The Jolly Green Giant Did It. Look at the guy on the far left. He is standing in the same place in the street as the guy next to him.

This video shows laughable live interview footage of Sandy Hook, where a camera guy walks right through a guy on the phone, with no stop in the dialogue of the interviewer and interviewee. So there is no “cut” in the interview. The guy on the phone then proceeds back across the street. The image above is a still shot. He’s on the far left. He’s standing in the very same area of the street as the guy right next to him whose waist is at about his knee level. Ridiculous! Here’s the video. It is short but you can see the failure at attempted continuity and see how close the interviewee is to the street. About 5 feet!  Yet the guy next to the giant looks about 20 feet away. Also the little guy steps down off the curb behind the giant in the video, so that means the giant is still up on the sidewalk where the interview is taking place about 3 feet away! Yet he is far removed from the interviewee. Shockingly stupid. Not them. Us!  Well, both.

See the other anomalies pointed out by this You Tuber. Good job by the way.


via Sandy Hook Hoax 100% Absolute Proof of Green Screen Chromakey interview CAN’T DEBUNK – YouTube

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