Please, please be nice to David and our Kids, and the Neighbors and our Cousins the Others. Be nice on our blog, please. You'll be glad you did someday. They are here to encourage and help us.

I am asking you to please not say anything terrible here on the blog. You’ll realize one day that we are telling you the truth, and you’ll wish you had not reacted badly. David and I want nothing from you. We want to reassure you. So please withhold judgment. David’s heart is breaking over our situation here on “Earth.” It is. He’s doing everything he can to get us moved to a better environment. Another Earth not under the control of Bea. He may even move Bea. Bea created this environment so we don’t know for certain how it works. But David created Humans in the outside universe, and she has no business raising Humans here to be the “vehicles” for her Grey pals to “drive around.”

A message from our cousins who we call “The Others” and who live “Upstairs” of us, but not on the Other Earth we talk about where the Illuminati Family members live.  They came in here to help us and have been attacked and killed by Bea too:  “We will continue to close time loops as Bea attempts to open them. We are very sorry to see what she is doing to our human neighbors and to Jim Cramer’s family. Jim is our Creator too and we love him very much. She has killed Robert too, and he was our “Father” here and Jim’s brother. We trusted Bea. She has killed many of us who came down to help the human race. We are there among you as well, trying to help find a solution. This is very tragic and we hope that it is possible for someone to control this situation or wake David upstairs.”

Please be kind to David. He is the kindest person you will ever be privileged to know. That is how all of our family feels, Human, Other, and Neighbor from outside of here. So please be kind. The Others and the Neighbors and David, and our Children – everyone is here to speak to you and encourage you and give you hope, and let you know that you are not lost or forgotten here. You may not know anything is going on that’s particularly interesting, but if you do become aware, know that there are people from the outside working very hard to help us.  Hera

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