More Reptilians… This is how they pass “secret messages.”

We are throwing this video up here because the stuff happening around this news anchor at number 5 on this list of 10 Reptilian Moments is interesting. She starts to lose her human hologram. The aliens upstairs or in the booth see it and change her teleprompter so that instantaneously she is reading a message to herself to “straighten up fast.” They can throw a message into live real time like that not just from the booth but from “upstairs” on their moon space station (crazy I know).  They can also go backward by a minute and make an entire fake news story out of it, as they did here. Ostensibly she’s reading a Lindsey Lohan blurb but there is no picture to go with it, which is odd, and the text clearly is a coded message to her to “straighten up fast.” The next sentence on the prompter also is encoded. It says blah blah blah “a long healthy life.” This means “Long” – alien, “healthy” – your skin is aglow, has a “healthy glow” (your real lizard skin is showing), and “life” – they can see that you are under there. Next the woman next to Steve Harvey throws out the words “bipolar” and “Great!” with emphasis. These are code. “Bipolar” means that she appears to be both human and alien at the same time, in other words her hologram is failing, and “Great” is a code word for Grey alien. I’ll add these to the Thesaurus on the blog. “Great” is a Nine alien. hmm. Are you Greys as Bea says?

Back to the clip. She doesn’t immediately get the message and the guys in the booth start yelling in her hearing aid to fix herself. She still doesn’t get it and they move the camera off of her and have an entirely seemingly gibberish conversation of more secret code to give her time off camera to recompose her human holographic overlay. More importantly, Steve Harvey there on Good Day LA is talking to me(!) live using the time machine as I watch this video and he says “Give her a break. She doesn’t know the story.”  “Give her a break” is code to the booth to go to commerical. But what or who is “the story”? Not Lindsey Lohan as it appears. Rather, it is me, Hera (see our Thesaurus of Family code words). So Steve is saying, please don’t put my cohost on your blog, she has nothing to do with “the Story” which is the rape and murder show that the aliens are putting on, and in which I star involuntarily. I am called “the story,” which I’ve mentioned and put in the Thesaurus before.

This is how the secret messaging works. Regular conversation. Everyday words. You just have to understand the context. If you did not know what it looks like to lose your holographic overlay, you there watching would have no idea that a major malfunction was occuring or that they were using the time machine to talk to me live as I am sitting here blogging about it. They do it all the time. So pay attention. We need you decoding along with us. We need to understand their plans, and learn how they want to see our collective future develop. We can’t follow every single newspaper article, tv show or song on the radio. We need your help. We are hoping some of you might update us with the important messages by adding them as comments to our blog anonymously. Thank you.

We would not lie to you and have no interest in sensationalizing this particular situation. We also are sorry for singling some of you out. We want to work together to write a new ending to “the story” than the one that’s been playing out in the loops. This is our chance, all of us Creations of David, all of us are Creations of Davidto turn this “Story” into a new beginning for all of us. But as a first step, people need to understand what is happening. As a second step, the other beings here, who also are Children of David, must be themselves and let the humans have the dignity of personal space as well. Are the Reps just Greys of another color? We want to know. We suspect Bea hybridized you. But you are still our family too. What is your “Family” number? Just because Bea may have changed your appearance does not make you outcasts to our family. Our real family. David’s family. Are you unfairly misjudged? In the interim of sorting this out we are sorry to single people out. We really are. This is too important. We all will perish without changing this STORY immediately. 

Here’s the video. Even George Bush Sr has a reptilian riding along with him (see No. 4). This is something to make a note of for later, since that particular lizard, we suspect, is the reason why 9/11 happened. And soon we’ll know. 

Tomorrow we’ll try to do something more positive. There are positive messages out there too. Many are from David, to let us know he’s here and cares about us. Those are even more amazing than watching presidents turn into lizards! So don’t lose heart.

She starts around 3:30 but Bush is before that (just sing Muskrat Love in your head while watching to cheer you up, here’s a key verse to remind you):

Muskrat, muskrat candlelight
Doin’ the town and doin’ it right
In the evenin’
It’s pretty pleasin’

Muskrat Susie, muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land
And they shimmy
And Sammy’s so skinny

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
Singin’ and jinglin’ the jango
Floatin’ like the heavens above
It looks like muskrat love

Nibblin’ on bacon, Chewin’ on cheese
Floatin’ like the heavens above
It looks like muskrat love. . .
The first couple in the video below look like they would swat at a laser pointer if you shined it on the floor. Crazy. (And “cats” is another code word for them.)  The guy who shot this video was so concerned with the insane-looking couple that he failed to realize he was filming from inside the lizards’ den. (They actually do have “reptilian-friendly” places to go amongst themselves.) Here’s a quick pict of the lizard that was close enough to eat him:

More reptile (a Grey subset) posts: Gross! This Lizard Couldn’t Help Himself and Had to Catch That Fly!Catseyes! Taylor Swift and her cold-blooded friendsCan you see the resemblance?Grey alien behind the eyesScary. Squint and look at this picture. That is what Psyche’s mind control technology causes you to see.

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