Part II, Messages from the Future: 10 Simpsons "Predictions" You Don't Know Already Happened

Continuing our explanation in the just prior post of a Simpsons video on You Tube called “10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions” – we left off at number four. First, the image above we discussed in our prior post. It is actually part of number 5 of the list of 10 Simpsons “Predictions.”  We want to add to what we explained in the last post, that there are other messages in the above image. The video narrator in the full You Tube video below thinks this skit on the Simpsons is about a future where we are a “cashless society” because in the dialog that accompanies this part of the video, the clerk asks “what are you after? We’re a cashless society.” That is not a prediction that we will become a cashless society. It’s Traveler Talk. “Cash” means “money” or “dollars” in Traveler Talk, and “money” and “dollars” refer to humans. Seven humans are “money” and all humans are “dollars” – David and I, and our family also are called “dollars.” So a “cashless” society  is one without humans.

Look closely at the image above. The sign in the background says “Soylent Green” which refers to alien Twos in the Traveler Code. Twos are color coded as “Green” and also called “Ags” short for agriculture or “plants,” or “trees.” So “Soy” and “Green” refer to Traveler Family “Twos” which are alien life forms. Look at the sign again. The Soylent Green advertises “Now With 30% More People.” The sign is reporting that the Twos are consuming human beings.  Probably upstairs but maybe down on “Earth” as well. So the dialog saying, “What are you after? We’re a cashless society.” along with that image is reporting that all the human beings, probably upstairs, all the “dollars” and “money” upstairs, all the humans, are gone, no more money, no more cash. They are all now food for the Twos, the Green aliens. Obviously this has not fully occurred, there are some humans there, but it is in progress.  This also goes with the image in our last post of the train window that seems to show The War of the Worlds in the “window to the past.” We on Earth are “the window to the past.” So that may mean that the Green Twos are going to attack us soon, and, we are appalled to say, may consume humans. We realize that this information is hard to fathom. But it is true.

Back to the video, which we began explaining in our last post. We’ll try to go in order as best we can. Forth on the video list of 10 “predictions” is human cloning. The video narrator thinks this is a prediction of the future. But this is just reporting on what already occurs. We are all “twinned” several times over in the various “time loops” of our Earth. Our Earth is not a sphere. It is a Rubick’s Cube, and we are only 1 side. Less than one side, because there are loops spanning from 2002 to 2019, most with more than one year. We all were in roughly the same time period. Think of it as twins with different labels, where 2002 may be at the same level of advancement as 2019. It varies, but only because Bea wants it to vary. 2002 could be more advanced than 2019. It’s just a label. In any event, we are all twinned. And we’ve all existed in prior loops from earlier times in history. Those loops have been blown up by Bea’s Invitational Alien Attack and Human Hunt she puts on for her Grey alien pals. That is why the Simpsons images below depict cloned humans, as one dies another one springs up. Bea can restart us because we live in a simulation. She can also upload our memories into a twin of us from another loop. Here’re the images from the Simpsons video below showing “twins.”

Simpsons images top left, first policeman shoots himself in the head. Top right, the identical replacement gets hit by a truck. Middle left, the identical truck driver looking back at the twin he ran over. Middle right, the identical truck driver busy looking back hits a brick wall and dies. Large bottom image, out of the back of the truck, numerous more identical twins emerge on fire.

This could refer to two things. First is the obvious Matrix reference to Agent Smith since the first two of the twins are police officers in this Simpsons clip. But we think it also refers to the numerous twins in the time loops here, they can and are rotated around as necessary by Bee with her “Time Machine” – we say “Time Machine” in quotes because it is sliding around a Rubick’s Cube so it is more of a lateral move than actual “time travel.” But we live in a simulation and they can do “time travel” too. And they do.

Here are some celebrity twins. It is not a coincidence. The twins lived in earlier time loops that were blown up by Bea’s Grey “alien attack.”

Next, in the video below, the narrator hypothesizes that the Simpsons “predicts” in the future that we will be able to check email in our heads. He thinks this because the episode explains it that way. Here’s the images:

That isn’t what’s depicted, no matter what it is disguised as in the episode. Marge is talking on “the tether.” In the first image, Marge is reading a book that is projected up to reading level from the CD drive-looking device laying on her lap. While reading, Marge gets a phone call on “the tether” that we talk about in many places on the blog. In the second image, Marge is talking to someone on the tether, which is like a conference call inside your head. It exists now and it is alien technology. Our entire family is on the tether, together. Along with numerous people from upstairs and downstairs. By the way our cousins The Others, who we talk about some elsewhere, can also project movies into your mind, and, like the Greys, can read your mind “like a magazine” as Taylor Swift, who is Bea, a Grey alien, puts it in Blank Space. They often are responsible for your dreams. Those are messages, often. On the tether, we can talk and also see each other, and also make movies in our heads, and we can collaborate on the movie all at the same time, which to me is the amazing part. No additional hardware required. My family, or anyone on our “tether” can just jump into my “movie” projection and make their own movie in my movie! Amazing. Mostly we use it to ice skate together, and perform concerts! It’s a great way to spend time together and it is way cooler than playing Monopoly. We can even do this with people in the other “time loops” and with people upstairs, who are not bad skaters, some of them. They aren’t all bad upstairs. And they are being attacked too. I imagine they’ll be calming down on the superiority once they realize that they too live in a simulation. On the other hand, we don’t realize either, it feels like a lack of purpose and humans reject that as absurd. It is true but you do not lack purpose just because we are in a simulated environment. You were created as humans with a purpose and your lives have meaning to your Creator, who is David. You are temporarily here in a simulated environment, your awareness, your consciousness, is uploaded here by the Greys. But will get better. We will be moved one day to a better environment, made for us by our Creator.

Next set of images. In the video below, the narrator thinks that these still shots below depict the economy going downhill under a Trump Presidency, with a female President coming in behind him to “clean up.” That is not what this means. The image on the left means the Earth is headed for disaster, because right above the chart there are 2 candles. This means Traveler Twos, or aliens. 2 Candles is Two, and “can d les” which means “can” = “male,” “d” = “aliens,” and “les” = law enforcements (LE). So the Twos are going to run our world into the ground. In the next frame, Lisa Simpson is in the oval office. The message here is in her purple attire. Purple is Code for Twos. Twos are Green, Twos are also purple. In the adjacent frame, Lisa is standing in front of a picture of the white house with Purple awnings. Meaning that “the windows are covered in purple.” This means that our world, the “window to the past” is covered in purple, as is our government. So either it is now or soon will be in the control of alien Twos. Here’s the images:

In the last “prediction” in the video, the narrator discusses the ability to teleport versus flying in “old planes.” We think the message in these frames is to inform the people upstairs that if they decide to teleport on down to “Earth” in the past, and in the South, ie Underworld, they will find themselves living in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Compared to “upstairs” which is heavily monitored and like “1984” – down here is like Westworld, the Wild West. Especially if the place is also being run by the Twos. Check out the images:

Image top left shows Lisa being disallowed from the Teleporter because she is pregnant. Image top right the plane looks like it’s right out of Mad Max. Image middle left, another Mad Max scene. Image middle right, Lisa is seated on the plane next to a “business man” this one seemingly a Traveler Seven (blue tie) or possibly Four (Apple products). Next row image middle left, the flight attendant with the purple hair is feeding the business man dog food. Image middle right, the flight attendant with the purple hair is holding up a Cannibalism article from Business Week. In the last image at the bottom, the business man is eating the dog food, while Lisa looks at her watch. This is a message, probably live to us using the time machine, that the business men “have the time.” This decoded means that businessmen Sevens (or Fours) of authority are “in charge” at the moment or monitoring what we are doing here on the blog, or there in the sky in the image. Unclear which. As for the Cannibalism, well, the flight attendant has purple hair. Also helps to know that human Sevens and Fours also are sometimes Code worded as “dogs.” The Cannibalism cover is on Business Week. So what this entire set of images refers to is that the Twos, who are purple, may be providing the humans with “dog food” which is a coded euphemism for “feeding them information.” Alternatively it could be interpreted as “Cannibalism” for the businessmen from upstairs, the human Sevens to come down here to inhabit our Earth because theirs has been taken over by the Twos. So it could be a warning to them that they would be destroying other humans to come down here as souls and expect to find a human body to “occupy” and “drive” around. OR, it could be the literal warning we saw earlier, that the Green Twos are literally putting human beings into the food, and consuming them. So it could be saying, not only are the Twos consuming humans, they are killing humans and putting them into the food supply.

And that may be true. We have seen recently that the Greys do this. They miniaturize a human to near microscopic size and throw him on someone’s food before they go to bite. This way the human knows they will be eaten but the human who is consuming him cannot hear him scream because he is too small. It’s another form of their horrific torture. Unfortunately we also have learned from experience that once Bea shrinks a human being down to that small of size, there is no way to reexpand them back up at all, to any size, without breaking every bone in their body.

We are making all of these notes because we may need them in the future. We apologize to people whose messages are out here in the public like this. We need to have this knowledge base in case we are wiped out tomorrow. We also need to reach the beings on this Earth and the other, to tell them what is happening, what will happen with this planned alien attack, and that they do have a Creator who does care for them deeply. And that no matter what happens, it is going to be okay. It may take a little time. But we are in a simulation both down here and up there, but this also means our “lives” are saved on some system, and we can be moved to a better environment, even after our time loop is closed, if Bea launches her “alien attack” on our time loop.

Here’s the full video of Simpsons clips erroneous construed as “Predictions” Yet to Occur.

via 10 Yet to Happen Simpson Predictions: Sex Robots, Cashless Society, Trump, Human Hybrid – YouTube

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