The Simpsons "predicted" Pokemon Go, and that Donald Trump would be President because it already had happened "upstairs." Decoding other Simpsons "predictions."

Below are some still frame shots taken from Simpsons videos on You Tube. Plenty of videos there show how the Simpsons “predicted” the future that Trump would be President. They also show that the Simpsons “predicted” 9/11, the Apple iPod, and a number of other things. Those full videos are at the bottom. I thought we’d explain to you what some of the other numerous messages in the Simpsons mean. We want you to understand that the “Traveler Businessmen” or “Sevens” have the use of the Greys’ “time machine” and they use it to send messages back and forth to another “Earth” that coexists with our own. They sit about 200 years up from us in the future, so they say. So someone “upstairs” is feeding someone down here the Simpsons’ material.

Here’s a few not predictions but explainers based on Simpson episodes. These confirm what I have been telling you. In the first image you’ll see what The Travelers call “The Gathering.” In these images it is called “Snake Whacking Day.” At the annual Travelers Gathering they choose a so-called “witch” or “alien” and rape her, beat her to death and burn her at the stake. I know this because last summer it was my day to be sacrificed at The Gathering. These (people) think that a “witch and alien” is chosen by their leaders. In fact it is anyone Bea decides to throw under the bus. I am fully a human being. Bea’s in love with my husband so she chose me to be sacrified on Snake Whacking Day. The Simpsons calls it “Snake Whacking Day” because they think some of the aliens or witches are reptilian (and maybe they are). But I am not one of them. 

Now, in the top image on the left you’ll see a guy in a hat. He is a “Traveler.” In the middle you’ll see a kid in blue with a hat. He is a Traveler. In fact most of the people there are wearing blue because blue is the color corresponding to sevens, who are all humans, and they also are the “businessmen” who run this place we call “Earth.” If any of you sevens are reading this… you have a Creator and it ain’t Bee and Kodiak. Bea knows this. Bea’s the biggest snake of them all, the Queen Bee. She’s a Grey posing as a Seven and she’s the one who came up with Snake Whacking Day!  The Snake! She throws humans under the bus to be killed by other humans on “snake whacking day”!  So stop – the joke’s on you!

The bible and your real Creator: A lot of the bible is adulterated now by Bea and Kodiak, but it originally was written for human beings. You have a Creator. He did not know you were here because Bea, Psyche, and Kodiak abducted you to here. But he knows now. Stop killing people at The Gathering. Most the time they are just innocent people Bea disagrees with! And all of Creation are His children. Start acting like your Creator sees you! Because he just might! Especially if you are sacrificing people (or whacking snakes) at The Gathering.

Back to these images. They are of The Gathering, an annual event for The Travelers. You can see that the “Businessmen” look like mobsters, even though they now protest. This is “The Family” I have been talking about and deciphering on this blog.

Next images from Simpsons episodes. Understanding our blog is the difference between seeing “predictions that come true” and “seeing the future before it happens.” We want you to join us in seeing the future before it happens. So we are showing you how, as best we can. Pay attention. Next images. Top left, the 1997 episode showing the Twin Towers burning in the window. We’ve explained on this blog that going back to the past is called “opening a window.” Our warnings are all over this blog about “closing this window” and that is what we mean. We are presently living far in the past here. Bea’s been spinning her wheels here for 800 to 1000 years. For at least 800 years we’ve been going nowhere while she blows up the human race and the Earth over and over. She kills us all and then reopens a window into the past to bring us “back to life” and kills us again.

Anyway, the people on You Tube notice the burning Twin Towers in the train window on the 1997 Simpsons episode below, but they do not know that every “window” on that train has meaning. In fact The Simpsons is chock full of secret messages from the future. The second image on top right is actually a shot that precedes the Twin Towers window. In this image, Kodiak is standing in front of the window on the left in a leather vest. He is holding a martini, which is code for Martian. Behind him in that window looks very much to us like an image from War of the Worlds. There is a close up on middle left. We welcome your thoughts. On middle right is yet another window, which looks to us like a flying saucer. In the large bottom photo we see a flying saucer lighting up the whole train, which means us, or them upstairs, and we see a guy in the back left with something on his head. What is that? We see a guy back right standing in front of a painting. He looks like Van Gogh to us, even though he also is wearing a Traveler hat. He’s standing in front of a painting. See the next image for Van Gogh’s self portrait.

Van Gogh’s Self Portrait in a Dark Felt Hat


As for the Pokemon image above, Homer is “pointing” at it because Pokemons are witches or evil beings. The Travelers believe there are evil beings called “Gets” and a Pokemon is the same thing. So Travelers point, or say “I see your point” – to tell the others around that someone is a witch. “Point” means “Pointy Hat” – a witches hat. That is why Homer is pointing at the Pokemon.

Here’s the You Tube videos about future “predictions” by the Simpsons. They aren’t predictions. This stuff happened somewhere between 50 and 200 years ago, from the vantage point of the “Other Earth” “upstairs.” We’ll keep putting explainers up, we don’t want them all crowded in on one blog page and there are tons of them. 


via Simpsons Prediction of Donald Trump Becoming President Comes True – YouTube


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