This is what it looks like in slow mo when someone steps into our 2016 time loop from another loop.

The “alien” in the video below, probably a hybrid, steps into the frame about 6:10, if you want to skip ahead. This caught our eye because they do have other beings that resemble this down here. And when you look at the still frame of the moment the “alien” appears, you can see he looks like he has stepped out of nowhere. That is how it looks when you step out of one time loop and into another. The faint “echo” in the still frames is what happens when two time loops are brought together to step into one from another. It echoes in both for a moment. That is the notable part of the video, which the guy replaying in slowmo doesn’t catch. Also these “clothes” look like new skin bandages to us. We think he could be a hybrid.

Here’s two still frames showing him stepping out of nowhere and one frame of him walking across the road with two shadows (his echo also has a shadow), that we extracted from this video, and below that is the full video, he steps out beginning at 6:10.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 11.24.04 a.png



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