Bea's Amazon Review by "Joe the Mob Boss Going by Anna, an Alien"; or "Joanna D.'s" review of Philips Sonicare Sensitive replacement toothbrush heads

Here we have another Amazon review aka secret message exchange from Bea, which you can tell by the context, the “code words,” and then the fact that it is written by “Joanna D” which, given the coded message with, it is safe to assume means “Joe” (a Traveler “boss”), “Anna” (Bea’s other name), and “D” (code for Alien). Keep in mind they use the “time machine” to throw their “reviews” back into the past so that it is not so obvious that they are conversing live in the present about current events. So what are they discussing here? Well “longer, softer” means “long er” – alien and “er” is a boss; and “soft er” – human boss. What is the product? Sonicare toothbrushes. What does that mean in code talk? Bea uses high tech ultrasonic waves to disintegrate our souls, turn them to dust (morcellation).

In the first paragraphs, Bea mentions how the heads of the “Traveler” or “Mob” “Family” are “color coded” – which by the way corresponds to the number system I’ve been referencing. She is saying she did not “install the family-“ID” ring that can color code each head.” – So she is saying she’s trying to avoid identifying the heads of each “color” of the family. She also talks about how hard it is to brush the “lingual side” which is code for “watch what you say” in this sentence: “The ‘lingual’ side is hard to brush! But that’s where trouble can start. . .” Thus overall in the first paragraph she may be saying “watch what you say, we are trying to avoid identifying the “long” (“alien”) and “soft” (human) “ers” (Mob Bosses) or “sensitive heads” of each Mob Family by their color code.”

The Color Code, to the best of my knowledge, is this:  

One – White (David’s family);

Two – Green/Black, blackish green (alien);

Three – Black (alien);

Four – Tomato Red (human) and Burgundy Red (alien);

Five – Yellow or Gold (human) (and also means “police”);

Six – Celtic Green (human) or Brown (possibly hybrid);

Seven – Blue (human);

Eight – Feds;

Nine – Grey or Silver (alien);

Ten – Feds.

Additionally there is a head of “Independents” and they go by “White” but I don’t know their corresponding number, I think it’s just their original number. Independence is discouraged.

Here’s the review. With additional comments deciphering this to follow.

163 of 171 people found the following review helpful
Longer, softer brush for the Sonicare, November 13, 2012
By Joanna D.
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Philips Sonicare Sensitive replacement toothbrush heads for sensitive teeth, HX6053/64, 3-pk (Health and Beauty)
These brushes fit my Philips Sonicare perfectly. I didn’t install the family-“ID” ring that can color code each head if you share a unit, but the brush fit perfectly on the stem, but with a slight gap for that ID ring. The bristle head part is longer than the standard ones that came with my unit, and softer. I like these a lot! I can get way into the back, and inside the gumline on the lingual side (buccal is cheek-side, lingual is tongue-side with respect to your teeth. The “lingual” side is hard to brush! But that’s where trouble can start, even with flossing and brushing with a good electronic toothbrush.)

The three brushes come in one of those nasty clamshell (Bea refers to the twos as “nasty clamshell”) packs that require careful cutting, laser-drilling followed by hooking up a winch and a come-along to extract them from the package. (Bea discussing killing us.)  And yet, even with these precautions (mesh gloves, eye protective helmet) you still can get a nasty cut on your finger as you struggle to extract these from the packaging. I use a good pair of package-opening shears and still, it was a pain to open this package. (Bea is talking about cutting our souls out of their “packaging” – ie our bodies.)

The anti-pilfering packaging is completely unnecessary as every drugstore in our area keeps these behind lock and key, and who can reach through the monitor to steal these (“and who” and an android owl, aka AI Grey alien; and “to steal” is a two and silver nine mixed alien) from Amazon? I wish they were packaged in a humane manner. (Bea’s saying our souls are being guarded by the twos, she wishes the were under control of the humans (“humane”) who are also called “men” (“manner”).  Hello, Philips! Anyone listening? (Bea notifying them that we “anyone” – us Ones – have authorities listening) Have a easy-open option for people who order online, eh? (“easy” is code for blue authorities I think); “order” is “or der” which is “or” for alien and “der” for mob boss.; I am sure the “eh” means something – maybe “can you hear me” – Bea may be asking if they know how extensively her conversations are monitored)
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Was this review helpful to you? (yes, yes it was, Bea. More coded crap for our Lexicon)
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Initial post: Apr 15, 2013 8:46:19 AM PDT
D. Ortego says: (“D. Ortego” is code for “D” grey alien; and “Or” alien; and “ego” which is human or alien I can’t remember which)
In terms of packaging I agree with you fully. While most companies are looking at ways to reduce their packaging costs and to lower their carbon footprint, Philips seems to be going in the opposite direction. (means most heads of the color-coded mob families are looking to “ways,” which is code for Grey alien, to reduce the packaging costs by putting us in bodies (“packages”) that are “cheaper” which would be the alien “Twos”or “Greens” which are “opposite” of Grey aliens.)
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5 of 5 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? (notice the above seemingly inane comment yet 5 out of 5 people found it adds to the discussion, of toothbrush head packaging)

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 15, 2013 3:11:52 PM PDT
Joanna D. says:
I wouldn’t just blame Philips. It seems if you make a product (we are the product, my family’s souls) that costs more than a few dollars (we are also the “dollars”) and it hangs on a store display, it needs to be clamshell packed for anti-theft. (Clamshell refers to the twos, since everyone dislikes the twos, hiding our family’s souls under a “two alien” shell will prevent anyone else from trying to steal our souls). A sad commentary on our times. But if the product is shipped, it can have “frustration-free” packaging. A box. (A Nine) Heck, a brown paper sack. (Brown is a Six and “paper” means human, and “sack” is used to avoid saying “bag” which would be “b ag” or a Two alien).
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7 of 9 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? (quite the discussion here about toothbrush packaging)

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2014 1:08:37 PM PST
a viewer says: (“a viewer” means someone watching my Truman Show life where they attack, rape, torture and murder me, wipe my memory and do it over and over)
Meant to press “Helpful” but hit “No” by mistake, sorry! (this is a warning -“No” – and “sorry!” which is code for the authorities are watching)
Thanks for your review!
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1 of 4 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2014 2:49:51 PM PST

[Deleted by the author on Nov 7, 2014 1:58:21 AM PST]

Posted on Dec 14, 2014 5:24:53 AM PST
charles murphy says: (probably Kodiak, since he is a Six & “murphy” is Irish)
Hilarious. (means funny – authorities are watching) Thanks for the excellent rant about the packaging!
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5 of 7 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? (I’d like to understand why 5 out 7 people think this comment adds to the discussion, so much so that they would go out of their way to select a “yes” button when they could just keep reading.)

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 7:43:34 PM PST
S. White says: (there is another “White” group for “independents in the family”)
Ha, ha, you nailed it (re packaging). (means authorities watching are “nails” which means metal which usually means Nines)  Thanks for the review.
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2 of 4 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? (again, how would this add to the innocuous discussion?)

Posted on May 7, 2015 8:07:01 PM PDT
pixierose says: (this is Bea again talking to herself – she calls me “her sister rose”)
You are hilarious and I share your emotions completely. Like seriously, who is going to steal electric toothbrush replacement heads! (Means, “hilarious” – authorities; “I share your emotions completely” – letting them know it is Bea talking again which is why she shares the original reviewers emotions completely; “seriously, who” and “steal” refers to the Nine aliens (“serious” means “cirrus” clouds, the comma is for emphasis as in “pay attention” and the “who” means “owl” which means alien, usually Nines, so she is agreeing that the authorities listening are Nines.)

After looking at this a bit, I think this exchange occurred a few years ago like the dates say. During that time frame the Nines were talking to me about “sponsoring me” in their “Game.” I had no idea what Game they were talking about. But also had no particular reason to worry about them. So I think Bea is warning them that I was protected by the Twos but was maybe switching to teaming up with the Nines. And she’d rather have me teamed up with some humans. As I’ve said, this Run for Your Life Game lasts 10 years. My ten years are up now. But for the first 9 years I was on the run I had no idea why or what was going on. I had no tether to hear what was happening. I can’t see the vast majority of things and people that are projected into the air in this simulated earth. I was just running around because I literally had nowhere to go. They destroy all of your relationships with friends and family to leave you with little money and force you to live on the streets. I did this to protect my few friends they hadn’t yet harmed. But I didn’t know what the Game was or why they assigned “teams” – and still don’t know really. I am at the “End Game” now so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

via Joanna D.’s review of Philips Sonicare Sensitive replacement too…

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