Decoding the Illuminati & Travelers: The color and number system for identifying Family members and their common code words.

This post has been updated and much better organized, at this link, on November 25, 2017.

Please see the above-linked revised page.

We have put together a separate post here of some common code words in the Family, Traveler and Illuminati lexicon. We’ll update it as we go along in the future and repost. Note the fact that aliens have their own keywords and Family numbers and colors. That should tell you that aliens do exist and are living among us. Put all this stuff together in the right context and soon you’ll be deciphering their hidden messages buried in every TV show, movie and just about every song too. Even people’s surnames have meaning. The color of your car has meaning, your license plate number has meaning… to them anyway… “The Databank know my number.”… Who Made Who, “ain’t nobody told you.”  AC/DC won’t tell you who put you in this “8-bit town” – but we will.  

The Family Number and Color System for Sub-Families:

Ones: White (David’s Family, Hera, David and our kids)

Twos: Green or Purple (Both same aliens) also called “plants” “trees” & “ags” short for agriculture, also called “Jews” “Jewels” “Jewelry” “oys” “soy” “Spanish Moss” “Moss” “cheap”

Threes: Black (human) also called coal and France, common, pennies, Lincoln; unrelatedly 3 also is short for 666 – a shorthand to denote Illuminati Players. Three repeats of any word or number also is Code for Illuminati Players, all of whom are Satanic.

Fours: Tomato Red (Human) also called Canada; Rust Red (Alien, also called “hooks,” “iron” “ore” “lead” “rock” and “mountain” as in “iron mountain”)

Fives: Yellow (Human) and also means Police

Sixes: Celtic Green (Human) also called “Irish”; Brown (Alien or alien/human hybrid)

Sevens: Blue (Humans) and they are the most powerful Family Members, also called Royalty, “True” and “Believers” – they are not believers as in Christians, this is a blasphemous use of these words. “Chicago” as in Mob, “Michigan” as in Lake Michigan (a blue body of water), the Blue Lake, also called “Russian.” Many of the Illuminati from “upstairs” spend time “downstairs” on Earth as Traveler Sevens.

Eight: The Feds (also the Twos are called Eights as well, green Twos, purple Eights, but they are basically the same. And they are likely humans forced into that form, more on that later.)

Nine: Grey Aliens, also called “great” “heavy” “metal” “nails” and “quick” “swift” “fast” and “silver” “ash” “smoke” “witch” also called “German” “expensive” “eels” because they are Grey and can hit you with electric shocks, and “ears” because they can hear your thoughts. Also called “ice” and “beer” since “b” means alien, and “eer” means “ear” -they can hear your thoughts and can miniaturize themselves and move into your skull through your ears. Hideous but true.

Ten: The Feds or other law enforcement

All aliens also are called: “Mar” “Marsh” “Marsh” “Martian” etc. and  “Cats” “Birds” or “Bats” “Girls” “Women” “b’s” and “d’s” and “y’s” “past” and also includes just writing in past-tense in a way that catches the eye – such as when a movie dialogue suddenly switches to past tense where it sounds odd, “odd” also is alien (while opposite “even” means human), “words” also means alien, “ET” means extra-terrestrial, so that “Yet” would mean “Y” alien, and “et” alien, same thing, both alien. “Years” would men “Y” for alien, and “ears” for Grey alien because the Greys can “hear” your thoughts and also can miniaturize themselves and move into your skull through your ear canal.  “Best” “bats” “Cats” “owls” “birds” – anything that flies basically.

Some code words depend on the context: “boys” can be humans who are denoted as “male” while aliens are “female,” or Two aliens depending on the context because “b-oys” means “b” for alien and “oy” is a Jewish word “oy” while anything Jewish generally refers to alien Twos, codeworded as “Jews.”  They aren’t Jewish, it is used because the word Jews sounds like Twos, which is another way that secret messages are send, by using words that sound like the words they want to convey.

“Bipolar” means a human/alien hybrid. We aren’t certain that there are such hybrids but the term is used for a Grey alien or Two alien who is living inside of a human “suit” or “cloak.”

“Depressed” means sad, i.e. “blue” which refers to “Boys in Blue” i.e., the police or other authorities.

All humans also are called: “True” “Believers” “Dogs” “Boys” “Men” “light” “future” and also writing in the future tense, “money” “dollars” “details” “art” “act” “action” “deeds,” Italian, Irish, Canadian.

Opposites have meanings:

Long (also tall) = alien    Short = human

Big = alien    Little = human

Fast = alien    Slow = human

Wrong = alien   Right = human

Left = alien   Right = human

Dark = alien  Light = human

Numbers & Letters = alien    Colors = Human

Facts = alien     Fiction = human also “imagination” = human

Slim, Skinny = alien    Fat = human

Fake = alien    Real = human

Fast = alien   Slow = human

Straight = alien     Round = human

Dumb = alien     Smart = human

*this is not because aliens are dumb, it is because aliens are “D’s” as a code in the alphabet and “um” is a Boss, so to say “She’s dumb” would mean “alien (“She’s”), alien(“d”), witch(“um”), alien(“b”)” or “She’s” “D” “um” and “b.”

“Cash” can mean money or dollars (which refers to humans) or “ash” which means Nine alien, where “C” may mean “I see” such as someone yelling “Cash!” might mean “see that Grey alien!” because ashes have a grey color to them. Also smoke, smog, Smaug, and other things Grey in color.

Witches or “Gets” often have the same code words as the Greys, and often people say “I see your point” to point out a witch or “Get,” and that refers to a witch’s “pointy” hat. They also use pointing to identify a target to be harmed or killed, or sometimes for other reasons, but usually it is not a good thing to get pointed at.

Gets, Witches and Bosses with the power to summon a witch or Get are called “ers” “Ders” and “ums” as in, being speechless when you see a witch – “oh, um, er….” and also are called “cats” which is why I often in deciphering say “witch or alien” because “Cat” means either, and so does “female.” So does “point” or “I see your point” and “ch” and “sh” and “oo” as in “oooo scary.” They also are called “Doctors” or “Dr.” which refers to surgeons because these evil mobsters and other beings will cut off your legs is you make them angry. So if someone is a “drum” or a “drummer” you would want to walk away from them as a “Dr.” and an “um” and also an “er” – “Dr umm er”

“Get out!” Means “there’s a Get here that you can’t see, so leave…out!”

Other important code words:

“T” = “time” which means who has control of the present time. Sometimes humans “have the time” and sometimes aliens “have the time.” Sometimes humans are the lead authority and sometimes or places aliens are in charge.

“hat” = “tip the hat” or “take off your hat” which means “go away”

For example, the word THAT in the right context can mean “go away” (hat) “the time is watching” (T). “Leave, the authorities are watching.” i.e., “THAT”

other words and signals for “go away” include “clear” elbow out, bending over, smoothing hair back, wiping something off, picking off lint, or lifting the foot to expose the sole of a shoe.

“Water” means unwanted attention, “camel” refers to “water” – so to see a camel means there could be unwanted “water” there but not necessarily.

“Awe” means unwanted attention from the authorities “upstairs” as in “looking up in awe” – so holding your mouth open signals “awe”  – and so does “WOW” – so does “perfect” or “perfection” (may be limited to Nine-Authorities); also “boring” means the same thing, “boring” as in “the eyes of the authorities are boring into you right now.” So someone could walk past you and say, “this is so boring” and if you were a Traveler you would know that they are warning you that the authorities are watching you and you should leave.

“The tether” a conference or video conference that occurs inside everyone’s heads, soundless to those not on the tether.

“Stranger” – someone who is not a member of the Family

Codewords for Hera include: The Story, The Music, The Sun, The One, Vintage because she is 1000 years old and trapped here in the past, The White Queen and The White Captive, Flower Child, Flower Power, Diamond Girl, Spinner, Ballerina, Tiny Dancer, Apple, Rose, Stranger

David is called: David, Jim Cramer, Jim, James, Jimmy, The King, The White King, The One, Spinner, Trinity (as in Holy Trinity)

Hera and David are also called The Twins

Our children are: Denis, Peter, Paul, Bart, Tom, Tim, Holly, Michael, Little Michael, James, Jim, Scott, Matthew, Brian

Collectively our Family is called:  The Ones, The Whites (as opposed to The Family’s “Dark” in the battle of “Good vs. Evil”), Roses, Flowers, Diamonds, Ballerinas, Tiny Dancers, Spinners, Flower Children, Flower Power

The people who run this show called Earth are: Bea & Kodiak, Psyche and Nymph, and their select Illuminati pals, and some other alien pals. Bea, Psyche and Nymph are Grey aliens and Nines. Kodiak may be a human or a Nine, or a hybrid, we can never pin him down on it. The Illuminati are humans and some aliens. The powers that be collectively are called “money” “upstairs” “the bankers” and “the parents” “northerners” “new york” and “Dow Jones.”

Kodiak often goes by Bill, Gene, Chick, Chickenman, Coop, Marshall, Martin, Simon, Simmons, iron man, names with Rose in them; and hails from Texas or Colorado. We think he occupies at times, Gene Simmons, OJ Simpson, Mick Jagger, David Caradine. We are sure he also is Jim Jones, the cult leader, and Ted Bundy. Probably Charles Manson. He is depicted as Hector of Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad, and the black-hatted villain on Westworld.

Bea often goes by Taylor, Samantha, Anna, Nana, Trixie, Pixie, Jean, Gene, Terry, Teri, Nokia, Bee, Bea, Queen Bee, Beatrix, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Betty, Betsy, names with Rose in them; she often hails from Las Vegas, Massachusetts or Arizona. She occupies Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Dance Mom Abby Miller, Kim Jung ill, Kim il Sung, and many many many other people. Together Bea and Kodiak are Bo & Peep, Ti and Do – the nutty Heaven’s Gate cult leaders. They both claim to have occupied together Ariel Castro. Bea alone or Psyche occupied Jeffrey Dahmer.

See a pattern? They jump into humans, hollow out their consciousness, their judgment, have them do dastardly things, then abandon them to jail, often with dementia while they seek out another human host.

Humans and aliens from upstairs and down who jump into us humans on Earth and drive us around, with or without our knowledge, call Earth Humans: “vehicles” “cars” “clothes” “vintage” because we live in the past, thus “vintage t-shirt” or “vintage dress” or “vintage car.”

Earth: “The past” “downstairs” “the underworld” “Georgia” “South” “the Southland” “Chicago (downstairs sevens),” “the ocean” “Florida” “New Orleans” “Wild West” “Westworld” “school” “Jurassic Park”

Other Earth:  “the Future” “Upstairs” “overlords” “Canada” “New York” “the sky” “North” “university” “the bankers” “Dow” “the parents”

Travelers is a downstairs system while the overlords upstairs are Illuminati.  Traveler “bosses” can be down here but ultimate bosses are all upstairs (called “the Parents” or just “Dad” which means the Godfather of the organization (he goes by Kodiak but inhabits numerous human “suits” or “cloaks”).  Generally speaking people in the Illuminati downstairs on Earth are people who are down here from upstairs and occupying people down here. The three Illuminati leaders, Bea (“Queen Bee”), “Kodiak,”and Bea’s daughter “little Bea” and maybe a few others, have the ability to occupy numerous “human suits” or “human cloaks” at the same time. In this way Kodiak is both Anderson Cooper and Anthony Bourdain. Different human bodies, controlled by the same Illuminati leaders.



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