Which One of These Things is Not Like the Others? (Round 2 Redux, San Bernardino Shooting Edition)

Hint:  They always are all like the others!  On this, the one-year anniversary of the “largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11,” the San Bernardino, CA shootings, we thought we’d catch up with Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting’s favorite “witness,” Nancy Lanza’s dear friend, Victoria Munoz. We covered Ms. Munoz in Round 2 of our game of Which One of These Things is Not Like the Others?   If you’ll recall, Ms. Munoz had the extreme misfortune to be a victim/witness at the Sandy Hook School shootings, in Newtown CT, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Watertown MA shootings, and the deadly Philadelphia train derailment! Ms. Munoz moved to San Bernardino to try and outrun the death and destruction that follows wherever she goes. She even changed her name, now going by Lavinia Johnson, and she now works as the IRC Executive Director in San Bernardino. I think this means she runs the office where all the people were murdered! So it is not surprising that Ms. Johnson, nee Munoz, reports to LA’s KTLA Channel 5 news today that she is “just as unlucky as ever.”

Here’s a screen shot of five-time loser Ms. Munoz  Johnson from today’s interview, with some “memories” from her most notable appearances below that.  Notice the woman in white in the background giving me LIVE, the “Hat’s Off” and combined “elbow’s out” sign in Traveler Code, which is a live message to me to change the channel and stop watching Lavinia make an ass of herself.  When it all “comes crashing down on their heads” as predicted by Dr. Carver, the medical examiner in Newtown, (Carver, autopsy, get it? This is how arrogant they are about their staged “attacks”) they can blame whoever keeps sending Lavinia to be interviewed on the news.

San Bernardino Shootings’ Unluckiest Live Victim

Ms. Johnson’s prior appearances, see if you can match them to the atrocity, or mouse-over to see which tragedy she witnessed and lived to tell CNN about (all four were CNN interviews, but all the networks do this):

Click to play Round 1 of Which One of These Things is Not Like the Other, starring Prince William.

For more on this “story” see Light a Candle for Nancy Lanza, She Did. And here’s an irreverent takedown of the Players in Sandy Hook’s staged shooting event, where no one at all was injured. Also, a ridiculous “Streetcorner” Green screen Interview, just in case you think the media was not also in on the snookering of America.

And here’s another video of Lavinia:



  1. Leaving evidence is something that serial killers/rapists actually like to do. We know that this day is not going to end like the others. All of the other time loops have been closed out. Usually at the end of the day, your lifespan, when Hera is killed, they want to show it off and take credit for their work. But now that there are no new loops to be opened, you no longer will be victimized over and over again in these shows. It’s my signature.


    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure we cover her Barbara Starr persona in a subsequent post. She’s definitely also Barbara Starr. But all of those personas are a person we call Bea. Also known as Queen Bee who we talk about a lot.


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