What is a "Get"? A selection of photos. Also, a video below captures a "Get" on camera. A "Get" is short for "gonna get you" in Traveler Talk. The video also features a Grey.

via Nervous Not Watch Scariest Creatures Caught On Tape 2016 Real Footage Scary Video – YouTube

Here’s another interesting video, because it captures what the Travelers call a “Get” on camera. A “Get” is an evil witch or alien, and it is shorthand for “Gonna Get You!” – and they do. We extracted the screen shot simply by using my MacBook to CMD-Shift-4 – to select a screen shot and it lit the Get right up in the video, which surprised us. We then hit Cmd-Shift-3 to take a picture of the entire screen with that section lit up.

Here’s the still frame, which I also put up top. Below that is the full video. This Get appears at :37 seconds into the video. We are going to notify this guy that those sirens in the background on the film are warnings – whenever you hear sirens and see a face like that – you should run like hell. That is a GET. An evil witch or alien. They do exist. They use advanced technology and they will “Get you.” Sirens and scary together is a message to you to stop what you are doing and go the other way. It is. Don’t ignore it. That siren is how we know this clip is very likely real. Can’t speak for the rest of the video, We think that Grey video portion also is real, because of the sirens, and that there at :37 is a Get!  I have no doubt this kid had no idea he caught a picture of a Get. That rarely happens without getting “got.”  UPDATE: the sirens are on a different part of the video, where someone spots a Grey. Same rule though. If you stumble on a creepy scene and hear sirens that is intentional and just back on out of there. The siren likely was turned on to warn the Grey that someone was coming, and not the other way around.

Here’s the clip and then the video. The video is silly in parts but the Get and Grey both look realistic enough to give you an idea of what those look like. Gets can vary a lot, from flying bats to monkeys, cats, very short people. I call them “magical penguins” although they are supposed to be quite scary.  Technically I am a magical “Get” although I don’t plan on “getting” anybody:


Here’s one image of a “Get” or witch of The Travelers, and this one is Bea. She is portrayed as The Master on Dr. Who. Compare this to the image below of Bea from The Wizard of Oz.



Gets often travel with an umbrella, top hat, formal black jacket with bow tie, and dapper cane that can also be used as a magic wand. A bicycle often is used to depict Gets for two reasons: 1) the Gets ride bikes inside of bubbles and can mow down a human with them; and 2) the wheels of the bike are code for “spinning wheels” – Gets start spinning right before they attack. This particular woman witch or Get below is BEA, who also is a Get. This is from the Wizard of Oz:


Here’s another “Get” as depicted in the Wizard of Oz, compare that to the weird creature below:

A “Get”




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