Catseyes! Taylor Swift and her cold-blooded friends

via Watch THIS Before Doubting Reptilian Demon Shapeshifters (Illuminati Exposed) (2016) – YouTube

Watch this guy’s video compiling scenes of Greys and Reptiles hiding inside humans. It is so disgusting that they occupy us, have no regard for us. They resent their sameness they tell us, here on the tether. They also see humans as a disposable shell for them to smash up and harm in hideous ways without repercussions for them. One of them the other day at the coffee house called me “an old t-shirt.” At least I have skin tone!

The amazing video is below but first is a clip from a message from the future buried in the Simpsons. Below the new video is a link to the one we posted the other day that was put up by a guy who himself has a Grey moving around behind his eyes. Is he aware of being occupied? We don’t know for certain, yet. We’re looking into it.  Many are. Taylor Swift is, certainly. This is really happening. We also wonder whether these eyeball images have anything to do with this Simpsons reference. What do you think? It is a 7:00 on a Calendar. His pupils point to the :35 clock position. 7:35? We don’t know if this has happened yet. Let’s figure it out and stop it from happening, it is some kind of explosion. We can do that! 

Creepiest real footage of all time, and below that the link to our other, second creepiest real footage of all time. These Greys and Reptiles are out there, hiding in humans. 

Look at these still frames from the above video beginning at around 8:30 and you’ll see the alien guy motioning to the camera man or whoever adds the human overlay to fix the superimposition on the camera to hide his real appearance that was coming through. These are exactly the kind of signals and code word communications we seek help deciphering. These little subtle signals and messages amongst aliens, and Travelers too, are everywhere:

Here’s a Sandy Hook video fortuitously showing a Grey moving behind this guy’s eyeballs as he tries to hide it with blinking (that often is how they try to hide it). Hideous. Learn to like yourselves, Greys and Reptiles! Leave the human bodies to the humans. Thank you.

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