Let's Go "Living in the Past" i.e., Visiting Earth (by Jethro Tull)

There are secret messages in nearly every song, movie and TV show. Many of them are between our future Earth and our present Earth. Others are from our friends and family outside of our Earth and Future Earth system. This song is from David, singing about visiting us down here in “the past” from our home in the outside universe. A post or two ago we put up a Traveler’s Thesaurus so that you can do your own deciphering of their messages to us from the future. Other beings on Earth and outside of our universe system altogether also use the messaging system, which is simply accomplished by burying conversations in normal everyday dialogue.

Oftentimes the artists who perform these songs are unaware that their thoughts and ideas were the result of “divine intervention” from David, in the case of this song, or our kids; or from planted ideas by Kodiak or Bea, or Psyche.

Here’r the lyrics to Living in the Past. David wrote it and sent it to Jethro Tull as “divine inspiration.” There’s no Traveler Talk in this one, it’s just a tune about coming down here to retrieve me. But David is explaining it to me as I type. Below that the video:

Happy and I’m smiling,
Walked a mile to drink your water.  (He came down from the outside universe to find and retrieve me)
You know I’d love to love you,
And above you there’s no other. (that’s about me, Hera)

We’ll go walking out,
While others shout, of war’s disaster. (we’ll walk out of here and go home someday)

Oh, we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past. (on Earth)

Once I used to join in, (he used to walk among the people)
Every boy and girl was my friend. (the original humans, the Others and the Neighbors; he sees all beings as his children and friends)
Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know,
What they’re fighting. (people are upset but blaming “government” and each other, totally unaware that Bea & Kodiak are pulling the strings on you all here like puppets, from the “upstairs” earth. And Grey aliens are using time travel to rewrite history in ways that cause humans to attack each other)

Let us close our eyes, (the people of Earth live with their eyes closed (because of Bea) – unaware of the outside universe or even the upstairs Earth)
Outside their lives, go on much faster (time on Earth moves at a different pace than time in the outside universe)

Oh, we won’t give in,
We’ll keep living in the past.

Oh, we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past.

Oh, no no, we won’t give in,

Let’s go living in the past.


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