The Many Faces of David Wheeler(s) Grieving Newtown Father(s) (Plural)

What’s wrong with this picture? As we’ve been explaining:

  1. Earth has numerous time loops ranging from 2002 to 2019 all presently existent.
  2. The Traveler Society and Illuminati (collectively called “The Family”) secretly run our Earth and the leaders use a “time machine” to jump from time loop to time loop.
  3. There are several copies of us all (twins) in these other time loops, and they are rotated around as Bea, Kodiak, Psyche, and the Illuminati “Parents” of the Earth’s Traveler Society see fit.
  4. The Travelers, for kicks, and for donations, decided to run the Sandy Hook scam in our present time loop.

With that in mind, have a look at the numerous faces of David Wheeler, a grieving Sandy Hook Elementary School parent. These are just screen shots, mostly from interviews and from the day of the shooting. Pay very close attention to the left side of his face! Notice anything weird about those moles? They are crawling all over his face! Someone should help this man with his mole problem! Unreal.

Hint: His face is different because different versions of David Wheeler from different time loops gave different interviews and made different appearances. This is true!  I’m so glad he’s arrogant enough, and thinks so little of our intellect, that he parades around wearing numerous different human “suits” as they call us. This stuff is happening, it is real. And hopefully we will still be here for you when you all wake up and understand what we’ve been trying to tell you. Hugs for you all, this shit is horrible. Hera

Watch David Wheeler’s moles migrate all over the left side of his face from photo op to photo op. Do us a favor and look at this entire blog entry as it all ties together. As Dirk Gently says in the new TV show about all of us and what the freak aliens are doing to us, Everything’s Connected.  

No moles as an actor in the 1990’s
Mole near ear and bump on cheek – shooting interview
Same interview? Same clothes anyway. Mole under eye and bump on left cheek
Same interview different angle
Selection of shots
Seeking Gun Control
Where’d that ear mole go? Not even a scar. People Mag 2014

via Parents of Newtown Shooting Victim Benjamin Wheeler Welcome New Baby

Can this even be the same guy below? No! It can’t! Not even close. Is there some other Newtown parent out there loud and proud that sort of resembles loosely David Wheeler? Let us know please, because we think they are trying to present this guy below as the same David Wheeler. Who is this guy supposed to be?

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 12.37.26 a.png
This is an earlier shot, actually from 2012. His moles here are multiplying and morphing. Maybe they are coalescing before staging an uprising to take over his whole face! Maybe they consumed him and he was replaced by that other David Wheeler above with no moles.

Below’s the full video of this last face from the above image. Wheeler shows up around minute 6. But wait, there’s more! Look at the video right after, at minute 6:25 – look at Prince William’s nose. Now keep looking, what an odd nose! It is misshapen at the bridge and flat on the bulb, with a slight hook to the left. Now…look the interviewers nose. It is misshapen at the bridge, and flat on the bulb, with a slight hook to the right. It is the same person giving the interview as is taking the interview, in a mirror image to make him seem different. This is true, it is happening. All the time. We are living in a Matrix of lies and simulated reality created by Bea. But not for much longer. Below this video are the still shots of Prince William and his interviewer.




Finally, below image is of Mutant Aliens, the animated PORN movie that grieving Mrs. Wheeler of Newtown starred in. The mutant aliens, including Mrs. Wheeler, love rubbing our situation in our faces, while we sit here cluelessly, worrying about all manner of utterly inconsequential nonsense. These Sandy Hook parents are Grey aliens (Reptilians) and they are “Freaks, coming to kick our butt.”  



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