I'm "Three Times A Lady" According to Kodiak, While "Driving" Lionel Richie

Everyone knows the words to Lionel Richie’s hit “Three times a lady.” This is another song about me. Another taunt of Kodiak and Bea about how I am killed and restarted to be killed again. So I am “Once, twice, three times a lady.” Not only does that mock the fact that I am killed over and over, it also counts to THREE, which is shorthand for 666, as I pointed out a couple of posts ago. Moreover, decoding the name Lionel Richie, it means “Lion” which is a cat, which means alien, “el” which is boss, and “Richie” which is rich, which means he’s a “banker” in charge of this “Earth.” The way Kodiak and Bea bury taunts in “precious” and sweet, soothing love songs is reminiscent of Cat Stevens: “I’m being followed by a moonshadow. moonshadow moonshadow.” There’s that three again, code for 666. Moon represents the dark side, and so does shadow. And of course there’s the name “Cat” which means alien, and “Stevens” which means St. or saint, of the “Evens” which is human, Cat Stevens is a cat hiding inside a human, or a hybrid alien/human.

Anyway back to Lion el the Rich banker (Bea):  Here’s the lyrics to Three Times a Lady:

Thanks for the times
That you’ve given me (he takes all the times, by raping me, so this is mocking that)
The memories are all in my mind (mocking how my memory is erased after I am killed in each loop, but he’ll remember)
And now that we’ve come
To the end of our rainbow (remember what Kodiak said in his Rolling Stones song, “She’s a Rainbow” – I come in colors, and this song is played when this run of my rainbow is concluding with my final rape and murder)
There’s something
I must say out loud (apparently based on numerous songs, at the end when I am killed, he will say “thanks for the good time” or something to me  as I die – out loud – rather than in his head, which is how we communicate on the “tether.”)
You’re once, twice
Three times a lady (three times a lady because I am raped and killed and then reborn in a new time loop to be watched my entire life (Truman Show), raped repeatedly often with my memory wiped, then vicously raped and killed usually after I reach adulthood)
Yes you’re once twice
Three times a lady (It’s actually six times a lady at this point, according to Bee’s monologue as “the Source” at the end of The Matrix Reloaded)
And I love you

When we are together
The moments I cherish (this new verse oddly switches from the goodbye verse above to a present tense verse about us being together. this means Kodiak is now bragging about “loving” me anew as I am reborn in a new time loop. “Loving” me refers to victimizing me as the designated victim in Bea’s lifelong “Game of Love.”)
With every beat of my heart
To touch you to hold you
To feel you to need you
There’s nothing to keep us apart (this is a reference to the time machine and adjacent strings of time. What they do is move in a parallel string of time that operates sort of like a screen door on your house. These guys are in the room with me and can step right into the room or stay behind the screen in which case they can attack me physically while they remain invisible to my eyes. So this line is a reference to the fact that he can get to me anywhere, anytime, like magic, by moving in this “4th dimension.”)
You’re once twice
Three times a lady (three times to signify that I am now the “lady” of Satan for eternity, whether I like it or not)
And I love you
I love you (“I love you” means he is “loving me” in the “Game of Love” which is code for raping, torturing and killing me. It also means “Hate” in the Traveler lexicon where often words have their opposite meaning.)

Here’s the song video, complete with an alien crop circle as the cover for “The Commodores” – because they are Commodores of an alien spaceship.

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