Which One of These Things is Not Like the Others? (Round 2)

Can you tell which of the photographs below is not like the others? (Hint: they all are like the others!)  Hover over each photograph to get a hint at which major tragedy the poor woman in each frame witnessed and/or experienced, but lived to tell about it to CNN.

Victoria Munoz is just an average citizen, but with a well-above-average record of experiencing major tragedies in the Northeast Corridor.

Below:  CNN footage of the unlucky Ms. Munoz.  The radio host in the video below erroneously blames “the CIA” for placing this “friend of Nancy Lanza” at tragic events, rather than looking further down the rabbit hole to see that the entire events themselves are staged by Victoria Munoz and her Family friends, including CNN.  Take a bow, please!  (“Taking a bow” in Traveler Talk means the same thing as “bending over” or “tipping your hat,” two other ways to say, “Get lost!”)

via CNN Crisis Actor Caught AGAIN — 4th Time! – YouTube

Play Round 1, starring Prince William, here: Which one of these things is not like the other?

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  1. You’re kidding, right? If you think those pictures are all of the same woman, you desperately need glasses. Ridiculous. With all you’re similar articles surrounding the “crisis actor” accusation you should be embarrassed.


    1. Just get off our blog. We have far more important issues to deal with than the Sandy Hook scam. And we don’t care about your opinion. We are posting THE NEWS, from the people who make it. The Sandy Hook parents ARE HERE, as I type. It was a scam. But there are Greys in the sky at the moment, and they plan to attack, so please read about that on the front page. It’s imperative, unless you are one, in which case, you should know better than to interfere with this blog.


    2. This person is talking in Code. “Kidding” means two things, “children” in “The Family,” which means everyone in any secret society, but usually refers to Travelers (almost everyone is a Traveler!). But also it refers to a Satanic baby Goat. Together it means a follower of Kodiak (Baphomet).

      “If you think” means that I am an “If” who “thinks” which means, to Travelers, that I’m a “witch Traveler Two” while the Illuminati knows that the real Twos are not witches or “Moss” but ALIENS. They are Reptilians. (The “twos” you think you are attacking are innocent humans that they are hypnotizing and remoting. Stop doing it.) In any event, I am NOT A TWO. I am a ONE and my soul is white, but the Greys can superimpose any overlay color they want to confuse you. Look at our post for “She’s a Rainbow” which is Kodiak (as Mick Jagger) singing about how they change my colors every day to get different groups to attack me.

      Back to this message, a “think” is a human. So they are saying I’m a WITCH in a human body. THERE ARE NO WITCHES. ALL THE NINES ARE GREYS. SILVER IS GREY. THE TWOS ARE REPTILIANS. THE “MOSS” IS A SUPERIMPOSITION THAT THE GREYS PUT ON, AS ARE ALL COLORS. If you have a soul it is WHITE in actuality. The Greys holding you hostage here and who head up this “Family” call you DIAMONDS. They also call you flowers, and also “money.”

      “those pictures are all of the same woman” means that I am the same woman that they’ve been chasing around for the last 10 years. They put different colors on my soul, as I said above, so this is a message that all the different colored people they’ve been chasing around are me (Hera), the SAME WOMAN.

      “need glasses” is a reference to Clockwork Orange devices they put on your eyes to expose your whole eyeball while they torture a victim. It is painful. Their is another image of it in one of our recent posts decoding the Simpsons. (The one that looks like it is about Burning Man, which is their euphemism for BURNING THE HUMAN RACE VIA “ALIEN” ATTACK.

      “Ridiculous” is Kodiak’s “calling card” but they screwed up the code in this entire comment (I won’t say how because I am not going to help you find someone to torture me). But every follower knows that YOU ARE NOT KODIAK giving an order.

      “Similar articles surrounding the ‘crisis actor'” is talking about me, Hera, because they call me an “actor” or “actress” in some messages because I am being BROADCAST to the Sevens and Nines (and Twos) against my will. As is EVERY HUMAN TRAPPED HERE. But I am the star victim, and this refers to me. To further clarify, they put “crisis actor” in quotations to say that they are talking about a SPECIFIC actor, which means me (Hera). “Similar articles surrounding me” refers to the Twos. They are sometimes called “SIMS” which refers to “simulation,” which is what these aliens call themselves, not because they are SIMS but because we are trapped on their holodeck. We LIVE in THEIR SIM.

      “articles” refers to “art” where an “artist” is someone who tortures and rapes a victim. For example Jeffrey Dahmer’s PIZZAGATE posed victim as shown in Jimmy Comet’s Instagram (a sculpture at Tony Podesta’s house) is posed that way by an “ARTIST.” So in all I am SURROUNDED BY SIM ARTISTS, which this person means as evil witches, but in reality and in Illuminati code this means surrounded by evil aliens: The Twos and especially the NINES, and the Nines are all GREYS, and most Sevens are Greys hiding in human bodies. Greys are “Rhythm” and Sevens are “Blues” in the songs. “Love that ‘rhythm and blues'” in American Pie (decoded on the blog and is very important) means the Nines and Sevens who “love” people. “Love” is their word for raping and torturing victims until they die. Those are the ARTISTS and the LOVERS. So generally the entire phrase is saying that the SIM ARTISTS should surround me, or are surrounding me. Yes, we KNOW THAT, that is one of the main points of this blog. Read the non-Sandy Hook posts and get up to speed. We covered Sandy Hook because it was a way to reach out to the humans over on InfoWars.

      “You should be embarrassed” means that I should be “shamed” which is code for raping and torturing a designated victim. The entire comment, overall, is intended to “Point the finger at me” as the person to attack (HERA). The pointing gesture also is used to designate a victim, so notice that when you are watching videos on You Tube or even in TV Shows. When people POINT it is for a reason. (See our Taylor Swift videos decoded here for examples.) The above comment also is intended to convey that it is Kodiak giving an order (he’s head of the Family). But it isn’t. It is someone pretending to be Kodiak. I don’t know whether they are human or alien.


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