Our Fowl Language

We will in the future substitute our foul language for fowl language on this blog, as best we can.  Hera types these posts for us and for much of the time that she is working on researching and writing posts, Bea (Marina, Psyche, Taylor, all aka’s) is physically torturing her.  So that you’ll understand how hard this is for us, we’ll explain Bea’s four primary methods at present:

(1) putting clamps on portions of Hera’s brain, not her skull, her brain, and it is very painful. It is depicted on the Rush album cover Hemispheres, which Bea also is responsible for. The man on the cover in a tux is what is called a “Get” or evil wizard in Traveler’s terms. The Gets dress like that for Illuminati parties.

(2) putting a catheter in Hera’s urethra to fill her bladder and abdominal cavity with liquids, probably of the “spirit cooking kind,” and also miniaturized human beings, which we’d rather not discuss but we hope you will hear our messages here and understand that Bea is utterly hideous. We all must as a human race, and with other non-human beings who are here to help us (not the Greys), work together if we want to keep this time loop open. No one should be attacking anyone. Do not let anything happen to Hera in this time loop or it will be the last time loop.

(3) sexual assaults.

(4) torturing our family members.

There is nothing anyone can do to help her, these assaults are committed with advanced remote and miniaturization technology.  So please do not contact the authorities on Hera’s behalf. She already has notified the FBI, more informationally regarding the technology than in an expectation of assistance.

Anyway after several hours of torment each day, coupled with reviewing messages from the future that oftentimes involve more threats of harming Hera, she does lose her composure a lot and let fly the foul language. We’ll try to substitute for fowl in the future. We try to keep this blog interesting, and some satire makes the days being held hostage go by slightly more pleasantly, but we are not making this blog for a hobby. We want you to understand who you are, where you come from and where we are trying to go together.



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