my “Captive Audience.” The ring of pedophiles and perverts subscribing to the show of raping me my whole life, often Bill Cosby style, is vast. VAST. These are people from the other Sphere, and this Sphere, humans! And also aliens from all over the place, paying to subscribe to the show and also to jump into human beings here and participate in the show, just like on Westworld, HBO. I am Delores.

Back to the bogus interview: Derrel Sims is saying how he is “freaking out” – ostensibly because of an alien encounter as a child, but decoded it is because I am on his website and a visitor is up on his sphere “in his room,” “especially in our little tiny house” which refers to the sevens who are so arrogant and think they are the owners of the rest of us), and because we aren’t supposed to know what is going on, which he encodes as “I was freaking out…(because) I was awake, it failed in its purpose. I shouldn’t know what’s going on.”  He then complains that the infiltrator is “awful white” which means two things – “awe” which means police or authorities, and “white” which means Good in his Good vs. Evil delusion.   (I am, after all, The White Captive, according to them.)  This bolded bit may reference the fact that the original versions of David and I are supposed to be cryogenically frozen somewhere while we uploaded versions here are tortured and killed over and over. This is a hideous development to think these humans know not only that David is their Creator and I his wife, but also that David or both of us is being kept somewhere “asleep.” We have heard reports before that our original living selves are being kept cryogenically frozen somewhere. 

Subscribers can see through my eyes everything that I see, which may be how he knew instantly that I was perusing his website. But they may have other means of detection as well, he says “I opened my eyes and I realized someone was in my room, in Midland Texas.” On the other hand he claims he is a “little boy” which is code for human seven. I think he may be describing his “uninvited Visitor.”

Next he says “I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going wrong.” Not what was going on – like a normal person, but what was going wrong. He’s telling his friends that things here are going sideways because David got in here to our simulated earth environment, and we’re deciphering his website, and now someone has infiltrated the other sphere. And “I couldn’t” is a message that “eyes” (“I”) are on them from an alien (“couldn’t” which is past tense, which is code for alien) or aka outsider who is in here but who does not belong. That would be my family from outside. They are here to stop this Westworld Human Factory and rapist network, AND YOU, “alien hunter.” 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Westworld, HBO is tracking our situation. I’ve said this many times, every show and song has a message. I’m watching this week’s episode right now and in it the control guy down in the basement has just discovered that some of the hosts in the Game are wired to the outside world, and that there are five new “hosts” in the Game who are not registered in their system. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO THE SEVENS TELLING THEM THAT OUR FAMILY IS RUNNING AROUND HERE IN OUR EARTH SIMULATION. NEW PEOPLE THAT THEY DON’T ACCOUNT FOR! Welcome to Westworld.  (How, when this was recorded months ago? TIME MACHINE in a SIMULATED ENVIRONMENT.) Now Anthony Hopkins just said, “No, we’ve been disruptive enough for one day.” – This is Code. He is saying, “no more, she’s been disruptive enough in this time around the loop” since one “Day” is equal to one of my lifespans. Sunrise to sunset is me – one revolution of the sun – or one full time loop of this rape, torture and kill “Movie.” So he is sending the message, again, that it is time to kill me and close this time loop. If you watch Westworld, you’ll see that Thandie Newton is becoming aware of what’s happening and so is Delores. Their discoveries will loosely correspond to my own here.

Back to this interview with “alien hunter” and lead alien killing humans, Kodiak.

Kodiak, aka Sims continues: “I didn’t know it was going to go through the wall. I had no idea ’cause I didn’t see it come in.” Okay. Sims is complaining that one of us got into this sim Earth and also then upstairs to the other sphere from outside, or that I got access to his website, which probably is supposed to be hidden from me since I am the primary target and “the Story” of this hideous “Human Hunt Show.” He also complains that I am “reading his mind” or “hearing his thinking” or something, which is just code for reading his website, or maybe he grasps that we can play you back too.

The radio host: “We’re just going to jump around,” which means that he is advising Derrel Sims to jump out of his human “suit” and move around in spirit form for awhile.  “Me and Derrel just hanging out” also is code for the fact that they are both in the glare of a spotlight. So they are going to jump out of their “suits” for now. The host promises “I will pull you off track, trust me.”  The Host is saying he will fix it so that we are not all over him and this guy Derrel Sims (pull him off of our tracking).  “Trust me” is code for “I’m a mob boss seven.” Presumably that is a threat that he will use his time machine to come and cut off my legs if I do not get off of Derrel Sim’s track. At least everyone will know to look up Derrel Sims and the radio host if something happens to me. Of course Kodiak can always just jump out of Derrel Sims.

I don’t know the name of the radio host other than “John.” Derrel also is on Twitter as alienhunter007. He said he “worked in the Company,” meaning he was a military MP at the guard gate of a CIA base, so he is a “007” CIA Agent in his own mind. This is also code, however, for him claiming to be a “hitman” (“worked”) for the mob (“the Company”). This is another great example of how they behave. They behave like grade-schoolers. They lie, embellish and spend all day talking to each other in code, mostly bragging about their own exploits. These people are everywhere. They are dumb, generally, because they do not require intelligence. Who needs a brain when you have a time machine? If you make a mistake you can go back and fix it. If someone challenges you, you can go back and fix them. 

With that philosophy, there is no need to do things that require “book learnin” – they can just play the stock market and buy lottery tickets and spend the rest of their time raping children, cutting off legs, and bragging about it in code to each other, while pretending to be leading the charge against the “unseen enemy” – who is them, which they also find amusing.

We realized that this website alienhunter.org may originate upstairs on the other “Sphere” and that’s why this guy is freaking out because we aren’t supposed to be able to “walk through that wall.” More to the point, we were led to believe the other sphere was destroyed and had not resurfaced. In all likelihood then it appears that they either shrank the other sphere or cloaked it, or both, to hide it from us. It is very much not in your interest to hide from us. They outside can shut you down. Or all of this down. If they don’t know you are there they may shut everything down without looking to move you out of the way first (assuming they can find a way to move us, or anywhere in the galaxy to put someone like you).

Back to the bogus interview: About the aliens, but still about us, the radio host is asking Sims if these aliens can do anything to them, he’s heard that they can “cause us to do things to each other,” which probably refers to the rumor that we can remote control them while they are trying to remote control us. And are they closer or farther? Are they weak when they put their spikes on?

Note: On playing this back over and over to decipher I’ve just picked up a new sound in the background that vaguely sounds like feedback from the microphone. It is NOT. That sound is carrying a message. It sounds like something an ant colony might sound like, if ants could talk to each other. I don’t know how to translate that sound. But it is there. It’s possible that the sound is meant to bring to mind a fast-forwarding cassette tape, which is their signal to put this show on “fast-forward” and close out my loop immediately with an “alien attack.” They have sent this coded message before. And it corresponds to a couple of other key phrases they are using right now to trigger an attack on our time loop: “Yes” which refers to the band “Yes” is code for “go ahead and attack in accordance with our Yes songs of Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround” – if you’ve noticed, I was looking for a t-shirt on Amazon and a number of them on the screen just said “YES.” Also on TV shows the catchphrase, “all hands on deck” keeps coming through – which also is intended to trigger an attack here. So far no luck in pulling off the grand finale for my loop though. 

On listening more I think that sound is the radio host trying to triangulate Sims’s position. Sims is complaining that he’s “awake” and “it failed in its purpose,” which we now understand means he tried to kill this intruder (one of our rescuers) but whatever method he used had failed. The host keeps asking Sims where he is at, from the beginning of the show, the host asked “where are you” and Sims kept saying “I was 4 years old” and “Midland, Texas” then we hear the weird background sound coming and going. The host says tells Sims to “jump around” and “you bring us back on track,” and “I will pull you off track, trust me.” Eventually the Host asks, “is that closer or farther away” and then Sims replies that “the best way for me to describe my position is…” then he describes the aliens by height using lots of numbers. Through these numbers we have a geographic position conveyed by Sims’s.

This guy Sims seems to be an alien and human hybrid living up on the other sphere and trying to pass himself off as a human. (Now we know he is Kodiak) This guy Sims is complaining that 1) I am on his website (“the Story”); and 2) someone made an appearance up there or down here and not in human form, and caught him totally off-guard by appearing outside of a human body (“naked”). That is what he means when he is saying over and over that whoever “walked through the wall” up there “had no clothes on” – he was not in a human body, which these insane aliens call “clothes” “suits” “dresses” or “cars.” The radio host responds “man, that is something else,” confirming that whoever visited him is neither a man or any other species known to them.

Next they are discussing who it is in here from the outside world, but really these numbers are Sims giving the host his position and our “intruder’s” position relative to Sims . Sims: “they’re not races of aliens out there.” – meaning these intruders don’t have an entire army outside the door. Sims reports that from the outside there is only “6 or 7 types of alien beings that are reported” – “That little Grey guy, 3 and 1/2 feet tall, IQ of about 80; A taller guy, a boss that looks just like him, 5 ft tall and IQ of 150, “he’s real intelligent”; there’s a mantis like creature, he stands about 7 ft tall, he’s got an IQ about 180;

  • to be continued

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