The adults in this pizzagate painting look odd because they are Greys. We explain the symbolism.

As we’ve been explaining, Satanic Illuminati head “Bea” is Marina Abramovic and also Kim Noble. Quickly we’ll explain this Kim Noble artwork to you as we don’t want to revisit the artwork:


Top left image on left side has a crown with three prongs.  This is Bea’s thing. She calls herself Queen Bee, which explains why Kim Noble’s last name is “Noble.”  The crown is an extension of that, she being Queen Bee.  It has three prongs because three is code for 666. Next to that image it looks like human attackers there forming a Pentagram formation around a victim. They are smoking for several reasons. The first is that alien Nines in the Traveler family (the Greys) are called “smoke.”  Because they travel around on Earth in a dark wisp of smoke when they are not occupying a human body.  This is how Bea can be both Noble and Abramovic. She can travel between or split herself among several people. They also are smoking because Bee has a cigarette smoking “fetish.” Finally they are smoking because they intend to burn the child with the cigarettes.  The two fainter painted children represent two things. The first is the original child’s soul traveling out of its body, that is the middle child in the image. The second is that she is saying she has another child lined up in an adjacent “time loop” to rotate in.  That is why the farthest child is in the same physical space as the adult in that last one.  That child is being held in another string of time and the string will be brought up against our string and the child then moved into the room with the attacker.

Top middle is a taser or cattle prod. Bea is fixated on shocking people and does it to us all the time, and to our kids. The other person who looks only half in the room represents someone watching the action from an adjacent string of time. That is what they do. Abramovic means Abra-movie – i.e., “magic (abra) movie” and this means she puts on “black magic” rape and torture “shows” for people who watch from other time loops.  This also is what she is doing to us and our family. She is doing it from another time loop so it is not like we can call the authorities.  Anyway she could kill them on the spot with an EMP to the heart or mind. She also can use technology to hypnotize them remotely, while they are awake, and persuade them to be disinclined to help, and could even get them to file some sort of psych report on Hera.  Failing that, she can simply talk directly into their skulls and tell them to walk away, which will scare them enough to listen, most likely.

Top right shows another person on the far right who is watching from an adjacent time loop, another parallel string of time.

Bottom left image is Bea as Noble, in red. What a nutcase.

Bottom middle: More tasers, these are taser-like cattle prods or possibly hot branding irons, Bea uses both.

Bottom Right: Those are Grey aliens attacking children on the table. And while torturing their bodies they also torture their souls. We have souls. They rise near to death, and these Satanic Greys torture them and consume them.  Same with the bodies.  The Greys have ships up in the sky that are cloaked and can be miniaturized and expanded with little effort. They can and do transfer people to them to torture them. They also come down here and do it. The Greys have very advanced technology but they are ultimately immature beings behaviorally.  They are like sick, twisted adolescents.  Bea is a good example, she has a fantasy in her head of being “Queen” and also of being my (David) wife and “taking her rightful place on the throne.” There is no throne. There is no fantasy land to be Queen of. She is childlike in these ideas of reality.  But very sick in her sexually deviant fantasies. Unfortunately as a Grey she has access to very advanced technology and is using that to hold all of the humans here, and some other kind beings, hostage.

Dark people in the images are Grey aliens, Red people are humans, yellow people are humans, orange people are hybrids, green people are humans. Notice how the dark people look like Greys and the other colors look like humans. All of them are Illuminati and all of them are Satanic. Most are Greys, even the humans, because they are empty human bodies occupied by a Grey alien.  They can do that and it is just as horrible as you are thinking.  In this way they “occupy” many many people in power.

We did not want to feature one of these images in the header but at the same time we want people to know what these images really mean. We especially want people to understand that Kim Noble is not some innocent victim but is a perpetrator. We just tried to explain it over on another blog in this way:

For what it’s worth, those Kim Noble paintings show the souls of those children rising up as they are dying. That is what those paintings mean. It looks like that and nothing else. Because only the Illuminati would know that or be able to see that, we have every reason to believe that Kim Noble is involved, and not just recalling her childhood victimization, which certainly would not have those details, or many of the others. As you can imagine, a young child being attacked does not notice all the people in the room, and certainly would not see all the attackers in another dimension waiting to step into the room, which is what the Pizzagate Players are doing when they are not painted in solid form. Children victims, and just about everyone else also certainly would not know what a rising soul looks like as it leaves a dying body. We know that the Pizzagate Players torture and consume those souls after they kill and consume the bodies. Because of these unmistakeable graphic details, and because her story of obtaining such knowledge portrayed in her “artwork” as a child victim is utterly implausible (that she survived, that she can see souls yet did not become a bodiless soul herself, and that she knows of the time machine that the Illuminati use to walk into one dimension from another, and that she would to devote her life to recreating those horrific scenes), we strongly believe Kim Noble is the Leader of the Illuminati Pizzagate Players, who calls herself “Queen Bee.”


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