Have You Seen These Men Wanted for Questioning In Madeleine's Disappearance?

via Gerry & Kate’s Message: | findmadeleine.com

These drawings are actual persons of interest in Madeleine’s disappearance in Portugal. We reiterate that Marina Abramovic is the head of the Illuminati. Her Pedestafile pals here have access to time travel because she does. This is not a theory on our part. It is fact. The “NWO” (New World Order) exists in a circular time stream. Thus, there is no NWO, it’s the same WO it’s always been, we are sorry to report. See Bea (Marina), cruising through the ages in various costumes and “human suits,”also here, here, here and here. See her secret and accurately depicted Illuminati High Council here.  We add some humor to the misery but it is no joke. The only one with a vote is Bea. She has the world by the balls. A Dalek with a Tardis.

We have very little doubt no doubt (it has been confirmed to us by the Illuminati Players hostage here with us) that these pedophiles hopped on the Tardis and went shopping for a victim in Portugal. We are deeply sorry for the victims of Bea and her Satanic followers. We notified Madeleine’s family of the information we have regarding the Podestas and their access to time travel. But unfortunately we also realize that this sounds crazy. On the other hand, if you are a wealthy “Bohemian Grove” Illuminati a**hole and you discover the ability to time travel, are you going to use that ability to retain ultimate power over everyone, or call a press conference to let everyone know so that all the world leaders can target you to get access to this important scientific discovery that basically ensures your eternal world domination?

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