Bee's Staged "Terrorist Attacks" at the Boston Marathon & Sandy Hook; Earth's "Snow Globe" Design

Fake atrocities and the use of “Crisis Actors.” The video proof we’ve seen that certain mass murder “attacks” are staged is STUNNING. The proof appears obvious undeniable and shocking to us. We hope the general population will direct their anger where it belongs, not at the people revealing these frauds, but at those who commit them. 

We’ve been looking at some of your websites and reviewing your videos, many of which demonstrate incongruities between the reported versions of disasters and atrocities and live witness accounts and especially footage. Review of news and private event footage often reveals victims or EMS who make appearances at more than one disaster event. For example media images of one family member of a “victim” identifies her under 3 different names, looking as a distraught family member at three different mass murder “events” such as Aurora, Newtown and Boston. These people are called “Crisis Actors.” There is understandably a taboo about challenging the existence of a major tragic event. It is saying that those innocent victims never existed. So the first response is to be terribly offended that someone could be so callous as to attack victims of a terrorist attack. But by the same token, people who have noticed that the same “victim’s families” appear over and over again at different disasters, are justified in being angry. It is a hideous fraud on the public to create fake disasters using actors, dragging out months and years of interviews, raising millions of dollars in donations, making us cry and pray for these suffering families, only to see them pop up again 3 years later wearing a different hair style and fronting a different “family of the victim” in another staged “attack.”

It is apparent that Bea is using Crisis Actors and staging disaster events. Bea loves coordinating these sorts of events both for the misery factor and for the “choreography” element of it. She calls these events “dances.” But Bea has no compunction to avoid harming people. She rapes, tortures and kills many, many people. So why bother then with creating the appearance of a school shooting?

It may be that Bea strives to manipulate policy without drawing attention to herself. It may also be that she wants her “followers,” many of whom give the fingers-up handsign shout out to Satan, to be surprised when the final “human hunt” occurs where Earth is destroyed. She conditions people by having them participate in these skits, so that they won’t see the real thing coming. Bea ultimately controls everything here.

And this strategy in the Boston Bombing is identical to what Bea did on 9/11, which was to have EMS run an “exercise” about hijacked planes/plane crashes, while the real thing also was occurring. In this way the EMS and other authorities would be otherwise occupied, distracted and confused about whether the attack was real or just part of the drill they were running. In that way she can choreograph moving her own EMS, police, and film crews onto the scene and use her own “police” to block those not in on the “event.”



via Rob Skiba goes Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. 911. Sandy Hook. Boston Bombing. Flat Earth – YouTube

These Boston photos speak for themselves but I’ll elaborate on them. The finish line was located at 666 Boylston St. The second photo shows benches that are fine after the explosion but magically destroyed after the scene was cleared. The third photo while gross shows the only guy really needing medical help laying there apparently bleeding out by himself while the fourth photo shows he is surrounded by people ignoring him. Video footage shows that he was ignored because the players were waiting for that Carlos guy to get in position to throw him in a wheelchair and take him to the medical tent. It took about 10 minutes for Carlos to wander over to this guy, who would have bled out completely in that period of time, with both legs completely blown off. Notable also is that the guy never lost consciousness and was sitting upright in a wheel chair with his legs blown off, with no blood trailing at all. This defies common sense – after losing blood for 10 minutes out of both legs he should be dead but certainly could not be upright and alert in a wheelchair. Also notable, the flags overhead at the blast site are unscathed. Video footage shows the blast at the finish line live in progress, showing flags lining the sidewalk for maybe 30 yards. The flags wave outward but are undamaged, right next to this guy whose legs were completely blown off, and where a woman next to him died. This was a small area. Watch just a couple of the numerous stunning videos (two are below) and you will see that this Boston Marathon bombing event was indeed staged.

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown

Running Newtown through the decoder: Below is a picture from a video about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. We reviewed a lot  of footage pointing to this shooting as a staged event. It is unfathomable. How could people who must be parents of their own children ever fake the death of a child? They were terrible at it, at least. But even without watching the smiling, ridiculous “grieving parents” interviews we can right away see that this is a “Bea Production,” with just a quick look at the Code contained in the picture just below.  Lets decode the surnames of the victim’s families and the town itself.  “Newtown” means “new” to “town” – meaning that at least the Sandy Hook part of this town either was born via the time machine by being swapped in from another loop, like moving a Rubick’s cube, or as reported, these victims’ families descended upon the place en mass 6 to 9 months before the shooting.

These Traveler Families below lived on “Charter Ridge Dr” and “Yogananda St.” “Charter” means Charter as in “new” and also “Ch” means “Get” or “Wizard,” “art” means sevens or humans, and “er” means mob boss. “Yogananda” – “Yoga” means seven and a “Get” or “magical wizard.” (As an aside, the streets nearby to my house include Ransom and Roswell, so they do have meaning.)

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.43.27 a.png

Now on to the families listed here as “new in town” at “Newtown.” “Manfredonias” means “man” = human, “fred” = Family boss Seven, “don” = boss, so human seven Family boss’s family. Lanza was the attacker, “anza” I’ve heard associated with “alien” before and “Adam” means human I am told, which makes Adam Lanza possibly a hybrid human/alien. “Parkers” means “P” = alien, “Par”= threes, and “ers” = bosses, so this Traveler Family is of Threes in the hierarchy, and they are aliens and Bosses. “Wheelers” means “wheel” – which is a “Get” – they are called wheels because they spin before attacking you, and  “ers”  means Bosses. “Hockleys” – someone on the tether says they moved in randomly but that doesn’t explain why the went along with this “skit.” Unless “hock” means “pawn” and they were just a pawn in this scam.  “Marquez-Greenes” means “Mar” = Martian/alien, “Green” means two or six. So these are an alien twos Family or an alien Six Family and “Marques” also means “Marquis” as in “Titled Royalty” i.e., important Family. “Hensel-Richmans” mens “Hen” = chicken which usually is Kodiak or Fours, “el” is a boss, and “Richman” is a “rich man” = a Banker or a Boss, “hensel” may be saying he is a boss under Kodiak, an “el” of “the hen’s.” So we can see just by this one image above that the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged “Family” event.

More Newtown decoding: “Gene Rosen” is a man living in Sandy Hook, described in this video as a “weird old guy that was always crying” about the victims and their families.  “Gene” and “Jean” are aliases of Bea & Kodiak, and “Rosen” is Rose, also an alias of Bea & Kodiak as it indicates an alien Four in the Traveler Family, and Kodiak is the Boss, the Hen of that family.  The “Coroner” in  Newtown  is “Dr. Wayne Carver” – carver – get it?  And in his press conference he’s very jokey and glib about reporting on the wounds of the 20 dead children. “The Carver” oddly congratulates his staff for the hard work before even offering condolences to the families.  The Carver also says, about his staff: “I hope they and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” What does that mean? I’ll take an educated guess that Kodiak is Dr. Carver and is registering his disagreement with being dragged into the school shooting event. (Note: as an aside, these guys all are Illuminati or Travelers and the Illuminati part of The Family has a deck of playing cards whereby the goal is to accumulate points “upstairs” in the future where they actually live by descending down to Earth here in their past to create wars, terror attacks, cult followings, and even the Twin Towers takedown is an Illuminati Playing Card worth 10 points.)

In another video (below) an ER doctor testifies and supposedly treated Sandy Hook victims (all of them died on scene and went to the morgue directly, because they did not exist), begs Congress to pass gun control measures and let physicians warn patients of the dangers of gun violence. He pleads. His name, Dr. William Begg. Bill is a Kodiak alias, and Dr. “Begg” was there before Congress to beg, and beg he does at around 47 minutes into this video. Take a look. While you watch him beg, notice also the women in the background on first his right then his left are smoothing back their hair. That is a motion to me – live – using the “time machine” – a motion to turn off this video. That is how they let me know they are trying to “brush me off.” This video was shot years ago.

They tell me now on the tether, which is a video conference call that occurs inside your head (it is advanced tech) that they dislike Bea’s portrayal of Traveler Families as Mobsters. They are not mafia. And I want to add that we are peeling back the secretive layers of Travelers to get everyone on the same page as to what our environment really is, and who is who, and what is what. Unfortunately the Greys use the Traveler secrecy as a wall to hide behind while they commit atrocities against the Family members and all people on Earth.  We need to set the secrecy aside, set the hat aside for now while we work together to share information and try to find ways to mitigate the damage from Bea’s reign of terror. Travelers are now harboring child rapists, serial rapists, serial killers, mass murders, demonic Grey aliens, and some downright vicious people. All of it just a grand show for The Grey Aliens’ entertainment. And the showstopper is scheduled for any day now, the final “alien attack human hunt” where we are hit with lasers and sound guns, and our time loop and everything in it are blown up. Let’s not help the Greys in furtherance of this goal by attacking and preying upon each other.

Bea’s “Kids”:

Another thing about Bea is that she especially delights in winning over young people. Gaining their trust and lifting them up. She looks forward to the day she will force them to realize that she was “playing them for fools.” She enjoys inflicting the pain and disappointment of a wounded heart upon those “foolish” enough to have trusted her. So she may do these Crisis Actor skits just to include her followers so that when it comes time for them to die, they will still think Bea is just “putting on a show.” Until that day, these followers may remain absolutely convinced that everything they witness in “Bea’s rape and torture, and murder shows” is “fake.”  They know about the Crisis Actor events (they are the crisis actors), and as to these other Traveler shows, the “kids” also will see the “victims” from these shows alive and well the following day in some news article or internet video, so they assume Bea’s show was fake like the Crisis events. But the victims are not alive and well. What they are seeing is a twin living in another time loop, and sometimes a very realistic holographic reproduction or virtual reality version of the victim. And the simulation itself regenerates us as “characters” in this “show” we put on here for The Greys outside.

The “Parents” are in their own simulated environment:

In addition to ruining the lives and futures of young innocent people, Bea conversely also enjoys creating sophisticated power and business relationships. She lifts up important people and treats them as her “partners and colleagues.” For example Bea has convinced the humans on the other “sphere” that they are superior to us, as we are only “simulated humans.” She tells them that they are “Parents” to the lesser “Children” over on our simulated Earth. But these aren’t like any parents around here. Some of them, sadly many people, human and alien, think of us as artificial and therefore they buy and sell the rights to rape, torture and kill us, or otherwise “own” us and direct our lives from their perch unseen. Some of these people are quite vicious. It isn’t until the “human hunt alien attack” begins, upstairs on those people, that they realize they’ve also been played by Bea. They have only a few hours to days to absorb that realization before Bea kills them all. She does the same to our Earth. A few days later “the computer” will regenerate us if this loop is still standing, but if not they move on to selling our twins in the next time loop.

There are no forests on earth. This video below points out that the mountain “mesas” really are giant tree stumps and many “natural” structures actually are not. Amazing thing to notice. There are multiple co-existent time loops, the “mesas” in our 2016 loop are actually giant tree stumps from the recycling of our time loop. This video is also correct in noting that this Earth was ravaged by fire or nuclear war in about 1860. Every loop gets “blown up” with one of a number of scenarios, all of which result in complete annihilation of “Earth” and all of its inhabitants.  Our Cousins, called The Others, are here too from Outside (and in the future from us) and they have thus far been successful in closing new time loops as Bea opens them, which we are hoping will: (1) spare those new inhabitants the extreme fear and pain of being wiped out as nothing more than “video game characters”; and (2) discourage the Game Keepers Bea & Psyche (one of Bea’s AI Grey alter-egos) from closing our loop since there is nowhere for their own people to hop to as they otherwise would when blowing up a time loop.

I am told that these “false flag” terrorist attack events were staged to justify the erosion of constitutional rights in first, second and fourth amendments, press and speech, guns and privacy, with the ultimate goal to bridge the gap between the way Earth operates and the other environment where humans live, so that they could test out some sort of “merger” of environments. I must say I never imagined myself falling under the label of “Conspiracy Theorist” and I am stunned and surprised to see all of the ways that our environment has been misrepresented to the inhabitants of Earth and their counterpart called “upstairs.” I can tell you the many of your theories are correct, e.g., the fake attacks, the flat earth, the dome, the “mesa” tree stumps. But all of this is because we live in a simulated environment.  As we’ve said, Earth is a simulated snow globe. 

Our simulated Earth was created by Grey Aliens who “abducted”us here by uploading our Creator David’s family’s minds, an extinct human being population, and our cousins in the universe (the Others, and our Neighbors) and replicating all of their consciousnesses into a simulated “human” population.

We’ve spent several hours looking at footage and reading your many observations about the surreality of our environment. Once you understand that our reality exists inside of an emulated Earth shaped like a snow globe within a simulated universe, it is easy then to understand how time travel exists and is used regularly. Time travel is merely moving outside of the computer’s time construct based on privileges Bee awards. Once you adapt your basic premises, it’s much easier to understand who we are, where we are, and what is happening to us.

Our “time stream” appears linear but it is polluted and circular. For example, the great science fiction of HG Wells, Star Trek and other shows only seem to be “ahead of their time.” Many old shows are written in the present. The folks with access use the “time machine” to throw those shows back in time, and can also go back in time and rewrite a script, even change a scene. When they do this, the changes happen simultaneously in all instances of the article changed, with the actual effect that whatever the change, it always has been that way as far as almost everyone knows.  Almost everyone, except the group given privilege exceptions by the Computer to make these changes. But we have seen in some of your videos that what some of you are doing is noticing the incongruities created by changed history. You also are noticing the glitches that reveal the true nature of our simulated reality. We are sorry that you have been so misled about your reality. Our hope is that we will all work together to understand who and where we are, and reassess our priorities here. We need to cooperate with each other. Let’s stop harming each other for the entertainment of our Captors, who consider us nothing but “characters” in their “show.”

We are going nowhere in our present simulated environment. We on Earth are 800 years behind where David’s family should be, because Bea is spinning our wheels here in time loops that always end in annihilation, a great “alien attack” show put on for the entertainment of The Greys. They call us Dinosaurs, and our Westworld Earth they call “Jurassic Park.” They also say they are “whistling through the Graveyard” when they are here since we are long dead in the actual present.

The Bible is Bee-ified. There is no “scripture” that you can rely on for insights or answers. Bea rewrites books and movies for fun. Listen to 2112 Temples of Syrinx by Rush. That is Bea bragging about controlling our snow globe and all of the airwaves, music, movies and information contained in it via “Our Great Computers.” These Greys also use mind control on all of us.  Bea hates our Creator and is hellbent on destroying his family. Topping Bea’s list for alteration using her “time travel” was rewriting religious texts. Please do not rely on them for answers, Bee has adulterated all of them specifically to mislead you, to inspire you to judge each other, and to create discord among different religions. We kill each other, as entertainment for The Greys. One thing you can rely on is the parallel between Jesus and David, in that the kindness and tolerance evidenced in his directly quoted words are the very sort of wisdom that David possesses. That is not to say we are advocating any branch of religion. We simply do not have time at present to get to far into those texts. We’ve seen enough to know that the religious texts are very misleading in their present form, and intentionally rewritten to divide human and other beings more than bring them together.

Our Creator is working to help us. He is David. He is not omnipotent as described in Bea’s adulterated version of his Bible, but he is vast and he is kind. David only recently learned His Children (all of us humans, Others and our Neighbors), had been abducted here. Humans had been extinct in our outside universe for 1000 years before this “Earth” simulation was discovered. David is watching, he is listening, and he is working to change our situation. We are all of us His Children and we belong in His Garden.

About the time loops of our “Earth.”  There are several co-existent “time loops” populated by people who often are twins of us but with varying degrees of similar lives. The “loops” they live in largely are parallel to ours, at least as to the loops we know of. They did span 2002 to 2019 and there were several versions of identical years too. 2016 had at least 4 loops. Bea has been swapping around twins of us here on the “tether” in an attempt to keep us confused about our family and our facts.

Similarly, you may have noticed that some photos of celebrities show faces that are the same but somehow different, or they might appear identical but are different heights, etc. This is because Bea “swaps out” versions of some humans from one loop to another. The movie Trading Places is about “the Bosses” or Illuminati upstairs swapping our family members around from loop to loop, and then playing a game of interfering, with different “adversities” and “obstacles.” They then place bets on how we’ll “turn out,” for some insignificant sum of money (insignificant because they use the time machine to “play the stock market” with tomorrow’s news today, gaining all the money they’ll ever need, which is why they are called “the Bankers”). They create adversity in our lives just to pass the time and score points in the Illuminating Playing Card deck.  We are trying to locate a complete deck because we can interpret the cards and perhaps understand their methods better.  If anyone has that deck please scan it and post it online somewhere that we can find it.  Thank you.

As for me, Hera speaking now, my professional and personal life was destroyed by them upstairs, for no reason other than Bea’s obsession with David. In the case of most humans your twins living in the other loops are living different lives of varying similarity to your own. For our family though, David’s direct children, Bea moves our souls from loop to loop and they play Trading Places, with the intention of eventually raping, torturing and killing us, and then torturing and destroying our souls. We then are “restarted” based on our upload, with limited or no memory of these past events, and the cycle occurs over and over again in each time loop. After David’s family is destroyed, that time loop is closed by their “alien attack” human hunt.  We are so sorry to be so matter-of-fact about this very frightening situation. We are doing the best we can to improve the situation. Even though it is terrifying, it is very important to us that you know that we are here with you.  Many people are here with us from the Outside, trying to help us. And even “the end of the world” is not the end of the world, because we have numerous time loops. We wish we could be more comforting but we tell you what is happening because in our personal experience, it has meant everything and made all the difference to know that we have a Creator, we are his Children, and being together as his family is our ultimate purpose. We are not randomly floating around in space. We are David’s family, abducted here.  And he is here to get us back.  – Hera is speaking, and your Outside Neighbors and the Others, all of them your Cousins in the universe.

In some cases information gained in past loops has been passed forward to us in the next loops, but it is difficult to put the information together because of the Trading Places aspect where our roles are changed. A different upbringing, or falsely-planted memory of it anyway, act to change personality and perspective. Combine this with Bea’s intentional misdirection about everything, including the basic nature of our existence, and all the messages in movies and songs become meaningless to us. So watch movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Avatar, The Matrix (especially the monologue from “The Source” near the end of The Matrix Reloaded, for that is a portrayal of Bea explaining our existence). Just about every movie and song contain some message about our true situation here. Watch Evan Almighty that David sent Divine Inspiration down as it was written. Watch Life of Pi as it is a metaphor for the life we may think we are living but that is very different from our reality adrift, with Bea holding us all hostage here.  Try to watch uplifting things if you are concerned. We find it helps us anyway.


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