Understand Messages From the Future: We'll explain how "10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions" already occurred. And explain the STUNNING plot of our "human" brothers "upstairs in the future" to take over our "inferior Earth of the past."

Once you understand that there is indeed time travel, and you learn some of the Traveler’s Code, it is much easier to decipher these informative messages from the future. These messages from the future are in Simpsons episodes but they’re also in all kinds of other TV shows, movies and songs.

Here are some still images from the first video below about “predictions” that haven’t come true yet. They have actually, and we’ll explain these “predictions,” since they really are notifications from the future where these events already have occurred. For the first image below, the full video below hypothesizes that this is a “prediction” of a future where Lisa Simpson’s daughter below right is surfing the internet with her mind, and closing her eyes to nap. This is not a future prediction. This image below depicts how the “upstairs” Earth humans descend down to our Earth “in the past.” Notice how Lisa’s daughter has a blue lock of hair – that signifies the Sevens in the Traveler system. They are color-coded blue in their lexicon. They also are the “upstairs” Sevens because they must plug into a computer system and go to sleep in order to “plug in” to the Earth simulation we live in down here “in the past.”  They call this “day dreaming” or “living the dream.” Visiting our Earth is a “Dream” to them. One movie about this called Existenz.  Watch that movie. In that movie the humans plug into a simulated world by a plug in their spine. Here, Lisa’s Daughter is plugged in at her neck. Another movie depicting this is Avatar. We are the Navi natives. 


We think the images below reflect teleportation and movement between the upstairs world and our Earth. We are the gambling casino on lower left because our environment is where the people upstairs plug in to go to when they want to “have fun.” The fun they have is at our expense, as they jump into placeholder humans and interact with the rest of us. Many of them are rapists, pedophiles and killers. They have no qualms with attacking us because they believe that they are “real” and we are “simulated” human beings. So to them we are Westworld as depicted on HBO.

These two images show, on the right, New York underwater, and on the left, the South Pole as “dry.” The left image means that the upstairs environment is “under water,” which is Traveler Code for under the control of the authorities. “Water” means unwanted attention in Traveler Code. And “New York” refers to upstair Sevens. The right image shows the South Pole is dry. We are “in the past” here and are called “downstairs” or “The South” while they up on the other Earth are called “North” or “upstairs.” What the image on the right is saying is, “hey Sevens upstairs…if you are underwater, come on down to our Earth in the South, you can ride the humans down here like camels and let them “carry your water” in their humps!” That way, you can rape and kill whomever you want down here while occupying a human being, and then when that human gets arrested, we’ll move you to another human!

We think this frame about Soul Extraction may relate to the “upstairs” plan of potentially “merging” their people into our environment. To do that in a permanent way they would have to be in soul form and abandon their upstairs bodies. That is why the Devil is walking toward the Center. He would extract their souls to come down here to Earth, which they consider the Devil’s Playground. To them this is the Underworld, and although we aren’t aware of it, our Earth is run by Bea and Kodiak, Queen Bee and King Kong of the Underworld (hence the Devil). Alternatively, we know that Bea and Kodiak extract and consume human souls. This is a disgusting practice, needless to say. The fact that the Devil is accompanying Mr. Burns, the rich man, a Seven in Traveler Terms, and heading into the Burns Center for Soul Extraction, leads us to think that this is saying that if the Sevens come down from upstairs, the Devil (Bea and/or Kodiak) may extract your soul and place it into a human “downstairs.” That’s also why the middle image says “New Tube” as in a new place for them upstairs to go, which is down here to us on Earth.

We don’t know yet whether there is a Simpsons image of the Devil consuming those souls. They do that. Do not harm your bodies thinking you are freeing your soul. This Earth is a creation of the Greys. And they will consume your freed soul, or recycle back into the time loops. Don’t gamble with which direction they might decide to go with your soul.

We discussed these images below in an earlier post. Below top left is the Twin Towers falling in “the window” which represents the “window into the past” – so the people on the train are from the “upstairs” future Earth. Middle left is the next window on the train, which shows a UFO or submarine. Probably a UFO. Middle right shows another window in close up, it features Kodiak on the left drinking a martini, which is a Code Word for “Martian.” In the window the shapes to us look like the alien attackers in the movie War of the Worlds. The bottom image shows the train compartment: The center light fixture represents an alien craft that is shining a light on everyone on the train. This is a message that aliens are now monitoring everyone upstairs. Also in this bottom image, in the back on the left is a man with something above or on his head. This means something but we don’t know what. What do you think? Enter anonymous comments by clicking the option on the left side of this blog page. Now also in the bottom image, in the back on the right is a guy standing in front of a picture frame. We think it is Van Gogh copied exactly from this famous Van Gogh painting (top right image) called “Self Portrait in a Dark Felt Hat.” What is the significance? In Traveler’s Code, the author of these messages is saying that he is “painting us a picture” of what is happening, while the aliens above are shining a light and watching everything he does. “Dark Felt Hat” decoded in Traveler Talk means “dark” for Satanic, “Felt” for “f” = female, code for alien or witch, “el” for Traveler Family Boss, and “t” = time, which is Code for the person who is in “control” of the environment. So he is saying that the Satanic alien Family Bosses now are in control of the upstairs environment.

Several additional images cement this interpretation of the message above. Below on the right all of the family members of the guy who runs the Quiki Mart are wearing Green, so that refers to the aliens called “Twos” – they are Green in Traveler Code. They are also called “Little Green Men.” The Greys or “Nines” are called “Nails” or “Steel,” or “heavy metal.” All aliens generally are called Martians. Green Twos also are called “plants,” or “ags” short for “agriculture.” So we have a bunch of Family members in Green pointing weapons at people in the store. An image from the same scene focuses on a sign that says “Soylent Green” just to reiterate that this is about the “Ag Twos.”  The message is that the upstairs humans are being held hostage by the Ag Green Twos. But there are more messages, see the images next below.

These images below are very significant in Traveler Code. The alien dog and cat are code words. Alien “dogs” are Sixes in Traveler Code, which is color-coded Brown. They are called “Dogs” or “boys.” The alien Twos and Nines are called “Cats” or “girls” or “females” or “witches.” Evil “Gets” in Traveler Code also are depicted as cats. But this cat in the bottom photo has Green eyes and a Grey body. This means they are talking about both the Green Twos and the Grey Nines in the Traveler “Family.” I think many “Family” members may assume that Nine and Two are witches and may be unaware that they are really aliens. They are. Okay, so notice in the bottom frame that the Brown Six alien is taking a picture of Homer’s family. This is notice that the upstairs people are being watched and recorded, or it is notice that we downstairs people are being watched and recorded, probably both. Also the time on the clock behind them means both that these aliens “have the time” which is Code for “the aliens are in control” in Traveler Talk. But also the time itself means something. It reads 9:23 or possibly 9 between 4 and 5. We don’t know what event this refers to, possibly December 9th between 4 and 5 pm.

Finally look at the top right image with the resulting “Christmas Card” photograph. It says, “Happy Holidays, Peace on Earth and a Morphistic Quiznox to our allies on Rigel 7.” Deciphered, “Peace” is short for Officer of the Peace, Peace Officer, or police, or “Blue” and “Morphistic” refers to these aliens who can morph into anything because they can jump into any human or animal living being and “drive” them around as though they were machines. The human being driven is unaware, unless they find themselves doing something that causes cognitive dissonance such as raping and murdering someone. “To our Allies on Rigel 7” also means something. “Rigel 7” is pronounced “Regal 7” – the Sevens of the Family rule the planet Earth although you may be unaware of this reality, which makes them Royalty or “Regal.”

Another image we do not yet understand is depicted below. Obviously something will occur at 7:00 or at an address such as 700 something. What happens will involve fire. Here are the images. Maybe we will understand them before something terrible occurs and we can act to prevent it from happening. This is why we need your help in deciphering all of these messages, which are found in nearly every TV show, movie and song.

Back to this video below of 10 Yet to Happen “Predictions.” Next up shows images of “sex robots” of the future. These really are not “sex robots.” Those are images of David and myself, Hera. They call all of us “robots” because on this Earth we are in a simulation. The humans “upstairs” also are in a simulation, but they didn’t find this out until two weeks ago when Bea blew up their “planet” with an “alien attack.” She then rewound them, brought them back with no knowledge of the attack! Most of them I am sure refuse to believe they are in a simulation, just as humans here refuse to believe it. For now they are calling us “Sex Robots” in this Simpsons episode because they literally attack us here, pretend to “woo” us or romance us to have sex with us (us being all humans) and they also rape us and wipe our memories of the attacks. To the humans upstairs we are “sex robots,” which is hideous!

Also in these frames, the Marge on the left has a string of multi-colored lights all over her arm and is holding a green wreath, she’s also wearing green. The message there is that the Green Aliens have infiltrated all of the different Traveler colors in the Family, and has spotlights on all of us, of all colors.  On the right side of the left image you see Marge’s two sisters. These women look almost identical. They both represent Bea. Bea has herself uploaded into “Earth” in every single Family Color. She’s in men and women, she is represented in the Matrix movies as The Oracle, The Source, and also every Agent Smith. She’s everywhere. So these twins are Bea, one posing as a Seven (Blue) and one posing as a Four (Pink, which is Red). Bea also runs this Earth and considers every person here a “toy” on her “playground” (see our Taylor Swift song deciphering in earlier posts). So this image is of two versions of Bea, each of them with their own uploaded David, or Hera. In the show, and as shown on the next image, the David “robot” grabs the Hera “robot” and runs away, leaving the two unhappy Beas without their “playthings.” By the way that is our plant in the background on the second image. They in the future can and do alter these videos and images live, via the time machine. They do it all the time.

Next this video below erroneously opines that images of Dearborn, Michigan and Muslims is predicting that Sharia Law will be instated in our State of Michigan. If you understand Traveler Code, you’ll quickly realize that that interpretation is all wrong. This image below refers to the Traveler Sevens, who use the code word “Michigan.” Notice the sign is Blue. “Dearborn” means “deer in the headlights” and is used by the Travelers all the time. It means you are going to get mowed down like a deer in the road. Thus “Dearborn” would refer to downstairs Sevens, since they are considered inferior to upstairs Sevens.  This image occurs in the context of “Christmas making Milhouse sneeze” and should be construed as recommending that if the place upstairs is too “pure and good” for your tastes, come on down to Traveler Seven Heaven, which is this Underworld that we call “Earth.” Down here, a Seven can walk around cloaked, inside the body of another human! (the burka) You’ll therefore be free to roam around raping children and murdering old ladies, we’ll even let you mutilate some cattle! When the “human” from “downstairs” gets arrested, we’ll move you Sevens from upstairs into another human of your choosing.

Fuck you “upstairs” Sevens. We’ll assume you also don’t want “Christmas” or the “Sex Robots” helping you with your “Alien Problem.” And we know you understand what we are saying.  STUNNING.


Here are messages from the future that most people already know about but view as “Predictions” that have come true. They are NOT. They are messages about what has happened, handed down to us via the time machine, before the events occur in our time, here in the past: (1) 9/11 poster; (2) Twin Towers burning and collapsing; (3) Pokemon Go; (4) NSA wiretaps; (5) Fed agencies TAGGING us, which may be wiretaps but may mean something even more intrusive; and (6) Apple iPod. How could anyone actually think these are random lucky “predictions”?!!!   You can see by the level of detail that they are not predictions but messages from the future about events that already have occurred from where they are sitting.  Time travel. It’s a thing now.

Here’s the full video. We are going to split this up into two posts so that this does not get too lengthy.

via 10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions: Sex Robots, Cashless Society, Trump, Human Hybrid – YouTube


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