Which Witch? See if you can guess which of Bea's "Taylor" personas committed which knife attack in a video.

We are trying to get across to you the important point that Bea is down here occupying thousands of men and women, and really can jump out of one seemingly human individual and into another. Two things Bea appreciates are beauty and fame. Two things she does not appreciate are Hera and David.  See if you can match Bea’s filmed scene to the “Taylor” that she is occupying at the time, and yes, the symbolism and repeating of names of her favorite “characters” such as Taylor Swift and Liz Taylor is really that obvious, once you are aware she is doing this:

Psyche (aka Bea) cutting up our human bodies
Psyche (aka Bea) throwing our bodies down “from above” (our upstairs home) after destroying them
Reference to Psyche (aka Bea) cutting off Hera’s breasts, which is a fixation of Bea’s that she often threatens to do to Hera, in graphic detail. She is a serial killer.
Hera’s soul blowing away, compare to the Liz Taylor scene below.
Hera’s soul being blown away after being hacked up by the fan blades. In actuality Bea has been shredding our Family’s souls here with some sort of morcellation device, as a form of torture. After slicing them up, Bea turns on a fan on one end and a vacuum on the other to capture that soul and hold it in a voodoo jar to torture into perpetuity. In seriousness. 
Psyche (aka Bea, aka Marina) attacking the white wedding cake symbolic for Hera and for David’s physical and spiritual heart.
Psyche (aka Bea) making David bleed buy cutting out his heart, which she actually recently did to his physical body.
Psyche destroying David’s “car” which is his human body. The Illuminati Family call human bodies “clothes” or “suits” or “vehicles” or “cars” – they view them as expendable containers for the soul, and nothing more.
Psyche (aka Bea) cutting down the tree symbolic of Earth and the Tree of Life.
Psyche (aka Bea) as deranged and also reminiscent of the Joker, who also is a depiction of Bea.


Here’s the other Taylor Bea occupies in the time loops:

Psyche (aka Bea) slashing David’s “clothes,” a Code word for his human body
Psyche hacking up David’s “suits” or human body
Psyche turning to hack up Hera and David’s souls which do appear gossamer in reality, and which Bea has shredded after attacking our bodies.
Psyche (aka Bea) attacking our souls with a knife.
Psyche (aka Bea) preparing to stab David’s heart represented as the bed here
Psyche stabbing the bed as a metaphor for David, us and the Earth, all of which are in David’s heart. In other words, destroying the bed David made, (the Earth and all the beings he loves), so that he can’t lay in it, a play on the adage “you made your bed, now lay in it.”
Psyche as Queen Bee of the Land

More of Bea’s telling Taylor Swift lyrics and videos about attacking David’s Family are decoded here: Blank SpaceBad BloodWildest Dreams, You Belong With Me, Style, and Better Than Revenge.


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