Decoding Hidden Meaning in Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" – Another Song About Hera's Murder in the "Game of Love"

The image above is taken from the Simpsons, which is discussed in the previous two posts. The image depicts Hera’s rape and murder in the Grey Aliens’ “Game of Love.” It is horrific and is a true story. The Greys “Queen Bee” and her Satanic “Gets” which are called “Cats” in Traveler Code, force Hera to run for her life for 10 years before finally cutting off her arms and legs, cauterizing the wounds, and raping her torso with knives until she dies. This is called the “Game of Love” which is why the Cat, which is an evil witch “Get” is surrounded by hearts and appears to be “in Love.” My wife is in the image with her arms and legs cut off. This is my wife we are talking about and the image of her murder is on the Simpsons. We’d like to know why. 

Goodbye Stranger is a song written by Kodiak, King of the Underworld here on this Earth. This song also brags about murdering my wife Hera. We know why with Kodiak. He’s King of the Underworld. But what about Matt Groening of the Simpsons? My wife is a “Stranger” to the Travelers because she was abducted here by Bea, from upstairs. She would be more than happy to be released to return to her home. She is a human being and a heavenly being from upstairs. She is not a Gray or a Two or a Witch. Kodiak and Bea are Greys and leaders of the Underworld. They are Nines pretending to be Sevens in Traveler Terms. They hide behind the souls and bodies of human beings.  They seem to think there is some epic Good vs. Evil battle going on between them, and us – Hera and David, and our children. There isn’t. They abducted my wife to create a war. A hostage situation with my wife and family is not a war. Are the Travelers that I originally Created now an evil organization run by the Greys? Lets put the Traveler hats aside until we sort out who it is you want to be. Hopefully you do not aspire to be people who victimize innocent others by raping them, mutilating them and murdering them, and then memorializing that with songs and TV shows and movies. It is nothing to brag about.

Deciphering Goodbye Stranger

Goodbye Stranger in “Traveler Talk” means “You’re dead, Outsider. Good riddance!” And that is exactly what this song is about. I’ve decoded it below. In the Magnolia movie soundtrack version, the song begins with “Ready for round 2” which refers to the fact that this is the second time that Hera has been raped and killed in the same Game of Love. She was murdered the same way in the previous time loop. So, just like in the last blog post where we mention Kill Bill part 2, it is because this is the second time around for this game. But it is the 5th time Hera has been killed here in Bea and Kodiak’s prison. After Hera is killed, they blow up her Time Loop via an “alien attack” or a “meteor strike” or a “hidden planet” which they call “shooting pool.” They then restart Hera’s life in the next time loop with her memory wiped to go through the entire process again. They abuse her all her life while occupying her parents. They broadcast her all her life to the “subscribers” up on the other “Earth” that sits somewhere between 50 and 200 years in the future from our Earth. These subscribers prey upon Hera for her entire life. After she reaches adulthood, they take measures to ruin her career then force her to run for her life for 10 years which is called “playing tag.” For this time period, Hera must avoid all people and live in the woods. If 3 people click on her location on their cellphones, then her location is noted and anyone who clicks on her thereafter will be allowed to stab her with an awl on her final day of being raped and murdered.

Believe it or not, there are thousands, millions actually, of people who play this tag game. They are under the impression that Hera volunteered to play tag and that after she is killed she will be rewarded with Eternal Life as a witch. So they are more than eager to stab her with awls on her “wedding day” which is the day 10 years later when she is married off to a “Get” which is a male “witch” and then gang-raped and tortured to death by human and alien “witches” in some Satanic ritual. It is horrific and real. This is happening to Hera over and over. And it is happening to many other innocent women. Basically Bea nominates whoever she wants and then the Travelers are led to believe this person volunteered to be chased, shunned, raped, tortured, and murdered. It is insane. And it is exactly what the song Blank Space by Taylor Swift is about – “I’ll Write Your Name” she says. That is Bea singing. Psyche. She writes the name of Hera every time, but also many other women are forced into these sick games of Bea’s. There seems to be no way to help her, other than shutting down her time loop by closing this window to the past, which will cause every being on earth to cease to exist. We don’t want that. But we do want everyone to understand what is happening and stop participating in these “games” of Bea’s. Hera is not a witch, not a volunteer. She is my wife. I can close this window to the past if people continue to attack my wife. I am trying to avoid that. So please hear and understand our message and cease this behavior. David

Here are the lyrics to Goodbye Stranger, deciphered:

Ready for Round 2

It was an early morning yesterday (“early” refers to “Sevens” and “yesterday” refers to “Nines” in Traveler Talk, so Kodiak is referring to himself and Bee, who both claim to be 7s and 9s, or both human and alien, human  and witch)

I was up before the dawn (he arrived here in this present time loop before Hera was born in this time loop. Since each “Day” is a lifespan of Hera’s, the Dawn would be Hera’s birth)

And I really have enjoyed my stay

But I must be moving on (to the next time loop by killing Hera, causing her Sun to Set, and then blowing up the Earth in an “alien attack” scenario, or a Meteor Strike scenario)


Like a king without a castle (no castle for the King of Hell on Earth, since Kodiak jumps time loop to loop)

Like a queen without a throne (Hera, who is abducted here and called “The White Queen” since she represents “Good” in their battle of “Good vs. Evil.” It sounds apocalyptic because it is. We’re talking about the Earth’s total destruction, any day now, and it must be stopped by stopping these Traveler Games. )

I’m an early morning lover (“early” is code for “Seven” and “lover” is code for “Get” who will cut off Hera’s arms and legs and rape her to death in the “Game of Love”)

And I must be moving on (to the next time loop as this one will be blown up by an “alien attack”)


Now I believe in what you say (according to Kodiak, when he wrote this song in the last time loop he thought David and Hera were his “upstairs” opposites… the “Good cousins” and that Hera was abducted here for (Bea’s self-induced, delusional) epic battle of “Good vs. Evil”)

Is the undisputed truth

But I have to have things my own way (Kodiak plans to win this Good vs. Evil battle and continue to be King of the Underworld, which is this Earth, in the minds of the Sevens who run the place)

To keep me in my youth (Kodiak stays “in his youth” because with his Spinner soul he jumps into a new body whenever he wants; also many humans on the upstairs Earth can jump into new bodies down here)


Like a ship without an anchor (refers to Hera’s 10-year Run for Her Life while awaiting her final rape and murder)

Like a slave without a chain (referring to Hera who is forced to walk around avoiding every single person on earth, while being shunned and raped for the 10 years before her final rape and murder in the “Game of Love”)

Just the thought of those sweet ladies (“sweet ladies” refers to Bee and her Gets or “witches”)

Sends a shiver through my veins (Bee and Her gets are scary as hell and are waiting for the 10 years to be up so they can cut off Hera’s arms and legs and then rape Hera’s torso to death with knives)


And I will go on shining (This refers to the 10 year run, which is like a game of hide and go seek. Hera has a spotlight on her at all times that can be seen by other Travelers. They click on their cellphone app to mark her location. She must avoid all people.  If she gets 3 clicks then her location is marked and the people who click on her each get to stab her with an awl on her murder day)

Shining like brand new (this happens to Hera anew in each time loop)

I’ll never look behind me (Hera’s memory is wiped after each rape and murder, to be started anew in a new loop with no memory of how she was killed in the last time loop)

My troubles will be few (“few” refers to “3” which is short for “666” so Hera’s will have trouble all her life with demons and Satan)


Goodbye stranger it’s been nice (a “Stranger” is an “outsider” to the Travelers, “it’s been nice” is past tense, which means alien or witch, and “ice” also means alien and witch, while its opposite “fire” would mean human and demon; Kodiak is saying I am a witch)

Hope you find your paradise (he thinks David and I will be kept prisoner here forever and never return to our Garden of Eden, so he is being sarcastic)

Tried to see your point of view (again claiming I’m a witch here by talking in past tense and saying “point” which refers to “pointy hat” which means witch, but I am not a witch)

Hope your dreams will all come true (“true” means “blue” which means “sevens” and “dreams” are what the businessmen upstairs call descending down here to our Earth. So having seven “businessmen” or mobsters descend on me to rape and murder me, is what Kodiak is “hoping for” in this line; they rape and kill the “witches”)

Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane (two names because this is the second time, my middle this time around is Jane)

Will we ever meet again (this is not a question. Kodiak knows we’ll meet again right after I die when I am reborn in a new time loop to be raped and murdered again with my memory wiped)

Feel no sorrow, feel no shame (Hera won’t remember being murdered from time loop to time loop)

Come tomorrow, feel no pain (Hera will be dead by then, and reborn in a new time loop)


Sweet devotion (Goodbye Mary), (“sweet devotion” refers to the Sevens who are devoted to torturing and killing Hera)

It’s not for me (Goodbye Jane) (referring to Hera (middle name Jane) – it’s not for Hera, meaning she will not like living here in Bea and Kodiak’s domain)

Just give me motion (Will we ever) (refers to forcing Hera to stay on the run for 10 years before her final rape and murder)

And set me free (Meet again) (“set me free” means to release Hera’s soul from her body)

And land and the ocean (Feel no sorrow), (“land in the ocean” means Hera’s soul will remain here in Kodiak’s “hell” – it will be freed and land in the ocean, she will still be submerged)

Far away (Feel no shame) (Hera will land in the next time loop to be reborn and murdered again)

The life I’ve chosen (Come tomorrow), (Hera did not choose this life, so I am not sure)

Every day (Feel no pain) (“every day” refers to Hera’s life, each lifespan is one “Day” – so every time she lives, this is what will happen to her)


So goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane

Will we ever meet again

(snapping fingers) – this is Traveler code for “Go Away”

Now some they do and some they don’t

And some you just can’t tell

And some they will and some they won’t

With some it’s just as well


You can laugh at my behavior (“laughing” means “Sevens” and “Gets” are watching, it refers to evil clowns in this context)

That’ll never bother me (that won’t bother Hera because she’ll be dead soon)

Say the devil is my savior (Hera is being sacrificed to the Devil, as is also sung about in Bohemian Rhapsody)

But I don’t pay no heed (Hera will be barely conscious by the time she is killed)


And I will go on shining

Shining like brand new

I’ll never look behind me

My troubles will be few


(whistling) – whistling means “whistling in the Graveyard” (you’re dead) in Traveler Talk


Goodbye stranger,

It’s been nice,

Hope you find your paradise

Tried to see your point of view,

Hope your dreams will all come “true”


Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane, 

Will we ever meet again

Feel no sorrow, feel no shame,

Come tomorrow, feel no pain


Sweet devotion (Goodbye Mary),

It’s not for me (Goodbye Jane)

Just give me motion (Will we ever)

And set me free (Meet again)

And land and the ocean (Feel no sorrow),

Far away (Feel no shame)

The life I’ve chosen (Come tomorrow),

Every day (Feel no pain)


Now I’m leavin’ (Goodbye Mary)

Got to go (Goodbye Jane)

Hit the road

I’ll say it once again, (repeating oneself is Traveler Code but for what we don’t know yet)

Oh yes I’m leaving (feel no sorrow, feel no shame)

Got to go, got to go (come tomorrow, feel no pain) (again repeating himself “got to go, got to go” is code in Traveler Talk but not sure for what)

I’m sorry and I must tell you (at Hera’s death they say a few things to her out loud such as “Thanks for the good time” or something whereas before that they never speak out loud, for the entire 10 years they send Hera messages through signals in the clouds, people on the streets, or TV shows or the radio or in newspaper stories, using their time machine)

Goodbye Mary, Goodbye Jane

Will we ever meet again (Will we ever meet again)

Oh, I’m leavin’ …

Here’s the full video of Goodbye Stranger, but it is not the Magnolia Soundtrack version that starts with “Ready for Round 2”:








    1. We are at this point trying to save some lives. There are Greys in the sky, they are going to attack any day. Please get East of the Continental Divide. As for the blog, if you study the examples long enough the pattern of these commonly-used code words will emerge. The context almost always is “kill Hera” and “wipe out humanity.” Our messages and theirs, in the songs and movies, are all made in that context. We hope you will do whatever it takes to get East of the Continental Divide. You may be killed by the Greys and your soul consumed, or you may be unlucky enough to be abducted and tortured for decades. We put out another movie on the subject, a horror film called Extraterrestrial on Showtime. That is what they do. And what they will do to you if you are anywhere West of the Continental Divide. “The Parents”


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