Where's the wings? Mysterious hoverboard crashes into WTC. Hideous.

These 9/11 videos are sickening. But worse, look at the above image, which is just a screen shot from minute 3:44 – that’s minutes and seconds, and you’ll see the building unscathed and a couple of floating airplane engines. Where’s the wings? They were CGI’d out a second too early, and left us with an unobstructed view of the building…unscathed where the wings were supposed to be. The plane was aluminum and the building was latticed steel. The wings did not fly off. Nothing specifically traceable to those planes was recovered, except conveniently a hijacker passport. See pilotsfor911truth.org for more on this shocking, hideous deception. That’s COMMERCIAL PILOTS for 9/11 TRUTH. The experts.

One more shot from 3:47 with a reenactment above the plane:


Here’s the source video, an interview with Donald Trump a few days after the attack:

If you are going to say that the velocity forced the aluminum plane through the steel latticed walls at WTC, first that’s not correct physics, it should’ve peeled back like the lid of a sardine can and fell to the ground, and second, explain how the nose, aluminum but also half glass for the windshield, came poking out of the steel lattice wall on the opposite side of the building before the explosion. That glass cockpit rammed through two steel walls intact?  No!  Our government allowed this to happen. The Simpsons warned of it. Back to the Future II pleaded for us to stop the destruction of the Twin Pines. Here’s the pictures of the glass and aluminum cockpit going through and coming out the opposite side of the building, while the dense titanium engines, all passengers, and every piece of the rest of the plane disintegrated on impact, except one hijacker’s passport conveniently found on the ground, intact.

Somehow the plane is poking its nose through a window
Going, plane intact, building intact
Gone, completely inside the building with zero debris from the plane or the building
There’s the cockpit coming out the other side. So is it on the outside of the building and probably not there at all but overlayed as part of a CGI photo op?  Or inside the building where the rest of the plane disintegrated while the glass and aluminum cockpit went through two steel walls intact and produced zero debris in its wake? Or maybe it is the opposite wall coming apart, but before the first wall blew out when the plane hit?

Here’s a photo of a plane’s aluminum nosecone after hitting a bird:

More screenshots. Here’s the second plane coming in as shown on the below video at 14:50-ish. At 14:57 you can see the CGI plane actually cross in front of the North Tower before going behind it and hitting the South Tower. For a brief moment it is in front of the tower and not behind it where it impacted. Here’s those screenshots but see the video at 15:50 if you don’t see what I mean. The explosion image at the end of this sequence is from the front side where the nosecone of the plane pushed out toward you. So the plane at no time should have crossed the threshold of the North Tower before going behind it and hitting the South Tower.


Also notable, the first sequence of screenshots was taken from a different perspective, and there the first image has the plane poking its nose into the South Tower window. In the second series of screenshots the plane is poking the entire first class section into the North Tower before miraculously disappearing and then blowing out the South Tower.

Here’s the video below, from where I took these above screenshots within the first several minutes. This video is shocking. I would not have believed it. No one wants to believe that our own government and “free press” can conspire like this. I don’t believe the video because someone says believe the video. I believe the WTC occurred differently than we have been told based on still frames I took myself while watching these videos. I know for certain that Newtown and Boston Marathon are hoaxes, and those were a media circus. So we see how the media is complicit. But this is actual loss of lives, over 3000 immediately, several thousand more probably sick from the dust with early cancer, and hundreds of thousands of our armed forces maimed or killed, and at the very least, robbed – robbed of time with their families. Robbed of their peace of mind with PTSD. And all those civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This operation, we are told on the tether, was not a Family production, it is a Bea operation. Bea is evil. She’s Hitler, so that should tell you something. She’s also Josef Mengele. She’s the nurse who ran over a pedestrian and left him in her car windshield alive for days, apologizing to him but not calling 911, letting him die slowly. A nurse.  Here’s the WTC video and it gives us a lot to think about. See the other below that made by pilotsfor911truth.org too. Really they put their professional reputations on the line to point out the irregularities in the official story and they stuck to their area of expertise, the physics of flying planes.



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