The Simpsons Shows Grey Alien Queen Bee's "Game of Love" Where Bee and Her "Gets" Rape and Murder Hera at Her "Wedding"

We really want you to understand that this stuff is real, actually happening, and horrific. It is depicted in these Simpsons images. The first image is of me “winning” the “Game of Love.” The winner of the game is “married” to a “Get” which is code-named “Cat” in Traveler Talk. “Get” means “gonna get you.” The Get who “wins my love” gets to be the one to cut off my arms and legs, cauterize the wounds, and rape my torso to death with knives. That image is from the Itchy and Scratchy show, within the Simpsons show. A show within a show, just as this Game of Love is a show broadcast to the evil subscribers, within the larger “show” that is this “Earth,” which is watched as a show as well, by the other human beings “upstairs.” My arm and leg “stumps” in this first image below depicted as packed with dynamite presumably is meant as a warning that “loving” me in this Game of Love by cutting me up like that is the same as “playing with dynamite” since I am the wife of our Creator.

The second image depicts me covered with blood on my “wedding day,” which is the last day of my life when I am married off to a “Get.” The third image shows my human body depicted as a “white car.” As we’ve explained, they call human bodies “vehicles” or “cars” or “suits” or “clothes.” They consider bodies to be nothing more than containers for the soul. We’ve also explained that I am “The White Queen” while Bea is “The Black Queen” (also depicted in the movie The Black Swan, which is Bea (and me)). So blood all over my White Car means I will be killed. Finally, in the last image with my White Car, you see the billboard for Quentin Tarentino’s “Kill Bill.” Now this is interesting because Kill Bill is about Bea and Me (Hera), and Bill, who is Kodiak. Uma Thurman’s character is named Beatrix, so Matt Greoning assumed that this billboard symbolized Bea killing me. But in actuality I am Beatrix in that movie. Bea is every other person I kill in that movie on the way to killing Bill. Bea is in thousands of people. She is “the Black Momba” – she is the snake, she is every bad news person in the movie, except for Bill, who represents Kodiak. Kodiak stole my child, in actuality.

More on that later when we go over Kill Bill. But for now, these are what these Simpsons images depict – my rape and murder as winner of Bee’s “Game of Love.” The reason this is Kill Bill 2 rather than the first Kill Bill on the billboard is because this is the second time she has done this to me with the Game of Love rape, torture and murder scenario. For more on this see our blog entries decoding songs by 10,000 Maniacs (“My Sister Rose” on her wedding day), and Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge” and “Blank Space.”  Taylor’s song “Wildest Dreams” in contrast is about killing me at the summer Traveler Gathering discussed in the just prior blog entry where they rape me to death and burn me at the stake as a “witch.”

Cutting off my arms and legs is called “Love”
Hera’s Wedding Day
Blood all over a “White Car,” which to the Travelers is code for Hera, “The White Queen’s,” Human Body

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