Video showing a Grey alien moving around behind the eyes of this Sandy Hook video narrator on You Tube

Whatever you think of Sandy Hook, just forward this video to minute 8:06 and watch this narrator’s eyes. Click the You Tube link for a version that you can blow up full screen. Look at it frame by frame and you’ll see that disguised behind his copious blinking is another being who was looking through his eyes but saw us watching him and decided to recede into the background. The result is that the Grey can be seen moving and changing the shape of the narrator’s eyes. It’s creepy and that’s what it looks like. We’ll put up some still frames in a bit.

We got banned from InfoWars after making just a few posts.We did not say anything derogatory about Alex Jones so I suppose it is because we encouraged people there to read our blog for more info. Pretty lame. We don’t realize any financial gain from you reading our blog.

Here’s the Sandy Hook video with the Grey, and the You Tube link to enlarge the video on your screen. Skip to 8:06.

via David Wheeler debunking the debunkers – YouTube

Sometimes even I am amazed at how obvious this stuff is. Here’s the screenshots, creepy because somehow they are looking back at us live and see us, so he starts blinking and the Grey starts trying to get back from where we can see him in this guy’s eyeballs. Notice the eyeball on your left starting to look oblong, while the eyeball on your right gives us a piercing glare, then turns a reptilian or cat-eye shape before the pupil becomes small. Yikes. Click on the left side of our pages to add your comments. Anonymous are fine, preferred even so you aren’t singled out. Hera

Start of Narration
Later as Eyes Start Moving



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