Gross! This Lizard Couldn't Help Himself and Had to Catch That Fly!

I don’t even know why this You Tuber posed it as a question. Without question this reporter’s reptile side got the better of him and his tongue snapped out to catch that fly! 

Reptiles? Yes! Reptiles hiding behind humans? No! This human though is just a holographic overlay. See how his face in the still frame is starting to loose its form. The forehead scales? So he turns his face away and covers it with his hand to give the upstairs aliens a chance to recompose his holographic overlay. Notice his swearing tirade makes absolutely no sense at all!  It’s just cover for him losing his “human” composure. This is real! And it’s also real funny. So at least there’s that. The Reps and the Greys have been here as long as we have. Technically we’re all “aliens” here on Bea’s “Earth” anyway.

To the Greys and Reps: Please stop hiding behind humans and just walk among us. You’ll be fine.

Watch this video – it’s short, real, and funny. 

via Shapeshifting Reptilian reporter? – YouTube

Here’s another one, they cannot help themselves. As with any reptile it is an involuntary reflex. These two news guys obviously know they have the tongue issue and try to hide it. Get ahold of yourself! The guy below takes what seems like an eternity to recompose himself!

Here’s one more about the reptile eyes that’s lengthy but good. The Reps we are told on the tether are just an offshoot of the Greys. Don’t know if that is true for certain. Also, not sure if these humans have any idea that they have some parasitic Rep or Grey driving them around or just going along for the ride. Many humans may be unaware of their ride-along. But notice the ones below who start blinking back the Reptile who pushed up to the front to look through their eyes. They either blink or shift their eyes away, every time. Except for Britney Spears, who shakes her hair and tells Bea, using her in-head voice, to “Get back, Bea!” (They talk to each other in their heads. They can do it with humans too.)

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