When will the FBI extend a big Fuck You to John Podesta? Breitbart: "Fuck you John Podesta." Literally among Breitbart's last words.

via Andrew Breitbart: “F*ck. You. John. Podesta.” – YouTube

We are reviewing the Wikileaks emails of John and Tony Podesta. We have every reason to believe that those children they raped also were tortured, murdered, and often consumed by these insane Satanic Illuminati people. We use the term “people” loosely, since we know that many of them are only posing as human beings.  This is still happening.  We hope you’ll wake up soon.  The link below is to a bit of background on Marina Abramovic, a Podesta Illuminati accomplice, and secret head of The Family encompassing both the Illuminati and The Travelers.

PSYCHE aka Bea is Marina Abramovic – a vicious child rapist, torturer and murderer. The Podesta emails indicate that the Podesta brothers facilitated and joined in similar activities.


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