The Future Points To Jimmy Comet as #Pizzagate Primary

That gif says it all, to us.  “The Dating Game” is a message, as of course also is this asshole in a rust-red suit crushing a baby in the same way that animal “crush videos” depict this sick practice. The fact that he is getting off his chair to “step down” on the baby also is a message. He’s stepping “down on us” from upstairs where he is smugly sitting in “the future.” Earth itself is the baby in this snippet, in addition to the children that this Leader of the Traveler Family Fours (color-coded rust red) breeds for sale in his Pizza Ovens and Taco Factory.

We are still working through Podesta emails. So far we know “Jimmy Comet” is a Kodiak persona, which he admits. Kodiak goes by Jim often because David is known as Jim Cramer in the Outside world and Kodiak is fixated on David and often pretends he is David (or “Jim”). Kodiak often, very often, combines names that refer to aliens our outer space, such as “Comet” does here. So Jimmy Comet is a Kodiak persona. Kodiak is the Leader of the Traveler Fours and Sixes (going by Robert). He is not Denis or Paul (or Tom). Those are our kids and Kodiak pretends he is them while attacking the humans on this Earth. Kodiak is a Grey alien.

Kim Noble and Marina Abramovic are iterations of Bea, his “eternal Illuminati wife” and fellow Grey alien. Bea fancies herself “The Queen Bee” and “The Black Queen” or “Dark Queen” so that explains the “Noble” part of her name. Her pedaphilic artwork speaks for itself. Marina Abramovic is also a “human persona” of Bea’s, which name we explained before is decoded by changing the spacing of her entire name to read: Mar in a Abra  movi c, which means Mar(tian) in a magic movie (to) see. Mar is short for martian in the Family code.  Abra means “black magic” as in “abracadabra.” “Movie” is another word for a “show” and Bea calls her rape, torture and murders “shows” which she puts on for her friends.  Without question “Martian in a black magic movie to see,”  is Bea.

But who are the Podestas? They seem to have been procuring victims for visiting dignitaries. All of them not only raped these children but also tortured, murdered and consumed them. As someone reminded us yesterday, they also hold “human hunts” where they abduct people and move them out to the wilderness, drop them there naked and force them to run for their lives while they hunt them like animals.

If you are new here, we’ll try to get you up to speed on the general background of what really is going on.  It’s not a theory, not a debate.  This is what’s going on, we are involved in a first-hand way.  We know it’s a lot to take in:

There’s another Earth with humans and other beings on it and they are in the future from us here.  They send messages to us in tv shows, movies, radio songs, books, magazines, cloud pictures, billboards, or even remote controlling other humans to speak through them.

There are good people up there and also plenty of assholes who treat us like their “playground” – we are living in Westworld, HBO as far as they are concerned.  They come down here and rape children, women, men, kill people, whatever, then let the human they were “driving around” in down here take the rap while the go back “upstairs.”

They have a time machine, obviously, so even old shows like the Dating Game are vehicles for timely information.  They use their access to time travel to live like the movie “loopers” where they shift anyone they want back into the past or to other time loops and kill them there so that there is no evidence of foul play in our present loop.

We believe that these PizzaGate attackers shifted children into another time loop to accomplish their sick practices without creating an evidence trail.  But not always, because some documents indicate that Kodiak required that people purchasing victims on the edge of death must consume those victims, presumably to ensure there is no evidence trail, in addition to just being disgusting.

Kodiak and Bea are not human and they Satanic Illuminati. They hate humans because humans are the Children of David, and they hate David.  Ironically, they also are Children of David, but they did not know that, because they are insane, hateful and demonic beings.  They were made eons ago and they are very different from humans.  Humans are made in the image of David.  They are very envious of us because David made us to be more like him and spent all of his time with us. These other beings are “Grey aliens” that people often report encountering. The Greys found their way into our Outside human environment. They never were intended to be in the same environment as humans.

There are other beings here from”Outside” who are not Greys and they are here to help us with this situation Bea and Kodiak have created here. So please do not seize on the idea that all aliens are bad. Humans actually are “aliens” to this environment too, which we explain elsewhere.

Because Bee and Kodiak are Greys who envy humans and hate David, they torture and kill humans and spend a lot of time and use of their time machine rewriting religious texts originally written by David in ways that foster discord and misunderstanding amongst various groups of humans (religious discord, sexual orientation discord, male/female discord, etc). Divide and conquer is one of their hobbies. Do not rely on religious texts. They’ve all been compromised by the use of the time machine technology. That is why the Bible is all over the place, with Jesus being kind (which is David) and the Old Testament seeming to be about a vengeful and “smiting” God (also David). That’s Bea and Kodiak in many instances. But some of the stories found there are still true. It’s the directives you should not rely on if they go against everything kind, tolerant and good. I have been calling this “the Fred Goldman test” although we hate to use his tragedy in any way, everyone in the world knows that this man is kind, loving and caring. He’s the only person I (Hera) can think of so universally known and also understood to be a man of character, without question. So for those who have no other frame of reference, if you hear the “Voice of God” or read some directive “from God” and it does not sound like something Fred Goldman would say, then it isn’t God talking to you, it’s Satanic Bea and Kodiak.  Even when they pretend they are trying to help you.

Once the time stream is polluted, nothing ever again or even before can be relied upon as actual fact.  Therefore much of what we’ve been told or have discovered is inaccurate. They can falsify data, scientific tests and documents, historical documents, religious documents. Anything at all.  Look at everything you read or are told through your own “gut check” prism of common sense.

When they alter things using the time machine it usually changes all occurrences of that thing in all points in time and places, so that instantly, it always has been that way as far as most people are aware.  The few who do notice the changes are now calling this odd situation the “Mandela Effect.”  They know changes have occurred but don’t understand that they are due to using the time machine. We also make changes with the time machine, changes for the better to counter their changes for the worse.

This blog is about explaining to you what is happening, who is responsible, and why.  We are sorry that it is not a more uplifting story. But you were created with a purpose and it was not to be tortured by Bea and Kodiak.

Bea and Kodiak are the heads of both the Traveler Family and the Illuminati Family. They pose as: Kodiak – Sevens, Sixes of both green and brown hues (brown as Robert or Bob), Fours of both red hues, and Threes.  Bea: Nines, Eights, Sevens and Fives.  There are other leaders who you know that you can trust.  You know who they are.  They are our family too.  But do not trust Bea (Queen Bea, Bert and the NSA), or Kodiak (aka Jim aka Robert aka Bob, aka Icarus, and now that he knows about David’s other name, probably he’ll be going by that too).

Once you understand that a time machine is at work, you understand why inexplicable things happen, why this or that does not jive with some other piece of evidence or historical fact.  This world is a snow globe or fish tank that they can decorate any way they want, and they very often do. See also the Simpsons messages about #pizzagate, where “the Pizzas” are telling us who they have seen as responsible for these atrocities. We got word from them that the Clintons innocently were led to slaughter by Podesta inviting Jimmy Comet into their orbit. And also that the Obama-related emails about catering “hot dogs” at the White House were about catering at the White House, which makes sense since nobody in their right mind would have a child rape, torture and murder party at the White House. 


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