Which One of These Things is Not Like the Others? (Round 2)

Can you tell which of the photographs below is not like the others? (Hint: they all are like the others!)  Hover over each photograph to get a hint at which major tragedy the poor woman in each frame witnessed and/or experienced, but lived to tell about it to CNN.

Victoria Munoz is just an average citizen, but with a well-above-average record of experiencing major tragedies in the Northeast Corridor.

Below:  CNN footage of the unlucky Ms. Munoz.  The radio host in the video below erroneously blames “the CIA” for placing this “friend of Nancy Lanza” at tragic events, rather than looking further down the rabbit hole to see that the entire events themselves are staged by Victoria Munoz and her Family friends, including CNN.  Take a bow, please!  (“Taking a bow” in Traveler Talk means the same thing as “bending over” or “tipping your hat,” two other ways to say, “Get lost!”)

via CNN Crisis Actor Caught AGAIN — 4th Time! – YouTube

Play Round 1, starring Prince William, here: Which one of these things is not like the other?

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