PLEASE WATCH and forward this post. It shows our future-Earth mind-reading Bush live, and telling us who plotted the WTC attacks, as Bush reads My Pet Goat.

We are knocked out by this video. The first image from it below contains in the top right corner a green clown in the classroom where Bush is “reading to children.” That is a coded message to us from the future. And the message is this, a Green Clown is in the classroom.  Look at the clown – do you know of any child who would voluntarily play with that toy? Clowns in Traveler Talk mean “Gets,” which are evil wizards.  The Green Clown here refers to BUSH and who is the most visible Green Clown we know?  Illuminati, Traveler and Scientology leader, who calls himself KODIAK. Kodiak is the leader of Traveler Sixes and Fours (Travelers are members of assigned Family groups, explained here). Kodiak and other Illuminati leaders “occupy” human forms called “personas” and Kodiak’s include Bush Jr, Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate, and Jimmy Comet of Pizzagate. (Messages from “the Pizza” telling us who is responsible for Pizzagate are here).  This message contained in the below video is saying that (1) Bush Jr. is a Kodiak persona, and (2) Kodiak is responsible for 9/11.  Yes, they can use the time machine to place an obvious reference in a shot for us to see such as this Green Clown, and other messages explained below. The messages are obvious once you are used to looking for them and know the Code. And we are trying to teach you how to see the messages and decode them, on our blog.

Here’s the shot:


Second amazing thing about this video: The reason they know Bush is Kodiak and is in that classroom and is responsible for 9/11 is that they are reading his mind in these moments before he is “told” about the plane hitting the North Tower.  How do we know this? Because this is what they do to convey an urgent or important message… they literally take control of the environment by changing the idea in the teacher’s head of what to say, and even use the time machine to change the book that the children are reading.  Seriously!  Look at this image below at what the teacher is teaching the children to spell before Bush is told about the plane.

And recall that the children are reading from “My Pet Goat.”  A goat in Traveler and Illuminati code is Satanic.  So this is a message to us – TO US – that Bush is Kodiak, a Green Clown, and also a Goat… and the future beings reporting this know this because they are reading his mind as he sits there waiting for the secret service to come in and inform him of the plane hitting the tower!   Also notice that the first child the teacher calls on is “Lamar” which in code means Martian, but “Lamar” is a name Kodiak uses.  Next name: “Chantel.” This is a coded message to us that Bush is a “Chant el” which is code for the same thing, a “chant” is a demon wizard (they chant, as in demonic chanting), and an “el” is a Family Boss.  So they are saying that this Green Clown is the Green Family Boss.  Now, are we certain they don’t mean the green Alien Twos?  Those are green also!  Green is Sixes that are human or Aliens that are Twos in The Family.  But we know Bush is Kodiak.  However if we didn’t, listen to the next name the teacher calls: “Natalia.”  That is saying “not tall” which means “not alien.”  In the Decoder we told you that “tall” means alien and “short” means human. The next name a child says is “Robert” and we already explained to you in the Lexicon and in posts that Kodiak when he is a Six calls himself “Robert” or “Bob.” Yes, they can and do change names like this to send us messages. That is how we readily understood that Marina Abramovic of the #pizzagate scandal was Code for: Mar in a Abra (cadabra) movi c – which refers to Bea – Mar(tian) in a magic movie (to) see.

So you see how easy it is to understand what the message is, and also how very important it is that we all learn to decipher these messages from people who are trying to help us from the future, where they can see a lot more of the details than we can.  Thank you for this important information, by the way!  Thank you.

Here’s the still frame of the teacher’s words before Bush was told of the plane hitting the tower: 


This teacher had the children speak those words to tell us what Bush was thinking at that moment.  She knew because someone upstairs with Time Travel ability and mind reading ability learned of the plot and gave her the “divine idea” to teach those words.  They also made sure that the book to be read was My Pet Goat.

What should immediately hit you is that this portion of the video never has been shown on the news!  Why is that? Because the video to anyone who knows the code, says flat out that Kodiak did it! Amazing video below!  Also note, Bush is not actually reading anything, his book is upside down! Also, it is not “My Pet Goat”!  But that idea probably was planted by the future so people would know that Satanic Illuminati were behind this hideous mass murder and cover up.

PS: We were so stunned by the classroom video that we missed the opening shot.  LOOK AT THE OPENING SHOT of this video.  There is no plane there when the South Tower exploded.  See our photos on this point too.  No plane hit the South Tower, it was added by near simultaneous (but not near enough) CGI overlay.  HIDEOUS. It is very important to us that you understand that we are getting messages and they are altering our future, past, and present. Moreover, evil people infest our government and they actually live in the future and they do not care if hundreds of thousands of people die while they “remote” us around like in Westworld on HBO. Thank you for paying attention. The messages are everywhere and we all should understand them.

via Believe Your Own Eyes – 9/11 – No “Planes” Were Ever Used.mp4 – YouTube

Click for more messages about 9/11, before 9/11, from the future.  Also includes a documentary from Pilots for 9/11, a great explainer on the physics of flying and the physical impossibility of any of the four planes actually flying or crashing in the manner officially recognized.

Click for a quick image study of the second plane beginning to pass in front of the North Tower before going behind it to hit the South Tower. Also includes Trump’s interview from a developer’s perspective that the Towers could not have fallen without explosives. Last video includes the original footage from local news of the planes hitting before the network “doctoring” of the video in its final “live shot” form.

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