The Simpsons Wants Us to Know Who is Behind #PizzaGate

While we are working on the PizzaGate story, here’s a video of “odd” Simpsons references to Pizza (and Stephen Hawking) gross!). Although the original narrator thinks this implicates a Simpsons writer in Pizzagate, it doesn’t.  As we explain all over the blog (click on the #time travel tag, or #other Earth tag at the end of this post), time travel is a thing, and it is used by the Illuminati and also a few others not only to buy winning lottery tickets, but also to facilitate communications with our human family over on what we call “future Earth” or “upstairs” who lives up the time stream from us. We send messages back and forth in movies, TV shows and songs. And also on billboards and sometimes when just directing a message to an individual, by changing things in their present to pass along some info.  One of the things we’ve been discussing is Pizzagate, what is happening exactly and who is responsible.  Instead of dumping a lot of information into one obvious resource, we have, and the Illuminati have, a Code-word system worked out that allows us to notice that a message is being sent, discern the context of the particular subject and thereby decipher messages sent using common everyday words.

A lot is going on right now and Pizzagate as it is widely understood is unfortunately only the beginning of the look down the rabbit hole. It’s worse than you can imagine. Because terrible things are occurring both “upstairs” and here, a collective of us believe it is time to explain these facts to you and try to pass on to others the means to decipher these messages. We may not always be here to post on a blog about them. It is too important to simply hope for the best. So we will explain things here and try to get the word out. Very few people likely will believe our hideous account enough to bother to put in the effort to learn The Code to deciphering these messages.  Coming to understand the truth found in our blog is a bit like staring at a stereogram, magic picture, where an image looks like nonsense but if you stare at it long enough you will see the picture hidden within, like this one of a dinosaur:


Same principle. The Code used for communicating is comprised entirely of common everyday words, and people who are good at sending those messages also are good at creating a script where the Coded dialogue matches the outward scene depicted.  The messages also include extra words at the beginning, end and/or in the middle, because they throw prying eyes off track and they also are included so that the messages flow within the outward story script.  So regular people see that static in the above image, but communicators see the dinosaur.  We want to show you how to see the dinosaur, and repetition is the easiest way to do it.  The first thing to learn is how to discern when a message is buried in the first place.  For this you have to learn a few buzzwords, and also be alert that messages are everywhere.  Look for things like this image above. A story or song equivalent of static. Pay attention to whether a story makes sense or whether it was making sense but suddenly veers off.  By way of example, see our decoding of “Long Distance Runaround” by YES, which is a terrible song about destroying this Earth, but is a good example of a song that makes no sense at all, except as decoded by someone knowing the context. Another great example is Corinne on The Bachelor famously saying, “I just want to be in the spa, being fed tacos, preferably chicken,” which is decoded here.  What does that mean? Who eats chicken tacos in a hot tub?

So in short we ask you to read all of the blog entries, all are examples of the Code in practice, and not to give up because the message is so terrible and unbelievable. Don’t dismiss what we are telling you. You will eventually see the messages jump off the page at you, if you practice enough.

Back to Pizzagate.  This video below shows Simpsons references to Pizza, and these references are messages from our future, upstairs, to us about who is responsible for Pizzagate. The messages are thrown back in time and scattered throughout numerous episodes, as is often the case, both to make sure that we stumble upon the message, and also because it is hard to hide a lot of information about one topic within in a single episode of a show like the Simpsons.

With all of the foregoing in mind, look at this short clip from an old Dating Game episode, which we turned into a GIF. The episode was brought to our attention, which often is how we know to “pick up the phone.” They literally hand us the phone by floating these message across our computer or TV screen.


The Dating Game gif tells us, first, that it is about Pizzagate, since these three creepy guys are playing with babies.  Second it tells us who is responsible.  That would be the guy stepping on the baby.  So lets look at him.  He’s wearing a “suit” in the color of rust red. Now we can look at our Traveler and Illuminati Family Thesaurus and see that rust red refers to the Family sub-group called “Fours” of the alien persuasion (we have aliens and time travel, really, they both exist).  The head of the Family Fours whether alien rust-red Fours or human bright red Fours, is a guy who calls himself Kodiak.  He’s also the head of the Traveler Family Sixes, both human Green and alien Brown.  So this single report in the Dating Game contains a message that Kodiak has something to do with harming babies, which is Code for Pizzagate.

Lets look again at the Simpsons image from above:


Most important to notice of course is that the Pizza is pointing at someone.  So the folks upstairs are saying, with regard to Pizzagate, this guy is responsible.  The message below that adds that:  “The kidnapping was at our other location.”  We don’t know for certain which way to interpret this.  Is the human Pizza and Taco Factory located on this Earth or in another “time loop”?  These Illuminati Players can abduct a child here and remove that child to the 1970’s or to yesterday, or even to a parallel version of Earth that does not have a human population (a story for another time). Since we first received this message and the one above, we have learned from decoding an old Jimmy Comet interview that far worse even than Pizzagate is occurring, as they actually are running a human victim FACTORY FARM.  We’ve also learned that Jimmy Comet is a persona of Kodiak’s, leader of the Traveler and Illuminati Family Fours and Sixes. In fact we have obtained a lot of information about the Illuminati’s activities, and Kodiak’s activities.  A lot of puzzle pieces have fallen into place.  This new information in total leads us to believe that there may be another time loop involved in the space between the upstairs Earth and ours.

Back to the above image.  Importantly the pizza points a Mario Brother with a Red hat and a blue outfit.  This tells us a lot.  Bright red means Traveler Family human Fours, also led by Kodiak (Kodiak is not Paul. Paul is our son and Kodiak pretends to be Paul in leading the Fours.  Kodiak pretends to be our son Denis in leading the Sixes).  Blue means Traveler Family Sevens, led by Kodiak’s wife Bee, who pretends to be a man and a human, when she is not. Also worth noting, the Mario Brother is Italian, and short in stature, and Traveler Sevens are code-worded as “Little Italians.”  Traveler Sevens are comprised of humans from Earth  but also humans from the Upstairs who time travel down to our Earth and spend time here. These people are the Illuminati.  Many, in honesty, are thugs, and scammers.  That is why they are called “little Italians” – to evoke the mafia.  Having access to Time Travel tends to cause these people to feel far superior to the rest of the people on Earth.  They are bullies and they believe themselves to be the humans who are in control of our world, down here in the past, which they call “the Graveyard,” because we here in “the past” are long dead to them “upstairs.”  In fact many of them see us as disposable humans and prey upon us.  And killing us is inconsequential to them.  They are on a parallel Earth in the future, not an actual, exact version, and therefore anything they do here has zero consequences to them upstairs.  So the Illuminati from “upstairs” come down here to prey upon us and live out their Westworld fantasies (which is a show on HBO that is about what they are doing to us).  And when they do, they often come down as human Sevens in the Travelers. So to summarize, the Pizza points at these Traveler Family Fours and Sevens, including the Illuminati people upstairs, as those to blame for Pizzagate.

To reiterate this point, the red and blue kids are playing games on the Mario Bros side of the Pizza Place, while the purple and green kids are playing on the other side.  Red and blue means human and purple and green means alien in this context. The aliens’ car is purple, the humans’ car is blue.  The blue car side of the lot contains a green trashcan, and that is Code for human Sixes in the Traveler Family.  So with this information, it likely is that the aliens sent down this message to say, it is not the green or purple aliens, but instead it is the green, red and blue humans doing this.  By the way, “Zip Zap and Za,” refers to what Travelers call a “Get,” which is an evil wizard or “witch.”  Gets will spin increasingly fast and then hit a victim with a laser or electrical charge and “zap” them. Three “Gets” here, Zip, Zap and Za, is done simply to repeat the term three times, which is Code for 666 and is an Illuminati shout out.  Any term, phrase or number repeated three times is Code for 666 and therefore Illuminati.  So the human side of the Satanic Illuminati, who often also are “Gets” and Traveler Sevens, is being blamed by the Pizza in this image above.

So we have, so far, an image blaming Kodiak of the Rust-Red Fours, in the Dating Game, and an image blaming human bright red Fours and Sevens in the Simpsons, both of which groups are led by Kodiak (Fours) and his “eternal Illuminati wife” Bee (Sevens).  Kodiak and Bee both are Grey aliens, which even the Illuminati upstairs did not realize until very recently. It turns out that “Gets” known to Travelers get all of their magic powers from advanced Grey alien technology and not from “Black Magic.”  It turns out that all of the magic seen on Earth is the result of Grey alien technology, which we discuss elsewhere.

We also got word via other communications from the folks “upstairs” that the Clintons and Obamas innocently were led to slaughter by John Podesta inviting Jimmy Comet and Podesta’s Satanic brother Tony into their orbit. And also that the Obama-related emails about catering “hot dogs” at the White House were about catering food at the White House, which makes sense since nobody in their right mind would have a child rape, torture and murder party at the White House.  This especially given the fact that any of these people in the White House can go and conduct Pizzagate activities in an adjacent time loop with no other human witnesses living in it.  But there are other humans and aliens down here who are involved in Pizzagate who may not have access to time travel, and that means that many Pizzagate activities undoubtedly occur here involving even people who could have just gone to another time loop.  And we also know that these monsters are so arrogant about their ability to time travel that they think that they are bulletproof.  They simply erase the evidence of Pizzagate at any point in time, including in the future from now, and the effect of that is that the whole discovery of Pizzagate never will have occurred.  We will have no memory of Pizzagate ever having occurred.

Except a few people, for reasons unclear to us. A few people here and there do notice things that are changed with the time machine, and they are calling these discrepancies between what they know and what the “new facts” are the “Mandela Effect.”

Lets look at this video containing numerous clips, and see if we can learn anything else about where this is happening and who is involved:

The first clip features a life coach (left) helping people “realize their childhood dreams.”  “Dreams” is a Code word describing this downstairs environment, a word used by people upstairs. To get down here from upstairs, people there go to sleep while plugged into an advanced computer system.  Thus the entire time they “live” downstairs, they are asleep upstairs.  Their life here is therefore called the “dream.”  Upstairs also is where the Traveler parents live and downstairs is where “the kids” live, thus “Childhood” also is Code for “downstairs.”  “Childhood dreams” is the downstairs Earth.   When the Parents, Illuminati and other people from upstairs are tired of being down here, they commit suicide here, because dying down here causes them to wake up upstairs.  So in this clip Homer is saying that his “childhood dream” is as equally important to him as, in other words, the equivalent of, “two pizzas.”  Deciphered this really means that Homer is coming down here “dreaming” in order to obtain “two pizzas.”  This most likely is a message that the victim “pizzas” down here in the dream are from the Traveler and Illuminati Twos of the combined Family.  The Twos are aliens and they are color-coded green and also purple.  So this reinforces the above Simpsons image, where the green and purple kids are saying it is the green, red and blue human kids doing it.  So now we know that the piece of Pizza on the sign in the first image is a Family Two.  The Family Twos are saying, “we are the victims, and it is the human Fours, Sixes and Sevens doing this to us. They are doing this to us at our other location, downstairs ‘in the dream.'”  The show Westwood is about this and so is the old show “Fantasy Island” which is why this life coach guy is reminiscent of Ricardo Montelban.  We are Westwood.  We are Fantasy Island. To the thugs upstairs, and some less thuggish people too. Also notice that the chair is red in the first clip, and that is Code for a red Four who is an evil black magic “Get” who also ties people to chairs and cuts off their legs and arms, and attacks them. So a Traveler who shows someone a “chair” is saying that they either are threatening to cut off their arms and legs, or warning them that a “Get” is planning to harm them. This chair is Red, which means they are saying that it is a higher ranking human Red who is harming the Pizzas.  That would be KODIAK, head of the alien Fours and human Fours.

Next clip: Next shows Luigi from Zip Zap and Za Pizza stopping by the Simpsons. Luigi has a Rust Red tie, and asks for “The Bart Simpson.”  This Italian therefore is the mobster in charge of the Rust Red Fours of “The Family.”  He asks for “The Bart” specifically to tell us that this Luigi is down here as, among other people, the persona of The Donald.  We have verified this with numerous messages, and even with Kodiak himself. Thus we know that Kodiak is Donald Trump.  Luigi (Kodiak, aka Trump, who we also have confirmed is Jimmy Comet (discussed elsewhere) has come by to tell “The Bart” that his video “The Angry Dad” has been nominated for a Golden Globe.  “The Angry Dad” also refers to Kodiak. He is the “Dad” or “Parent” of the Traveler Fours and Sixes, or Reds and Greens. He’s utterly vicious and he’s also Jimmy Comet.  He’s also, unbelievably, Anderson Cooper, and just some evidence of his involvement in Pizzagate appears here.  His Jimmy Comet persona’s involvement in Pizzagate is widely known, but expressed hideously in his own words, decoded here.  Confirmation of Trump as a persona of Kodiak, and also Anderson Cooper, and their involvement in Pizzagate, is found, among other places, in this recent SNL skit, here, where SNL confirms that coded talk of “Tacos” is the same thing as coded talk of Pizzas, which is what Anderson engages in, and does so in a story about Trump.  This is true, we have now as our President the worst mobster in the history of this world, Kodiak. His eternal wife Bee confirms this as well, bragging, as her persona of Samantha Bee, that with this “Prez” there will be “Pizza everyday.”  She also confirms Kodiak’s involvement as his persona Anderson Cooper in this interview she has with him, while in her own persona as Mrs. Pozner of Sandy Hook. (Everything’s Related, including the TV show that uses that tagline.)  There are numerous Illuminati Players here from upstairs, but Kodiak and Bee take on many many roles here of their own. The rest of the Illuminati take only one human persona while down here, as far as we know.  Kodiak and Bee are not human however, and they can literally occupy hundreds, possibly thousands of people.  They are Grey aliens, and they are hive-minded.  So Kodiak and Bee can send any Grey to occupy a human persona and then remotely control that Grey inside of the human “shell.”

Back to this clip, which cuts away from Luigi to Anthony Hopkins, as Luigi says, Antony, “your Pizza, she’s a gonna be late.”  “She’s.”  This is literal.  Antony Hopkins orders female “Cheese Pizzas.” And the word “late” in the sentence means that the female Pizza is an alien female (a Two in the Family Hierarchy).  In Traveler Code, “late” means alien and “early” means human.

We’ve also just realized in watching this clip that Anthony Hopkins is one of Kodiak’s many human personas here on this Earth.  First is the image of Hopkins remotely controlling a “red car.”  The people upstairs call humans here “clothing” or “suits.”  They come down here and occupy human bodies that were produced via cloning and made without a human soul in them, an empty shell, that they can “drive around” in their “human suit” while downstairs doing what they want.  When they want to go home they kill that human shell and wake up back upstairs.  Kodiak and wife Bee also are Bo and Peep of Heaven’s Gate. Read that website where they talk a bunch of nonsense that includes calling human bodies “vehicles” and “clothing.”  So back to this. Anthony Hopkins is “remotely driving” a red car. This is very clear. Humans Illuminati Players upstairs assume the occupation of only one human down here.  But Kodiak and Bee assume hundreds, by sending their Grey underlings to occupy a human suit, and then remotely controlling those Greys and also therefore those human “suits.”  Thus someone remotely driving a Red Car would only be Kodiak, head of the Red Fours in the Family.  Anthony Hopkins’s name also means something. Often the names they take down here do.  Anthony (Tony) is a name Kodiak uses a lot. He’s also Tony Podesta (even though he also is Jimmy Comet!).  Hopkins is Code for “Hop” as in “hop around,” which is what you’ll be doing when Kodiak cuts off your leg (same meaning as the Red Chair in the clip). And “kins” of “Hopkins” is Code for a member of the Family or “kin.”  So now we know.  We did know that Westworld on HBO, starring Hopkins, was a mocking account of what the thugs upstairs were doing to us down here, treating humans as robots to remote control.  Also apparently starring Kodiak as Antony Hopkins.

Next Clip: Is Homer in jail asking for $50 in bail money, perhaps for killing a judge.  We’ll get back to this and the additional clips in the future. They are densely packed with messages and we want to confirm that our interpretation of new material is accurate as well.

For other Simpsons messages decoded, Simpsons reveals STUNNING plot of our “human” brothers “upstairs in the future” to take over our “inferior Earth of the past” – yeah no thank you! Part II, Messages from the Future: 10 Simpsons “Predictions” You Don’t Know Already Happened, and their important warning from upstairs of Bea’s plan to mount an “alien attack” of this Earth in the near future.

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