CNN's "war correspondent" green screen (#Fakenews)

Yes, we fell for that!  See images of a video as well that we posted a couple weeks ago of Prince William interviewing himself on GMA, and the Sandy Hook School shootings’ “streetcorner” green screen interview.  Additionally we have the original local station feeds of the Twin Towers showing the second plane moving in front of the North Tower before disappearing and magically hitting the back of the South Tower. (We have plane-cloaking tech that is unadvertised and we have determined that a “second plane” did a fly-by and was “cloaked” as it passed the Towers, and continued on it’s flight, to create the appearance of a “plane crash” at the site of the South Tower explosion.  It is horrifying and hideous.)

Anyway, here’s CNN footage from our First Gulf War, as supposedly reported live from Saudi Arabia – it’ll make you feel chumped:

Don’t forget to circle back and check out the guy posing as “Prince William” and also posing as the guy conducting the interview of Prince William on Good Morning America.  The implications of this should be a dunk in cold water for you.  Is there no Prince William?  No real Royal Family? Or what? Are we living entirely in “The Matrix” and fed only whatever news they decide to feed us on the TV? Sure, lots of people have met The Queen!  But have you?  I haven’t.  It’s bad, whatever this all means.  

PS: Here’s a video compilation of several green screen fails, I think all are CNN, but every network is controlled by Bea ultimately, and therefore all of them do it. Look for the moments of obvious photo-shop-looking cutouts of the reporter. Moments where the reporter looks like a cardboard cutout stuck in a live shot, is the easiest way for me to tell when there’s a green screen, anyway. Also, some of the interviews are just blaringly stupid, like the Sandy Hook mother below. My kids want me to point out that even though the footage is faked, many of the incidents are real, while many are not.  Many are “augmentedly real” like the Boston Marathon, where the bombing was faked and the injuries were faked on that day, but as we’ll explain later when we can, the News footage on scene was real, and fake. Hera


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