Proof of the Time Machine – video compiling references to 9/11 before 9/11; a brief note on the Chicken Man

Neo’s license to “drive” a human being body in our Matrix expired on 9/11/01.

The first video came out a few years ago but shows clearly the references to 9/11 within the movie Back to the Future II. Other than speaking like he’s talking to 2nd graders, the video is very good, and shows both that there is a time machine, since the movie predates 9/11, and that there are messages in most movies and songs, if you know how to look for them. It isn’t a “prediction” of 9/11. It is a message after 9/11 has occurred, but thrown back in time with the time machine to those who understand that there is a time machine, and therefore know how to pick up these messages. We’re trying to show you that on this blog.

Unfortunately this video narrator thinks the director of Back to the Future is a “pre-cogging conduit.” What? There is no pre-cogging going on, there’s a time machine though, and the messages in the movie are the result of these attacks already occurring, and someone using access to the “time machine” to warn people in the past and ask them to stop the planned destruction of the Twin Towers. So once you learn how to pick up the messages from the future, you too can be a “Pre-cogging Conduit”!

Here’s a few screen shots of both videos combined, each of them warning about the attacks. Notice in the Bart Simpson warning he is pointing at 9/11 with money in his left hand. That signifies that “the Bankers” or rulers of Earth on the left-hand side,  are going to cause the attacks to occur. The “left hand side” of “the Bankers” is the alien side, e.g., Bea and Psyche, and perhaps Kodiak. The right-hand side would be human Family Bosses or human “Bankers.” Notably “the Bankers” or ruling Family Bosses of Earth on both the left and the right were behind the Sandy Hook hoax, and in this post we decipher the names of new-to-Newtown families:



These aren’t coincidences, they are messages from the future thrown back in time to those who know how to retrieve them.

We also got new-to-us footage recently of Pres. Bush in the classroom being informed of the first plane hitting the North Tower. This video is amazing. It shows the teacher reporting what Bush was thinking (via people in the future reading his thoughts at the time) in the moments before being notified, with the teacher then asking the children to spell the words kite, steel, plane, hit, and must, and even more.

Below is a video about 9/11. It talks about the fact that no planes crashed on the date of the terrorist attacks. Ignore that for awhile – it is not saying 9/11 did not happen – and watch the first 5 minutes of this video where the narrator shows us all the references to 9/11 made in the years prior to 9/11. This is important because it shows that people do in fact have access to time travel. This is how they use it, among other ways. They throw a movie back in time, or go back in time and add a scene or two to send a message to those among them who also know about the time machine and that messages back and forth are broadcast in movies and in music. This is why we keep urging you to pay attention to movies and songs. They are filled with messages that anyone can follow, if they know how to look. 

This video shows you a bit about how to look for these messages, by showing all the warnings about 9/11 contained in movies and TV shows predating 9/11 by years. At the very least it proves that they use a time machine. It also proves you too can learn to pick up these messages, before things occur. Every movie and song has a message. Let’s get to work deciphering them.

References to 9/11 in the video below start at about 3:50 or nearly 4 minutes in. Other than these references I don’t express an opinion on the video other than to say that Bill Cooper sounds like “Code” to me for Kodiak, who goes by Bill and is known as “the Chicken Man” – (the very same “chicken man” from Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad, and he’s as bad as they break) – so “Coop er” = “coop” means chicken and “er” means Family boss.



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