Yes, that is an Illuminati "Eye." Sandy Hook: It's that time of year again! Those Newtown families need cash! Remember to donate.

As it gets closer to December 12, or 15 or whatever day in 2012 this scam was run by The Family, we’d like to pause and reflect on some of the lesser known “Players” who made this show possible. Thanks for the memories. We’ll put all the secret code words and signs in our Traveler Family Thesaurus.  A tip o’ the hat to you!

Lest We Forget (also the official children’s adaptation of the Illuminati sign, notice the eye in the middle of the “heart”)

A tip o’ the hat to the News Scam Players (in Traveler Code this means “get out of here!”):

Dr. “Carver” carved up the children at autopsy but at his press conference, in his jokey-smiling, chuckling voice, added the disclaimer:  “I hope they … don’t have it come crashing down on their heads later.”
Dr. Carver, preparing for it to “come crashing down on their heads.”
Mr. “Blinken,” the Deputy National Security Advisor (!),  blinked out a coded message on Sandy Hook.
Dr. “Begg” begged Congress for gun control after “treating” all 26 deceased victims.
This cop elbowed his colleague to turn off his cop car dash cam.
This “passerby” reiterated the message – “Shut that shit off! (elbow out)  This is the moment when we are going to be on record as evacuating 469 children who don’t exist!”  In case the cop didn’t understand “elbow out,” this Balanchine protege skillfully combined his “elbow out” with a “cover-your-eyes” gesture and a triple-toe-loop landing in a knee out” pose.
Giving up on “elbow-speak” and with 26 hungry decedents to feed, the film crew makes use of the cruiser’s hood for light snacks, a few laughs, and a full body block of the dash cam.
The hood of the only cruiser with a dash cam and a lengthwise view of the entire parking lot is an idyllic setting for a picnic.

Below: The Sandy Hook Children’s Memorial Conga Line dance is performed each year in memory of the victims.

Sandy Hook Children’s Memorial Conga Line dance, October 2012
Parents observing the annual Sandy Hook Children’s Memorial Conga Line at a school that had been closed for years.

These kids above were the only children “evacuated” from Sandy Hook Elementary, and the evacuation took place months before the shooting. See the cop dash cam above. There were supposed to be children evacuations taking place, which is why everybody is telling that cop to leave with his dash cam, or turn it off. That is what the “elbow” signal means in “Traveler Talk.”  See our Traveler’s Thesaurus on the blog.

Since they were short on conspirator children (having decided to kill off 20 of them in the fake shooting), they were forced to recycle a couple of kids into both conga lines of evacuees.  469 kids supposedly were evacuated that day. We count about 30, and some of those are recycled in both lines. Notice the parents calmly observing the fake evacuation in October clothing rather than December clothing. It was 28 degrees that December day in Newtown.


The Newtown Kids on the Block. Sandy Hook’s identical older “siblings” play the 2013 Superbowl:

The “siblings” of Newtown, famous for its identical sibling population, perform at the 2013 Superbowl Half-Time Show. Due to time constraints they did not perform their Memorial Conga Line dance.

   Go Fish

See how many New Kids you can match to the “old” New Kids:

The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam, first seen here (ever) in a photoshopped image sporting a smile and the artist’s brown mop on his head. RIP (June 14, 2012 – December 14, 2012)
 Official “Murderer’s Photo”: Lanza, basking in his indoor shadow while wearing his favorite shirt still on the hanger.
Close up of Adam and the “Devil on his Back” (in shadow).  “Loners” always look like this because they always cut their own hair.

More Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown: Light a candle for Nancy Lanza, she did“Streetcorner” Greenscreen InterviewDavid Wheeler, Grieving Father(s) (plural)Staged Attacks, Newtown Family Names Decoded


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