Light a Candle for Nancy Lanza, She Did.

This video has Nancy Lanza, mother of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, and who was killed by him before he attacked the School, being interviewed at a candlelight vigil for herself and the Sandy Hook dead school children. Out-clucking-rageous. The hubris.

“Annie Haddad” (above right) worked at St. Rose of Lima Elementary School across the freeway from Sandy Hook, where her son Ryan attended.  While “Nancy Lanza” (above left) is reported to have worked at Sandy Hook (a school that in fact had been closed for years due to asbestos), where her son “Adam” attended.  Adam’s “older brother” is named Ryan, and Ryan is alive and well today, also not suffering from autism. That’s Ryan Lanza I mean. Or Haddad. Same guy.

So what did happen at Sandy Hook?  A younger picture of Ryan, tragically killed a younger picture of his mother, and 20 pictures of actual children passed off as their own younger siblings, before killing the younger picture of himself (Adam), at the non-operating Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Nancy Lanza (a fictional woman entirely based on a younger picture of Annie Haddad), is the shooting victim on the left. “Annie” is on the right, interviewed attending her own candlelight vigil. Jeez.

Why all of this with Nancy (alias Annie)? Sandy Hook was a “Family” scam run by the Travelers downstairs and orchestrated by “the Parents” upstairs, who call themselves the “Illuminati.”  In short, the Sandy Hook Players, aka the “victims’ families” could not agree on a narrative that would allow Nancy Lanza to die while allowing her alias “Annie” to continue living a life in Newtown. Nancy does not help her situation by showing up as Annie at the candlelight vigil for the victims of Sandy Hook, when of course she was supposed to be dead, shot to death by her non-existent son Adam Lanza. They really are this arrogant and obvious about their scams perpetrated against all of us caring human beings of the world. By the way, Nancy “Champion” Lanza, her maiden name, means Nancy is a Champion in the Illuminati Card Game, which actually exists and hands out points for terrorist attacks and starting religious cults, etc.

Here’s the comparison of Annie and Nancy in the video below, which is hard to follow in the narrative sense, but exceedingly easy to follow in the visual sense. Compare the heavily-lidded eyes, genetic not age-based, the thin lips, the identical nose and nostrils. The eyebrows. Even the hair color! How lazy and arrogant is that?!  For more outrageous hi-jinx by the Sandy Hook Players:  Yes, that is an Illuminati “Eye.” Sandy Hook: Remember to Donate!The Jolly Green Giant Did It -“Streetcorner” Greenscreen InterviewWhich One of These Things is Not Like the Others? (Round 2)Which One of These Things is Not Like the Others? (Round 2 Redux, San Bernardino Shooting Edition).

And if you want to really blow your mind, check out Round 1 of Which One of These Things is Not Like the Other? Prince William edition.  We on “Earth” are nothing but “toys on the playground” to these Satanic Illuminati “cluck-heads.” Really!  And we are sorry that this is the case.  We are working hard to improve this situation.  Here’s the Lanza video:


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